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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Once Again Into The Breech!!!

And at 52& Southview 

Someone's Hating Life


Friday, January 13, 2017

FOLLOW-UP: Chicago Police Probe

The probe into the Chicago police department lasted 13 months and found the following items reasons for their conclusion that the CPD was overly aggressive:

Officers were poorly trained

Shot at vehicles

Shot at fleeing suspects

Used force for retaliation

Used force when there was no threat

Failed to de-escalate situations

The investigation was launched when a video showed a black youth fleeing police, and a white officer shooting him 16 times.

A)I don't think the color of either persons skin should matter, it does not make the officer any less/more a cop or the youth any more/less dead.

B)the video (if it's the one I'm thinking of, the tv didn't show much of it) shows the youth reaching back with his arm -- it was not long before this that another officer was KILLED in the same manner, and the shots were not fired by the officer until then ... but I might be wrong and this may not be that particular video.

Other conclusions from the probe: 

Investigations biased in officers favor

Not all cases were investigated

Discipline was haphazard

Racially discriminatory conduct not investigated

For the police part, they say that the majority of issues seem to happen in neighborhoods with high minority populations

The most trouble happens in Englewood - that neighborhood happens to be 97% African American

This will be one to watch ... remember that Chicago is a very Democrat based city, and they have a high number of people on federal aid of some sort or another.


I'm trying to figure NO out information about a op-up I got from FoxNews stating the Justice Dept. saying that the Chicago police acted too aggressively ...

According the Loretta Lynch, the DOJ head, they have found that the Chi-town cops have used "assessive force" - in violation of the 4th Amendment (the one dealing with Search & Seizure , Maranda Rights, etc.) ... She blamed it on Training Procedures and then no-accountability for their actions.

So let me get this straight ...

Chicago has some of the TOUGHEST gun laws in the nation ... but as long as you are a gang member or hoodlum you are likely better equipped than the police ...

This city - which broke their all-time high in MURDER rates last year ...

Where gangs run wild - where you don't dare go into the streets at night if you can avoid it ...

They need to have "mellow" cops?!?!

Oh Hecks No!!!

I'm guessing that it will be VERY VERY SOON that Chicago will start experiencing "Blue Flu" where a LARGE number of officers will call in "sick" because of the LACK OF SUPPORT ...

They will find it HARD to find new recruits to take the place of officers who are retiring or getting killed on the job.

So what did the cops do that was so bad?

They tassered people who did not follow verbal commands ... and they say there were shots fired when none was necessary ...

I'm pretty sure that if the cops were running around shooting people 'just cuz' there would be numerous news stories on it! The Mayor, Ron Emmanuel - the Obama crony - would have been all over that crap!

They say that officers were trained by watching videos made decades ago ... um ... the crime in Chicago has only gotten worse than decades ago, but that's not being taken into account ...

They say cops are accurately accounting for their full use of force, and supervisors aren't reviewing the use of force enough ... if a guy come in bleeding, yeah I think you'd want an accounting but if you've got some gang member just yelling about abuse I can totally seeing it being met with a roll of the eyes ...

I've got NO sympathy for gang members ... these aren't the kids from West Side Story hear nor are they Arthur Fonzerelli's type of hood either ... these guys are more like, the Sopranos only with more attitude and less caring.

Just since Jan 1st of this year ... today's the 13th ... there have been more than 100 victims of shootings in the Chicago area!

They can not win ... I remember when Detroit was considered the Murder Capital of the nation ... now I hear people calling Chicago this

They did have a bit of a break in the 90s when many gang members were EXPORTED to Minneapolis, MN when they changed the residency requirements to get welfare/food stamps under Mayor Sayles-Belton.

Crime in the downtown and surrounding areas began to skyrocket.  To a point where the cities began to experience a peak in "urban sprawl" as people tried to get away from it.

Let's get it straight ... when crime goes up, you WANT an aggressive police!

If someone has a gun, I want Dirty Harry not Dr FeelGood on the premises.

Let. The. Cops. Do. Their. DAMNED. Jobs!

Or do it yourself ...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I wonder if there was a problem…

Ramsey police are investigating this or pullover a car with seven children minute – none of the children were responsive, some even had tape over their mouth's

They were three adults in this vehicle as well, the driver claim to be in labor and on the way to the hospital

The car of course was stolen, so the cops arrested one man inside the vehicle but not the driver – who was supposed to be in labor

They did call paramedics to check out the children, and interview the children – but then release the children to relatives

Apparently the police figured there was no threat to the children's safety… Never mind the fact that they were unresponsive and some had their mouth tape shut

For some reason they're keeping this case open under investigation

Are.You.Kidding me!

Never mind the fact that the Woman driving was supposed to be in labor… Never mind the fact that the car was stolen… Never mind the fact that they were seven children in the car…

How about the simple fact that children's mouths were taped shut?!

How about the fact that the children were "unresponsive"??

Neither one of those things should allow those children to be released to anyone – with the exception of children's services!!


Are.  You.  Kidding.  Me?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Proposed Update to WIC Programs

National Academy of sciences, engineering & medicines conducted a study for the AG dept.  and recommended the following changes

More of:

Fish, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables

Less of:

Juice, milk, legumes and peanut butter

So what's the big issue? It's that they're not teaching people protein replacements

While, yes, there is an increase in peanut butter allergies, milk allergies, and diabetes in OLDER people/overweight in younger people -- I think it's quite the stress to link those two last two classes with the consumption of juice milk peanut butter and legumes such as split peas!

New studies have shown that early introduction to peanuts and peanut butter lower the risk of allergies, no such study has been shown to prevent an allergy to fish… Which I myself suffer from.

The other thing they have to watch out for is that these foods – that is the ones they offer now – appeal to young children

The term legumes refers not only to such items as lagoons and split peas but also to beans… Kidney beans, Lima beans, Northern beans, Black beans, chickpeas, etc. 

Wow these can be considered incomplete proteins, it is fairly easy to teach people to serve a serving of some sort of bread with them… Be it corn bread or whole wheat bread, either will complete the proteins.

In the early 90s, when I worked as a daycare provider, I did not earn enough money to provide healthy meals to my two children.

Not only did I have to provide formula and diapers for my home, I also have to provide them for the day care center where my children went - hey not uncommon situation parents find themselves in these days.

Both my husband and I worked, but still we were earning less than $15,000 a year.  

I do not know how to program has changed in the last 25 years, but it really helped us out at the beginning of our marriage/parenthood

Well some people consider this a form of welfare – I do not – I think it's more of an educational situation, and it should be offered to nearly every new parent in the United States more than food stamps, which has been known to be abused

Well I can understand The AG department wishing to promote the over abundance of supplies in the "eat more" category I feel they are really missing the point of the foods in the "eat less" category

Milk… Is not simply include the liquid form, it also includes such items as cheese, butter, yogurt…

Juice… Is not meant for juice like drinks, it specifically says 100% real juice only.

I deal with three however that they need to stress whole grains… Oatmeals, farina, whole-wheat… But they need to teach people how to use them!

It's not a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, or a bowl of cream of wheat, it's how to use them in your every day cooking… It's more than oatmeal cookies… It's more than whole wheat bread

During the summers while on WIC I would receive vouchers to visit the local farmers market… This was a great thing for us! We would never have thought of going to the farmers market had it not been for those vouchers!!

I think what WIC needs to do – in all seriousness – is teach people how to grow their own fruits and vegetables

Even people in in apartment can grow container foods – carrots, onions, potatoes…

They should teach people how to "put up" their surpluses if there is extra food. -  teaching people that they can make good tasting food with less sodium, fat, sugar/sweetener than store-bought items will go much farther than they think!

Friday, December 02, 2016

Minnesota liberals versus conservatives

Once again Minnesota has a sir plus of funds in the poppers – which if you ask me means we should be getting back some sort of a special reach fund, but that ain't going to happen – so now the liberals in the conservatives in the state house/senate are having an argument over how it should be spent.

Liberals want to use the sir plus to pay for voluntary pre-K across the state, and upgrades to the water/sewage systems – likely in the bigger cities though. He also wants to use a good portion of it to help pay for the rise in Obamacare costs for those who want no longer be able to afford it… Our costs are going up nearly 100%!

Conservatives not only want to cut the tax rates for it all Minnesotans, they want to improve the roads and bridges in the state – more for greater Minnesota/outside the Twin City area then for the Twin Cities which has been getting most of the road improvement funds as it is.

Either way, it means no money back!!!

Last year sir plus was $1.2 billion – but this year they  do not think it'll be that big

I'm sure Governor Dayton know is hoping to get this matter settled before January when the Republicans will hold both houses of the Minnesota Congress

So… I expect… The taxes will be going up, healthcare costs will be going up, the price of college will be going up, the mountain property taxes to pay for public schools will be going up, row conditions will be going down, water quality will be going down, the The mandatory age 1st going to school will be going down

The balances in my checkbook will be going down, the balances in my savings account will be going down - but the balance on my credit cards will need to go up, because then I can make payments on my bills instead of having to pay the Giants him that the state/companies are going to charge us

We are Minnesota middle class… We are not upper middle class, we are not lower middle-class – this means we can't afford to live in Minnesota for the most part.

Hubby has talked about moving to Wisconsin, or Nebraska, Arkansas, I've already said no to Arizona because I don't like the big ass bugs!

I like Minnesota – I love Minnesota!!  I don't want to move – but it's getting real, real, real expensive to live here.


Mike blogger app is having problems… So I don't know when I'm going to get up a new post paragraph… Darn that didn't work… Will let you know ASAP

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Election 2016

I have not written much at all ... mostly because, well, I am STILL undecided.

I don't know which of Satans kids to vote for ... I feel like that's what I'd be doing!
Normally - though not always - I tend to find the republican nominee fits my views a bit better.  

This year though ... YUK!

Hillary wants a 65% DEATH tax -- that means you have to pay to die ... Not just that but 65% of your "estate". What's an estate? ANYTHING you leave behind ... Your house, your car, your PETS (they are property under the law), your clothes, your money, your jewelry, anything you inherited ... ALL of it
So if you are planning on leaving anything to your kids you better make sure you leave 65% of your worth in CASH for them.  Oh, and FARMERS - estate rich, money poor folk in general really - it is likely your kids will have to sell your land, sorry.  That house that's been in your family for a few generations, likely will be gone ... Grandmas China? Better hope it's just cheap crap.

Trump on the other hand, has a history of wanting to use Eminent Domain to get land he needs to put up casinos & buildings ... There was a famous case in NJ where he tried to get one ladies house so he could put in a PARKING LOT for the casino he wanted to build.  This sucks!
So farmers could have land taken from them if a city wants to expand its borders for housing, if there's a pipeline that wants to go through and you refuse - tough toenails!

Either one screws over farmers!

Neither one is very trustworthy, I mean they are both being nvestigated by the government ... Her by the FBI, he by the IRS ...

I've got an issue with Hillary claiming her gender every time someone speaks out against her, but says being a woman shouldn't mean she should be treated differently ... Except maybe by the news.

Now I did vote for Bill the first run ... Bush 1 just looked so tired and in an nterview we saw he didn't even look like he WANTED to job anymore ... Clinton offered a lot of stuff -- I was newly wed, pregnant, had my first real job, hubby & I just bought a house, and I owed money on student loans ... I was stupid (probably from the pregnancy) and Clinton promised a lot of stuff we thought we'd benefit from. No student loan payments if you worked as a teacher was a big one for me -- of course they didn't say daycare teacher rent ncluded in that but then it didn't go through either ... They did give daycare workers a raise though - as a teacher I got a whole 10cents/hour raise!  Yeah, that's it.

So you can see why I'm rather skeptical of everything Hillary says.
Then there's the whole disaster that was her time as Sec of State ... Holy crap

I don't want to vote for an off-party candidate because that would be akin to tossing my vote away ... Or worse ... We could end up with a Jesse Ventura type president!

Oh wait -- Trump!

Trump might be good for the economy, but I'm kind of worried that he will simply wipe out what we owe in debt and that's not good either.

I just don't know ...

Latest electoral prediction map from FNC

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's been a while

I didn't forget ... it's just quicker to tweet than blog :-/

Well I feel awful today ... hubby is having an awful time at work.  He comes grumpy and grouchy ... Today he says he wants to quit.

I would say "go for it" but we need at least $3000 - $4000 a month to keep our heads above water ... My eyes are failing, but I haven't been able to tell him - why add to his worries - so the changes of my being able to get a job is nearly nil.

I suppose I could do paper crafting or knitting/crocheting for a living but then I am looking at deadlines & multiples of the same pattern ... I hate BOTH of those things

The worse part is ... I haven't been canning for the last couple years.  I figured all was good - but now I see that if something were to happen we would be hurting.

I guess I can start canning up what's in the freezers, that will extend their shelf lives by 3-5yrs.

Needed to clean the freezers out anyways ... But that will have to wait until next week because we still haven't closed the cabin -- we won't do that until end of November 

Hubby will still be making trips up there each weekend though to check on his parents.  His sister was supposed to take one weekend a month but she only did that a few times then it stopped ...
But she has issues of her own.

His older brother isn't allowed to drive by the state ... He's not ... Well, it's best he doesn't drive

Humbly has taken over the resort, pretty much, but those funds will only be enough to help his folks ... but even that won't start until next summer.

I feel so bad but there is NOTHING. Can do that will equal what hubby gets paid in a year.

I'm very worried about him.

His day starts at 4am, he leaves at 4pm if he's lucky, and they contact him on weekends & vacations without issue ... This year he did not get his 2 week vacation in the summer - he really needs that 2 weeks away from the office too.

He got one week, he'll take one at thanksgiving and one at Christmas time ... Then he will carry 2 weeks over for next year, he will lose at least  a week ...  

Use it or Lose it.


Time to think of solutions ... Time to pull up the undies and on the boots

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