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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Iowa Break Down

According to the Iowa Secretary of State Iowa has the following:

615, 763. Registered republicans
4, 348 NEW republican registrations since 01jan2016
122,000 record caucus turn out 2012

2, 724 NEW register  democrats since 01jan2016
624 new registrations in last FOUR DAYS 
(Fox predicted that it wouldn't be enough for Sanders ... LOL)

Iowa has SAME DAY REGISTRATION (just like MN) 

This means that until the caucuses close, they don't really know how many people they have in either party.

Now I heard one reporter say that in Iowa they don't always stick to the rules ... They have been known to register people who weren't 18yrs at the time of the caucus but would be at the time of the election .... they've also been known to not lock the doors when they are supposed to if they know someone is coming that isn't in the door yet.

So ... yeah ...   I will not place an Iowan joke here, I only know a couple that aren't really blonde jokes ... But I don't want to offend anyone from Iowa, they wouldn't understand the joke until November anyways ...

Obama's people took to social media to bashed Sanders at the last moment.

I wonder if that was prompted by Clinton or Walserman-Schultz .... Hmmmm


Okay - wish I had gotten a screen shot of this but I didn't ... 


1) pizza  
2) chocolate
3) ice cream
4) Mac & cheese 
5) potato chips
6) hamburger
7) steak
8) popcorn
9) pasta
10) Mexican food

Wait ...
Where's brownies, cakes, pies, soda, coffee tea??
Where's cocoa, toast, soup, apple cider?

I guess it all depends on your definition of both "comfort" and "food" ...

Of course they only asked 2200 adults ... Everyone knows your tastes change as you get older ...


I wonder if they count chili under Mexican food ... It's kind of board ...

I like Polish food myself, as do my kids.

Kielbasa ... GoĊ‚abki, pierogi, etc.  there's even a really nice nummy poppy seed bread/roll that I can't spell but - oh my - it's soooooo gooooooooddd!

Election 2016

I haven't written much lately  but the Iowa caicuses (a word which makes my 16yr old daughter chuckle) were held last night ...

Here's the results:

28%. CRUZ. (51,047)
24% Trump. (44,837)
23% Rubio (42,577)

{controversy over Statements from Cruz camp saying Carson was dropping out of race when he wasn't ... No word if Cruz actually knew about it or what he will do - but Carson camp has copy of tweets sent out and his wife was at sight where Cruz surrogate said Carson was quitting ... She set them all straight and Carson won that site!  Not good!}

On the Democrats side:

49.9 % Clinton  ( 700)
49.5 % Samders. ( 695)

O'Malley has dropped out of the race getting less than 1%

TOO CLOSE to call although DNC called it for Clinton early on ... Good thing Walserman-Shultz isn't showing any favoritism 


Not to be out done - Trump is in a bit of controversy of his own.

Rumors are circulating on cable news stations that he had people move to Iowa early enough to where they would qualify as residents just so they could vote for him.

Not necessarily illegal, but not exactly above board either.

Now like I said ... It's just a RUMOR ... No proof that I've heard of, just conjecture on cable news stations (CNN, yes I do watch them too)

--0--  --0--  --0--

Now they go to New Hampshire 

Sanders is leading there
Trump is leading there

We will have to see what happens ...

We will have to see if:

§ Clinton gets indicted
§ Cruz finds out he doesn't qualify after all not being born on USA soil
§ Carson can survive dirty play in Iowa
§ if the democrats numbers get above 2000 (wow, I always thought they had a higher count than that) in Iowa)

The soap opera will continue ...

Next week

Monday, January 11, 2016

Miss a week ... 2 weeks of news:

So I've been sick since my daughter went back to school & had fallen behind in watching my evening news programs on FoxNews .... I'm addicted to The Fice & Bret Bauer's Special Report ....  So I've been slogging thru stuff from before New Years.

Yes it been about 2 weeks worth .... I've only got 2 1/2 more to go (yippee)

I just got to 30Dec2015 when I was shocked to hear this bit ...

Shocked because I didn't see any mention of it on FB or Twitter or on any other news station ... although to tell the truth, I really wasn't looking all that hard.

But it's a story of the Secret Service and about UNliscensed drivers .?..

I guess an SUV carrying some of the Secret Service members on the guarding detail for the Fmr Firsy Lady/Sen./Sec.State were hit HEAD ON by said driver ...

Now Fox reported that it was snowy out .... and the UNliscensed driver was trying to pass another car - so the Secret Serviice guys weren't at fault - the road was located near Wakefield, New Hampshire (that's a ways in from the Maine border).  But they did not say if it happened during the day or night

We've all seen the SUVs these guys drive .... Big BLACK Chevy Suburbans.   You can't miss them during the day - they stick out like a sore thumb, especially on the winter.  Their headlines come on as soon as the engine starts and your have to manually turn them off even during the daytime - its a safety feature - so even if it were nighttime & pitch black, their headlights would be seen.

The agents were severely injured but nothing life threatening ... Let's hope they had their seat belts on at least ... No word where Hillary was, although if she were there I'm pretty sure they would have mentioned it.

The driver? He won't face any charges . Not because Obama or Hillary said to let him go ....  Because HE DIED!  (I am calling the driver "he" & "him" but they never said the gender, it's kind of like how storms are referred to with a female pronoun)

No word on the race/ethnicity of the driver... I kinda doubt this was any terrorist act either.

I think it was just someone stupid enough to get behind the wheel of a car without proper training.

Sounds like the agents are going to be okay though.

I just can't believe I hadn't seen this story any where else over these last 2 weeks ...


Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Okay - I just got a really strange call ... someone looking for info on a property their grandparents owned & great-grandparents owned (2 separate properties) several .... like waaaaay long ago .... granted he was looking for my hubby but I thought I'd "feel him out" 

Oh my gods!

He had most facts about the layout of the land WRONG ... He was talking intersections where there are none, have never been any ... Well, not that I know of.

Okay so 20-25 minutes into the conversation and after going over the boundaries of the city a few times he says "I guess I should pull up a map of the city"


NOW you're going to look at a map?

He said he was just doing a bit of research but I don't know ...

He seemed to be trying to find out just where property lines were ...

I gave him the name of the family who has low end property here for 3 generations and I hope they can help him.

I totally understand trying to connect with your past, and it's harder to do with your maternal side ...

But geez, for someone who said they had an interim do research ... he sure didn't know very much

He even said he's been on the road in question ...


I'm sorry, you've been where??

I'm sorry ... I never knew my grandparents (accept my babka but she only spoke in Polish so I didn't understand) and I know more about where my family came from ... Maybe not so much about my moms side but I know she came from North Dakota

I just hope this guy isn't really trying to stir up problems for the new property owners ... 

I would think that they likely sold out during the Depression era ... maybe he's going to claim they were robbed their property and try to get it back ...

Maybe - and more likely - he's just a lonely guy looking for links to his past.

But ... DONT BUG ME about it!


Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Straight From the Horses Mouth

Ok, now I have heard Trump say he would "take out" the families of the terrorists ...


Why is this man even being considered by people?

When will we grow a brain and say NO to him?

Does he have lots of money? Perhaps -- lets see his tax return first, I just know it's more than I've got

Is he a good business man?  Questionable, he's declared bankruptcy 4 times to get out of debt on projects ... But I guess that "allowed" where he comes from

Is he faithful? Well ask Ivan's .... Marlena ... Whoever this latest wife is ...

Well I'm getting off topic here ...

The quote:

" ... you have to take out their families - they, they care about about their lives don't kid yourself - but they say they don't care about themselves, you have to take out their families. ..."
Donald Trump
Phone call
"Fox & Friends", FNC


In America we DONT. DO. THIS. SORT. OF. THING.

Now this is the first I've heard the media pick up on it ..... So I'm wondering where else this "man" has spouted this .... CRAP .... for lack of a better term, since those lawyers for the Farook family said it in his speech.

HMMMM ....

I'm starting to wonder if Trump isn't a closeted Skin-Heaad .... Maybe that's why people think it's his hair .... It's all just a giant wig!

Monday, December 07, 2015

Numerology Class

It's been a while, but here are some numbers:

53 % Favor
45 % Oppose

33% Approve
64% Disapprove

Polls taken by CNN/ORC International
Polls taken 27Nov - 01Dec 2015 .... BEFORE the shooting in San Bernadino, CA

---:::---  ---:::---  ---:::---

President speech 06Dec2015 

8% discerning threats of ISIS/ISIL
29% discerning threat IS posses to the world
(Based on word counts)
{there's 67% unaccounted for though}

---:::---  ---:::---  ---:::---  ---:::---

Presidential Speech on Terrorism

Well, last night the President gave a speech ... from what I read BEFORE the speech (like the day before) the media figured - assumed, perhaps - that there was a terrorist attack threat which POTUS/DC had kept quiet on before San Bernadino but not San Bernadino itself ... But because of the CA shooting he was going to come out with the information.


President Obama said .... well .... NOTHING NEW!

Well that's not exactly true ... He did say that we were going to roll out a 4 point plan for handling ISIL (their old name, I think the L is the original name for Syria but I'm likely wrong) ....

He however did NOT give any indication as to what the 4 points are ... Nothing new there!

He says he does not want to put "boots on the ground" over seas - he has said that before - but remember, his administration just said that Armed Forces can no longer keep women out of front line rolls based on gender.

This move does several things but that's a whole different blog post ...

So .... No new troops ... So I guess we are going to use the Donald Trump approach to foreign policy -- aka "Let the other guy do it"

We aren't going to "intern" Muslims .... Nor should we - if we've learned nothing from WW2, it's that netting people based on race/creed/nationality is WRONG.  It doesn't help, it just causes us issues and puts us on the same level as those we are fighting.  Bit of is different, those are enemies/combatants ... but again, different post.

I'm thinking his 4 points are:

it seems par for course, though doesn't it?

I hope you all know I'm only joking.

::--:: ::--::

Here is some thing that IS serious ... People are not very comfortable with the Presidents job concerning terrorism ...

NUMEROLOGY CLASS TO FOLLOW THIS POST (or to come first depending on how the posts roll)

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Straight From the Horses Mouth

Or the JACKASS's mouth in this case ...

"... Right now we are seeing a lot of infringements upon Rights that are important to all of us, by this I mean we're talking about political candidates that can very likely be our next President who are saying things like we should register all Muslims, be investigated and looked into, or that the families of terrorists should be killed without due process, or the latest thing that was said was that that it was known that it was a terrorist act that was committed simply because the person had an Islamic last name ... "
Lawyer for Farook Family


Who the hell ever said anything even close to killing their families???

I'm pretty sure the MEDIA (aka news stations) would have jumped all over that!

Didn't see a darn thing on it -- IT DID NOT HAPPEN

He has to be a Clinton supporter, he believes in the "what Difference Does It Make" theory of law I guess .... 

Also ... What's an "Islamic" last name?

Wow .... I think this guy has some real issues of his own ... I think Americans are smart enough to realize that just because you have a certain last name dictates who you are ... Few Sawyers are actually sawyers .... Few Smiths are actually smithies .... Not every one of Hispanic/Latino decent is illegal .... Nor everyone named Mohammed a Muslim .... Nor everyone named a biblical name Christian.

My understanding is that the wife not only looked at the ISIS video material but hit the "like" button ... That kind of tells a bit about her.  Just like the off colored jokes tell you a lot about the people who tell them ... I believe the user of that account also liked their page, but I may have misunderstood that.

Now their concerns over the journalists getting into the apartment/home they rented are very founded ... The networks (especially MSNBC I've been told) showed all sorts of stuff they shouldn't have ... From a drivers license to baby toys to photos of people not related to what happened ...  That's really BAD

Sue the landlord .... Sue the news companies .... Do not generalize it to the public though!

Wow ... What ASSES!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Straight From The Horses Mouth ...

" ... I'm very proud that my presidency can help to galvanize and mobilize America on behalf of issues of racial disparity and racial injustice,  but I do so hoping that my successor - who's not African-American, if he or she is not - that they'll be just as concerned as I am, because this is part of what it means to perfect our Union."
President Obama
NBC News interview

So .... Apparently Obama doesn't give Ben Carson much of a chance ....

Hmmmm ....

Not sure if that's a political party thing ... Republican vs. democrat

Maybe it's a polling thing ... Carson has consistently been number 2 in polls

Or maybe - he just wants to be the ONLY black President the USA will have ...

He was elected twice, so I don't think it's a "racist American" thing .... That's been proven wrong

I will say ...

He looks very tired .... Rather old too.

Not Ronald Reagan old - where his dyed hair just looked so stark against his old skin - but old ... Older than his age.

I really think he's ready to be done ...

He may run for senator again, or maybe even Michelle -please people DONT vote for her, she's for Food Police - but I think he is really done with being President.

It will be interesting to see what he does after he leaves office ...

Will he be like carter who went on to help Habitat For Humanity, not just with funds but with his hammer too.

Or will he be like Clinton and just raise money for himself?

I guess that's unfair - I'm sure the Clinton Foundation did more than fund Hilary's campaigns, buy houses, fly them all over the world ... 

Anyhow ....

It will be interesting to see.

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