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Friday, June 26, 2015

You've GOT to be kidding!

Okay ... Granted that the guy was a child star .... and even then a really weird one ...

But the dude who played Screech on the very old tv show "Save By the Bell" has been sentenced in WI to only ...

120 days

For STABBING a man!

Never mind the facts that 

A) he brought a weapon into a weapon free zone (the knife)

B) he tried to HIDE the knife from the police

C) he LIED to the police

D) he tried to FLEE the scene but was caught!

Holy Crap!

This guy has a HISTORY of bad behavior & drug use .... He has a problem with his temper ... And he's a habitual liar!

There used to be a show on about Celebrity rehab and he was one it like 3 times.  The last time he finally left on a furlough and just didn't return because of some stupid reason .... I think he felt picked on.

Now I have not heard where they are putting him, but I'm hoping it's in GENERAL population in a regular prison where everyone else would serve.

Not some country club, low security's thing ...

Put him in a cell with some huge fellow who's there on a looooooooong term sentence who will turn him into his house boy.

Time for Screech to grow up!

Even if it's the hard way

Things That Make You Go HMMM ....

Have you ever thought of LICENSE PLATES???

I didn't until I heard of one on an old radio show - made me wonder what the plates from that state looks like.

So I did a Google search -- you know, find anything about anything - but my browser kept crashing.

Oh crud ... Had to do it the hard way, one photo at a time ... Very tedious.

But I ran across this photo:

I don't know who's website its from, or who late it is -- so please play nice -- 

But ...

I'm sorry ....

If your state already looks like a giant pe ..... "Man Part" ....  The LAST thing you should do is put something large & round on the underside of it!

Really ...

It does NOT help with the illusion at all!

Makes it worse really.

Hmmmmm .....

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Health Alert: ANTHRAX

ARMY INTELLIGENCE:  we all know the old joke about it being an oxymoron ...

now it seems to be par for course in the entire Pentagon>!

The Pentagon is reporting that it sent LIVE Anthrax to some states when it meant to send DEAD cells instead ... the dead cells are used to make a vaccine - but it takes a loooooong time to produce, ths the reason for them sending then across the nation

if there was an outbreak, they want the vaccine to be close at hand for the first responders & military .... and yu will want them vaccinated, trust me -- after all who will help your parents or kids or grandkids if the doctors, nurses, EMS go down?  who will protect your home, business, neighborhood if the military is infected?

but -- you would think that they would have a marked DIFFERENTLY between live & dead cell Anthrax ... you knw .... so things like this wouldn't happen~

so ... 

From Dougway Proving Ground, UT

To Government & PRIVATE Labs in:
New Jersey
New York

The CDC has quarantined and medicated 4 people for POSSIBLE exposure to the cells, but they are investigating how this may have happened although they don't think the general public is at risk at the moment.

 I suspect that we will find the number of labs or the number of states will grow ....

Holy Cow ... really guys???

is it so impossible to put a big Mr Yuk sticker on the live cells bottles?  how about a dead cow  then? 

The first time I ever heard of anthrax was in a Gunsmoke radio episode where some guys were selling slaughtered steers which were infected with anthrax ... i think it was a Little House on the Prairie episode too, bt the Gunsmoke show stands out most in my head ...

Get it together guys -- this isn't the common cold your dealing with ....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Facts of Life

By Vice-President Joe Biden
(2015May17, graduation/commencement speech
Yale University)

" ... So here it goes, let's get a couple of things straight right off the bat:  
Corvettes are better than Porsches, their quicker and they corner as well
- and sorry guys - A Cappello is NOT better than Rock n Roll, 
And your pundents are better than Washington pundents - although I've noticed that neither have any shame at all!
But I'm glad there's someone, just someone, who dreams of being Vice-President.  Just somebody.  I never had that dream.  For the press out there - that's a JOKE ..."

Or is that supposed to be "pundits" ?

Hmmm ....

Either way ....

Pretty funny

Friday, May 08, 2015

Looking Through Our Eyes ....

Women at guys, that is ...

A new survey shows that women tend to look at:

Eyes @¿@
Smile :-)
Teeth :-D

(Hands? Maybe to see if they are hard workers?)

Very true though .... The first thing I noticed about my hubby was his eyes - he has the prettiest eyes of anyone I know.  They sparkle & shine o matter how tired he is ... They arent really of any particular shade, they are green with a touch of bluish coloring at times but not really a single color.  Sigh ....

Okay enough of that .... It's only been 26 1/2 yrs of marriage ....

So what are the LAST things women look at?

His "junk" 

Hmmm ...

True true .... MOST women will not care if you are chiseled or rich, but we do want a guy who can do stuff around the house and can pay his own bills and potentially support a family.

So for any of you guys out there that are thinking "there's no one for me" -- take heed! There probably is, you just need to find her

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

AaaOr ...

"I went into the wrong business!"

Dateline: Ferguson, Missouri

Subject: The cost of "Justice"

The city of Ferguson received an order from the federal government to revamp their justice system so the city decided to hire an attorney to oversee the changes ....

The winning bid?

About $650 an HOUR

That is ...

$26,000 a WEEK

$104,000 a MONTH

$1.250,000 a year!!!

But don't worry America, that's not what it's gonna cost ...

It's TWICE that amount!

Yup .... ONE lawyer will be making 

$1300 AN HOUR


$52,000 a week


$208,000 a month

For a total of 



I have a feeling that they will be coming to the federal government to pay a portion of the fee since the Justice Dept. ordered it ...

I don't think anyone would mind if this were a fairly normal lawyer fee of $150-300 an hour .... But the price asked for is just ...


Oh you knew it was coming ....

Let's hope that this lawyer documents EVERY little thing so we can see where the money went/goes ...

And you know there's going to be an expense account as well ....

There SHOULDN'T be, for that price, but you know there will be ....

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Your Sh!tting Me!

JnnOkay ... This is kinda off beat for me ....

I don't usually like to cuss/swear .... But this is really infuriating ...

Before the U.S. Supreme Court this week are several major questions which could change our society ...

First is Gay Marriage. ... Money is on them allowing Dtates to choose if they will allow it, but all must recognize marriages that occur in other states ... That's fine - but I think the Mormons should revisit their Polygomy issue then.  

But that's not what's got me going (I've always said if you are going to have gay marriage just get rid of the Domestic Partner laws too) ...

They are also trying to decide if one of the drugs used during Death Penelty Executions should be allowed ....


Because there are a group of people who are worried that the prisoner might not actually be asleep and may be feeling his execution!

Wait --

We do not give Death Penelties out for stealing a bicycle .... Or for robbing a store ... Or even for rape ....

We have very specific guidelines for it .... They may vary by state, but there is always a murder involved that was so heinous that they figure death is the best Penelty that could be given ...

Here's a quick background ....

Three drugs are given ....

One knocks the killer out .... no reason for him to be awake ...

Then the other two work to stop his organs from working ....

Well death Penelty opponents have managed to get drug manufacturers to stop supplying the knock out drug to the prisons ...

So of course they had to find an alternative ... But there is no proof that it renders the KILLER in conscience to the point where they are not aware of their surroundings ...

The Justices are making some interesting statements during the hearings:

"... And now you want to come before the Court and say, well, this third drug is not 100% sure.  The reason it is not 100% sure is because the abolishinists have rendered it impossible to get the 100% sure drug."
Justice Anthony Scalia 
Statement to inmates attorney

"So suppose that we said, we're going to burn you at the stake, but before we do, we're going to use an anesthetic of completely unknown properties and unknown effects. Maybe you won't feel it, maybe you will.  We just can't tell.  And you think that that would be okay?"
Justice Elena Kayan 
To Oklahoma Solicitor General

Hmmm ....

If they were heinous murderers ...

Yes ...

The answer is YES!

Election 2016

File this under "IRONY":

Hillary Clinton gave a c a pain speech in which she said it was time to put TRUST & HONESTY back into politics and government

Hmmmmmm ......

Did I mention that it's been found that OVER 1000 contributions from Canada were NOT ever declared by the Clinton Foundation"???  

Um, so I guess this means she'll be dropping out now .... Right???


No - really?

She couldn't possibly continue running if she thinks that politics should be HONEST ....

Oh wait ....

I forgot ...

She's a Clinton ...

"It all depends on what your definition of 'is' is" .... President Bill Clinton, deposition before his IMPEACHMENT!!!

But let's not forget where Hillarys mindset is ...

"What difference does it make?"

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Election 2016

PARTIAL list of who & how much they are supposed to have given the Clinton Foundation during Hillary's time as Secetary of State:

Walmart/Waton Foundation.  <$10,500,000
Coca-cola  <$10,000,000
Dow Chemical. <$5,800,000
Goldman Sachs. <$5,500,000
Phizer  <$5,025,000
Duke Energy Coprporation  <$5,010,000
Exxonmobil  <$5,050,000
Greeb Revolution in Africa  < $5,000,000
Hewitt Packard  < <$5,000,000
Nima Tabhavi <
NRG Energy
Open Society < $300,000
Lockheed Martin < $280,000
Qualcomm  < $265,000
TIAA-Cref <$265,000
JP Morgan $260,000
Accenture <$2250,000
American Cancer Society
Appied Materials
Hess Corporation
Humanity United
Johnson Controls
Lions Clubs International
Starwood Hotels
U.S. Pharmacopeial Conv.
Washington Univ., St. Louis
Time Warner <$150,000
Hunt Alternatives <$125,000
Ericsson <$105,000
Abbott Laboratories <$100,000
BT Group
Discouver Communication
Earth Networks
Feed The Children
General Mortors
Nextera Energy
Nour USA
Teck Resources
American Inst. of Architects
Natyre Conservancy
Triloby International Partners
World Vion
S.C. John
Procter & Gamble
Nike < $1,035,000
Google <$1,030,000
Maimer <$1,006,000
Arixona State University <$1,000,000
General Electric
-Morgan Stanley <$775,000
Intel  <$510,000
Nobe Energy < $500,000
Sony  $400,000
Astrazeneca  <$350,000
Bloomberg Philanthropies <$300,000
Lockheed Martin <$280,000
Qualcomm <$265,000
JP Morgan <$260,000
Accenture <$250,000
American Cancer Society
Applied Materials
SH2M Hill
Hess Corporation
Hunanity United
Johnson Controls 
Lions Clb International
Starwood Hotels
U.S. Pharmacopeial Conv.
Washington Univ., St. Louis
Time Warner <$150,000
Hunt Alternatives <$125,000
Ericsson <$105,000
Abbott Laboratories <$100,000
BT Group
Discovery Communications
Earth Networks
Feed The Children
General Motors
Nextera Energy
Nour USA
Teck Resources
Merican Inst. of Architects
Nature Conservancy
Trilogy International Partners
World Viosn
S.C. Johnson & Son
Motorola <$75,000
JCPenney $60,000
Novartis <$55,000
3M <50,000
Capstone Turbine
CHF International
Eli Lilly
Georgetown University
Mars, Inc
McGraw-Hill Financial
MWH Global
New Venture
Partner Healthcare
Rotary Fountaion
Special Olympics
United Technologies Corp.
AT&T <$30,000

gor a total ov over 200 businesses.

" .... gives a sense of just how connnon it was for influence-seekers to give to the clinton Foundation.  The Clintons have shown they can't police themselves."
Jonathan Allen
Clinton biographer

So what did the State Dept have to say about this list of "donationa"?

" In January 2009, then nominee Hillary Rodham-Clinton set forth a number of undertakings that addressed her financial interests - the speaking, writings, forming of former President CLinton and certain matters involving the WIlliam J Clinton Founation and its initiative - and, i think we've said, those commitments went beyond those many of the requirements. "
Jeff Rathke
State Dept. Deputy Spokesman

if that has you scratching your head .... you are not the only one?  those who have covered the WH for decades are having issues with it!

it sounds like its straight out of the Nixon white house era .... if you ask me.

The CEO of the Clinton FOundation (and former CLiinton aide) acknowledhes that they didn't report the moneys collected for 3 of the 4 years that Hillary held her office as Secetary of State.

They now are filing tax forms for those years .... NOW that the book has pointed it out, otherwise I doubt it would have been done at all>  But you have to wonder about the IRS .... they ar so quick to jump down the throats of everyday Joes in the USA for if they fill a form out incorrectly - why did they not realize that a big foundation had not filed a return????

hmmmmm ....

Well, Bill and Chelsea are going to be on an extended tour in Africa roud the tie of the books actual release .... leaving Hillary ALONE to gace criticisms!

a very interesting move ....

a soap opera of a family

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