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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Liberals Do It Again!!!

I have been getting notifications all night saying the federal government will CLOSE  ... that even though the Expansion Resolution has PASSED the HOUSE of Representatives, that they need **60** votes for it to pass the Senate.

That's where it died!!

The last national vote did not give ENOUGH votes to the conservative side ... there is only one or two votes difference between the parties.  That wouldn't be bad, except the DEMOCRATS (and it seems to be them most of the time) REFUSE to even consider working with the Republicans.

The mid-elections are coming up - which adds even MORE pressure to those running for re-election .... but how could shutting the government down help them??

Because Schemer & Pelosi have tied it to DACA ... wait, how does that work?

Because they say so, basically ... apparently Americans are too stupid to figure this out because those two fools keep getting in.

DACA could have WAITED until after the budget vote ... in FACT, it is not necessary to do anything until MID-FEBRUARY because it is not even scheduled to expire until March 3rd!!!!

DACA has absolutely NOTHING to do with government spending ... it does however have a LOT to do with states with high ILlegal residents, such as CA, IL (the so called sanctuary states), CO, WA, FL, etc.

So - it's done ... the government will close down for at LEAST two weeks ...

So ... no pay for the military even though they must still pay rent & eat especially if they have families ... I understand SOCIAL SECURITY  will not be paid either, so you, your parents, grandparents will have to figure a new way to pay that mortgage or their rent or the nursing home - you know how those people will love to work with you ... I do believe however that SENATORS/REPRESENTATIVES will still be paid, if not immediately at least afterwards WITH INTEREST! 

And while I would never hold being a democrat against any one, not a family member or friend or casual acquaintance ... I have to say this is their fault - MOSTLY - although there were THREE Republicans who voted AGAINST the Resolution

More on that later.

The SADDEST part?

This is becoming BUSINESS AS USUAL ... and a verrrrry sad state of affairs in America ... I wonder IF two things will ever happen again ...

1)NOT close government due to lack of funds because of POLITICS ... lack of money would be one thing, but to have it happen just because they want to get voted in again is totally unacceptable

2)BUDGET ... when the h--l will we have a budget PASS??  Most people don't realize that the USA has not had a budget to guide where/how money is spent for DECADES ... I don't think even Bush 2 had one.  

Think of our economy like a CREDIT CARD ... without a budget, it's like paying minimal payments but still adding onto the card.  The Resolutions are kind of like when the bank raises your spending limit, now you can charge more - not only does the balance go up, but the amount you pay in INTEREST goes up as well, and your minimal payment goes up too.

In DC they simply raise our taxes to pay the higher minimum payment ... but they never fix the problem that's causing it.

Every family, every business, every charity in the USA know how important a budget is.  You know what's coming in, how much you need to put out, what can be cut, what cannot.  It's the only way to ever begin to SAVE.

The government MUST have a budget plan ((other than RAISING taxes)) ... they cannot continue to spend spend spend ... They cannot continue to tax tax tax ...  if can get themselves UNDER CONTROL and STOP worrying about if they are going to keep their jobs ... maybe, just maybe we would NEVER have a closure again in my lifetime!!!

I'm not holding my breath though ...

That's like telling a dog not to scratch

Monday, January 15, 2018

Land of Paradise ... and Whining

So you may have heard that Hawaii is the first state to do civil defense drills because of North Korea's misleading tests - after Pearl Harbor you can't really blame them, really, but still a bit of over-reaction if you ask me

Well they had a boo-boo this weekend ... well a FALSE ALARM actually.  

Saturday, 13January2018, the Civil Defense Core triggered the alarm system -- it hit the air waves, it hit the reverse 911 system, the testing system ... I have not heard if the sirens went off though 

Either way - the people in Hawaii were scared ... there was a soccer match which had to be emptied, people were honking horns and just pulling over on the roadways/freeways, there was even a story of a woman who found her mother and daughter crying in a garage.

People PANICKED and you can't blame them really ... Hawaii is not a state known for their swiftness ... they are laid back, even more than Seattle or Denver ...

It took them 15 minutes to get a retraction to the media but 1/2 hr for them to get it out on TEXT ... personally I would have thought texting would have been the first choice since it seems everyone has a cell phone now and they are usually close by.

Soooo ... BEFORE it was discovered what had caused the false alarm, the state representative went on national media and blamed the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for not doing enough to prevent the system from being needed in the first place.


She ((why does it seem that these fools seem to be women)) said President Trump should do whatever he needed to in order to make a peace deal with North Korea 

Wow ... over react much?

So what caused the problem?

HOURS later they finally released the cause ... there was a shift change and a worker accidentally PUSHED the BUTTON before leaving ... so they say it took a while before they realized what happened. 

Wait -- the button is that SENSITIVE???  It's on a TABLE TOP???  I suppose it could be on a computer but it only takes ONE KEY STROKE???

The story today (Monday 14Jan2018) is that they claim they had to WAIT for FEMA to give the okay to release the error message ...

Sound like Katrina??

Not President Trumps fault here ... not FEMAs fault either somehow I doubt that they have to wait for FEMA to say it's okay to draw back an alert - there may however be one which says they can not ISSUE an alert without word from FFEMA &/or NORAD (the national radar system - yes they look for more than just Santa Claus)

This reminds me so much of the Cuban Missile Crisis ... everyone panicked ... people pointed fingers ... stupid moves were made because people didn't think it through ... there were those who waned to throw the baby out with the bath water ... 

Then there was when Reagan was in office ... Hollywood released a BARRAGE of films that dealt with the effects of a nuclear war, the horrors which likely will follow, how horrible OUR missiles were while never touching on other nations ( exception, Spies Like Us" looked at USA & Russian capabilities) ...

The one closest o the situation is War Games starring Matthew Broderick ... a kid accidentally backdoors into a NORAD system (a super computer with AI) and nearly starts a nuclear war ... the point here being that he sets off a FALSE ALARM about NUCLEAR launches. (Although that was not the point of the movie at all)

First things first - let's make it so false alarms are LESS LIKEL to happen again (since there is no way to prevent them totally without a doubt). This was the reason that nukes couldn't be launched without 2 buttons being pressed at the same time.

Second - review the steps required for both the issuance/reminding of warnings ... if the NWS can figure this out, I'm pretty sure you all can too.

Third - get some representatives with GUTS in there ... you can't blame government for HUMAN ERROR -- that's unpredictable.  The Representative should have said simply " we are looking into what happened and we will work on a way to lessen the chance of this happening again" instead of jumping on the POLITICAL BANDWAGON ... this was NOT the time for it

Monday, June 05, 2017

Sanctuary state

First let me say, I have no problem with immigrants – as long as they come in the legal way! 

And I do understand that ILlegals coming from all countries, not just Mexico, they come from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia (I actually met one from Australia, but I didn't find out about it until after she married her American born husband – because she was complaining she couldn't go back to Australia to see her mother because of the way that she had came into this country) ...

So the only continent that illegals do not come from is Antarctica!

When my Great – grandparents came over on the boat at the turn of the 20th century, yes I'm only a third generation American, they had to follow a set of protocol that has been thrown away by today's Congress!

What do I mean?

Look at the new bill being proposed for law and the California state Congress…

On a state level it Will prevent local/state police officers &/or officers of the court from

§. Inquiring

§. Detaining

§. Responding

§. Assisting

§.  Providing help

To ANY Federal agents, when it comes to the legal status of anyone with in the California boundaries

You might remember that California has had several incidences of troubles with illegals in their state.

They have had people shot

They have had drug dealers hiding out there

They have even had judges help illegals escape from federal agents while IN The courthouse!

Right now the federal government under President Trump, is proposing to withhold federal funds – – – they would like to hold back all federal funds such as highway funding, but they feel that holding back on the piece force funds (those used to help pay for police officers) is the path of least resistance.

My state also has a high immigration population, not as high as California's, but I wonder how much of my tax money is going to pay for the support (welfare/AFDC/food stamps) illegals in my state as opposed to legal immigrants who have come in or just struggling to get their feet on firmer ground?

I would like to think that this sanctuary city if you would stay out on the coast, or in cities with larger populations such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Miami, El Paso, Houston, L.A., Seattle, etc. – but I know that it can happen anywhere, anytime, in any city where people do not ask the question during election debates, candidate forums, city Council meetings, etc.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Full personal responsibility

Ai really hate to speak of her again, but she's keeping herself in the news ... 

Hillary Clinton says she takes full responsibility for her defeat, BUT she will not accept any blame.

Wait -- WHAT??

" it wasn't a perfect campaign, there is no such thing.  But I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey's letter, on October 8th, and Russian wiki leaks raised doubt in the minds of people Who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off."

Interview to Chris Young-Amapour (probably spelled that wrong, total apologies)

Women For Women International Luncheon

You will remember this interview were as one of the "unbiased" debate presenters during the election process… Not the primary process it actual election process.

She is the one that got accused of giving Clintons a sneak peek at the questions… Remember her now?

She embarrassed herself further by saying

" ... because it's very difficult to succeed a 2 term president of your own party, that is a historical fact."

Huh, really?

James Madison took over for Thomas Jefferson

James Monroe took over for James Madison

Quincy Adams take over for James Munro

All from the Democratic – Republican Party

Martin Van Buren to go over for Andrew Jackson

Both of the Democratic Party

Andrew Johnson took over from Abraham Lincoln

Even though they were of separate parties, Johnson was Lincolns Vice President

Rutherford B Hayes took over for you Ulysses S Grant

Both Republican

Teddy Roosevelt took over for McKinley who died in office

William Taft took over for Theodore Roosevelt

All were Republican Party

Harry Truman took over for FDR after Roosevelt died and then went on to his own term

Both of the Democratic Party

George HW Bush took over for Ronald Ragan

Both Republican Party

So as you can see it is not as rare as Ms. Clinton wants us to believe

It's just another excuse for why she didn't win

She will never face the fact that there is a group of people in America who simply do not wish to share their political believes with the rest of the world ... and they did not like her at all!

They are not Democrat, they are not Republican… They are the true independence who listen to what the politicians actually are saying

And even then – there was a large number of people in her own party which did not want her, they wanted Bernie Sanders!

And the Democratic Party tried to squash their voices… Not very democratic if you ask me

Friday, April 21, 2017

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That cigarette!

Tex Williams would never survive in New York…

The city, not the state

Maroy Deblasio wants to raise the price of a pack of cigarettes ...

Now instead of being $10+/pack ... he will raise it to $13 a pack!!!

There are complaints about Black market cigarettes being sold now, I'm guessing it's going to get a whole heck of a lot worse!

I remember in the 70s when we took a trip to North Carolina to visit my aunt, it was discovered that cigarettes were not taxed there – so my brother laid in a supply of a few cartons of cigarettes.

I'm guessing people are going to start doing this now again

I do not smoke – but I did at one point in my life – I think this is totally ridiculous, but then it's less dangerous than drinking I suppose

It isn't often that you hear of people losing their job because they smoke cigarettes… Marriages breaking up because one partner smokes cigarettes…

You do however here plenty of medical reasons being linked to cigarettes – even if you don't smoke, they link it to secondhand smoke… I don't know about this – if it were that simple, you would think the outlying it would make all those health issues go away! Especially for subsequent generations of kids

But they aren't seeing that – they just keep blinking the problems to other substances… Soon it will be breathing will make you ill

Oh wait – – – they already do!

Emergency!! Emergency!!

Why is LA so costly to the USA?

This is part of it ...

They have declared a "Homeless Shelter Crisis" ... I have never heard of such a thing before ... this will allow short term homeless shelters ran by religious groups and other nonprofit organizations to avoid the red tape caused by the city government to make sure that the shelters are actually safe!

So how bad is the homeless shelter problem in Los Angeles?

Last year, they estimated the number to be around 28,000 people!!!

That is just one city ...

That is ran by one political party ... not the conservatives, i'm just saying

Where they just decided to start offering free community college for "residence" -- whether they are legal in the US or not, whether they have live there for more than a few months or not.  (see my previous post) 

In one single state…

Prone to beautiful weather ... no reason they can't sleep outside if you ask me

Prone to earthquakes ... I would think that the city would want to make sure that the buildings meet earthquake standards -- otherwise I can see a building falling during an earthquake, someone getting seriously hurt, and a lawsuit going back after the city for not respecting the building first!  

You know this is not going to end well

Can we give California back to Mexico now?

Or even better… Can we just annex Mexico??

Most of them seem to want to be US citizens anyways

Thursday, April 20, 2017

War!! Canadian Style


That's all I can say is .... Wow

So if you haven't heard (and this will be posted on BOTH my GGGems & my Gargoyle Gardens (farm) blogs) CANADA is playing POLITICS with our milk farmers.

For no stated reason I can find, they have suddenly decided to cancel ALL orders for US milk used for making cheese.

I ASSUME - and it is just my own assumption here - that it has something to do with President Trump's stance on NAFTA ... since it seems the US is getting the shaft from the Mexican side when it comes to many portions ... but then that might just be my American perspective ... 

Either way - Canada just went "Nope. Not taking your milk anymore"

AGDay, 2017Apr20 broadcast, had this issue as their main story.

Not only are these farmers getting hit by not being able to sell the milk to Canada - but now the SUPPLIER they were selling it to - Grassland Dairy  - has CANCELLED the contracts to collect the milk at all.

IMMEDIATELY.  Yup - the farmers got a very unpersonal form letter ... not even signed by anyone, just a general company name 

The company said they were only given a TWO DAY notice from Canada, so they just wanted to get a notice out.

Canadas statement on all this??

David MacNaughton


"Canada does not except the contention that Canada's dairy policies are the cause of financial loss for dairy farmers in the United States."

Letter to Wisconsin Governor

Canada seems to feel the US farmer is just looking for a scapegoat and Canada fits the bill at this point.  They blame it on the US over production of milk.

The company mentioned above, Grassland Dairy, would send 1 million gallons of ULTRA-FILTERED milk into Canada EVERY day - since they no longer have Canada taking the milk, 75 farmers in the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin have now been released from their contracts… Without warning… Without compensation!  In fact most farmers found out via Facebook before they even got the letter.

"We are working with our patrons to find a home for their milk, but we understand it's a challenge in these markets. The last thing we as a company want is to let farmers go."

Vice President of Business Development

Grassland Dairy

We are talking about farms that have been in the same family for generations – not just one generation, not just two generations… Sometimes up to eight generations!

This is really sad

This is really bad

This makes me very mad

The interesting part is – how can route retaliate against Canada?

I cannot name one important item from Canada that we can boycott!

All I can say is…

Buy more CHEESE!

Maybe if America eats enough cheese we as a nation can start using some of this million pounds of milk that would have gone to Canada, which is now sitting idle in the United States

We are going to be a bound up nation ...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rainy Days & Mondays

When I was a kid I LOVED rainy days ... yup, I was a strange kid - but rainy days were a time to pull out the crochet.

My mom would just shake her head because I was starting on Christmas presents in April - like they ever made it to Christmas, they usually became birthday gifts since I couldn't wait to see how people would like them

But that is what rain meant to me -- worked great until about 9th grade, maybe 10th, when we had a MAJOR thunderstorm go through ... in the middle of the night the thunder was so loud it rattled my windows! Now I can't stand loud noises - didn't realize this until hubby took me to see fireworks over the lake, not a fun time was had, the lake is in like a canyon or valley so it echoes quite a bit.

So why am I telling you this?

Now I'm not only an adult but a farmer ... well, farmers wife

Rain is supposed to be a Good Thing, like the song says (although I only drink wine ... or tequila ... maybe some rum in daiquiris or piƱa coladas ... but that's all really really rare)

BUT ... rain makes the fields too wet for the tractor to work.  In fact it will sink to the axils and then whatever we try to pull it out with will get stuck ... it's a total comedy of errors, let me tell you - I think we had four vehicles stuck down there one year - the lawn mower, the Allis-Chamber, then the Ford tractor, and the the Astro van!  It was so sad ... finally had to call hubbys cousin to come over because his truck had a winch on it - no getting that stuck!

Now we have a permanent divot next to the long corn field where the van tires sunk down - so you have to be very careful when you check the fields or you could break an ankle.

We are supposed to get rain for the next 3 days ... we were going to put corn in at the beginning of May this year - I think we've been planting too late and that's why we have had such troubles but that's a different story ... that's still got a couple weeks yet.

POTATOES however ...

I bought 250 POUNDS of potatoes this year ... Yukon Gold, Norlands, Russets, and All Blues ... I think the Norland reds I got 100# of ... I do NOT want to pay the prices they want for potatoes at the store and more.  My seed potatoes cost less than $100 total, the store wants $1/pound ... I'm ahead, right?

After all, potatoes are supposed to be a 10:1 return ... for every pound you plant, you get 10 pounds back ... they say.

My potatoes will go at the end of the long field where the corn Simply will not grow -   E. V. E. R!!  My mother-in-law says that's where they would plant theirs and it grew great (we bought the property from the in-laws) so it should be okay..

Accept ...

It's at the bottom of a hill - means LOTS of water from run off, plus it's the last place to melt/dry from winter snow ... it is NEVER dry by Tax Day, not to mention May 1st.

Every thing I read says they are supposed to go in a month BEFORE the last frost - here, that's May 15th or so ... so ... Tax Day.

Hubby bought several pieces of equipment for the tractor to put them in ... I've been stressing that he needs to have no less than a foots length between the potatoes he drops in or they will choke each other out ... quite a bit of education over here...

BUT if we have to wait until the end of May like we usually do ... I'm thinking it's gonna cut down on the production.

Last time:

Hubby put them in the on the long side of the Triangle field, put in like 100# ... planted them FOUR INCHES APART!!!  I was sick in bed so I wasn't out there to supervise ... that's okay, the onion shoots went in with about 1 inch between them - if they were lucky - they were suppose to have no less than 4 inches between, they were Candy onions - like the big Vandalias /Vadalias (however you spell it) - huge, sweet, great for salads, French onion soup, cooking, freezing, dehydrating ... I admit, they would be great sellers too ... if we had any ... they are still growing - didn't dig up the tiny things last year so they are sprouting up again, small but ok, not quite as sweet as I'd like.


Hmmm, okay it's been 3 days now ... it's still raining and now they say it will rain tomorrow too ...

Those potatoes are never going to get planted :-(

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