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Monday, December 15, 2014

Economic Education

Barrel of Crude Oil

It's been about 5 years since its been this low!

And the pump prices are proving it ...

13 states are at or under $2/gallon for regular gas

§  Alabama
§  Arizona
§ Colorado 
§  Indiana 
§  Missouri 
§  Nebraska 
§ Ohio 
§  Oklahoma 
§  Texas 
 To name a few ...  And they are all across the Use too - not just the south, not just the Midwest ... Kinda interesting ...

When we lived at the old house we had Waste Management as our trash collector ... I remember when the gas prices first approached $2/gallon - they decided to add a "temporary" fuel charge ...

It was never taken off ... It was just worked into their regular fee over time ... 

You will find that with ANY business that is/was charging you a "fuel fee" because of rising fuel costs ...

Watch - the fee will go away, but the cost for the service will go up

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Economic Education

Have you noticed the prices at the gas pj ps lately?

A barrel of crude oil is 

The lowest it's been since July 2009

Hmmm ... Wonder why?

Ru,or sin the gas mustery is that gas will be less than $2/gallon by the new year!

I've heard people say that it's because of the shaling that's happening in the US ... And the amount of oil we've been getting is in fact going up ... But not enough to explain the drop if you ask me ...

I think it's because the republicans are going to be taking over both houses of congress ...

Think about it ...

The republicans are for the pipeline from Canada through the U.S. ...

The republicans are for allowing more companies to "Drill Baby Drill!"

The republicans are for deregulation ...

Republicans are for corporate tax breaks for companies keeping jobs in America ...

Yeah ...

I'm sure it's the US oil industry that causing the price drop ...

Actually ... I don't care!

If it's gonna cut the $$$ going on the credit card to fill the tank of the SUV ... Still necessary for a farmer (or a pick up) .... I don't really care why.


So here are the deficits four CANDIDATES:

Redding, CA
-25 .48"

San Francisco


Los Angeles

Did I mention that I'm talking RAINFALL here?

Well, presipitatio

Some places are expecting 8" in the next 24 hours!

That's bad enough in the Midwest ... Where 4" rains can overwhelm the drainage systems and flood fields for at least a week or two ...

But to put all that moisture on top of dry -- like deep down dry -- soil will be devastating!

I know most people think of water being soaked up by the ground -- and normally it would, if they had a sprinkle first for a day or two ... But their ground has got to be compacted and hard ...

It's kind of like pouring a glass of water onto your counter top ...

Normal soil ... Well, growing soil ... Is kind of like carpeting (in the south its kind of like office carpeting with the attached foam backing because of the clay & water table) ... The water will sit on top for a while and then sink down in ... It might take a while but it will go into the carpet.

Wet soil - like we had last Spring - is like a wet carpet getting wetter ... The water doesn't really have any place to go so it lays on top of the soil, works its way through the little cracks in the basement flooring, and can cause floods ... Given enough rain too soon - flash flooding.  But you're still looking at like a 4" rainfall

Dry soil is like ... Well, sand ... You've seen the stuff on the beach -- water rolls right off of it even though it's soft .. It takes a LOT to rehydrate it but there is actually little chance of flooding because the water soaks through it.  No I take that back - the likelihood of floodng right where the rain is happening is a tad less but farther down it will be just as bad.

Extremely dry land -- like CA has seen these last few years -- is the absolute worst!

Water has a tough time penetrating it at ALL ... Like I said it's like a counter top ... Solid - although there may be cracks in it, it's still basically solid.

The rain can not penetrate ... It just sits on top ... Flash flooding happens with just 1/2" of rain because it can't soak in ... It doesn't go anywhere unless it's on a hill

They are going to be in big trouble ...

And more tax money will be going to CA ...

This time in the form of Emergency Funds ...

It's nearly like the dust bowl out there is my understanding.

Even with these 8" ... They will still be way behind ...

But then ...

It is CA

Hey --

I thought they said it was gonna be in the ocean by now!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

Apparently in Colorado – I think it's Colorado I will have to doublecheck – there is a professor at the university that has developed his own version of the pledge of allegiance

His pledge is out rages!

It goes:
"I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States Against Anything Un-American. And to the republic for which it stands for, two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor, with Purtell liberties and justice for all except lax, homosexuals, women who want abortions, communists, welfare queens, tree huggers, feminized seeds, illegal immigrants, children of illegal immigrants, and you, if you don't watch your step."

  WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!

This professor has worked at the Metropolitan State University of Denver for decades now

For decades he has required – REQUIRED – his students to recite this atrocity!

Students are saying that your grade is not so much based on what you learned in his class or how will you pay attention in his class, but whether what your political views are

Democratic students, liberal students, are graded on it easier scale

Republican studios, conservative students, are graded on a talker scale

This man has gotten away with this for decades

Golly – I wonder how/why Colorado has legalized marijuana?

I wonder why they aren't fighting against Obama's blanket amnesty?

I wonder if this man has even ever gotten off of the campus?

Has he gone to Texas?  Has he gone to New York?  Has he gone to LA?  Been in Seattle?  What about Duluth?  

If he had… I think he would find that there are more than just Mexican illegals in the United States!

I actually – I think you would be surprised at life in general!

I'm just glad right now that my children are not living in Colorado

I will have enough problems of my own when my oldest daughter goes to the university of Minnesota hopefully this fall – she won a scholarship – yea!!!!!!!!!!

The University of Minnesota… My college

… Is a breeding ground of liberalism

And I don't mean your wikis from Colorado type liberalism… I'm talking making al gore looking conservative type of liberalism!

[[Note: interesting Siri has forgotten who Al gore is!!!!]] 

Thursday, December 04, 2014


Just a few boo-boos from in the news…


Well it appears that peta has taken to crew ships…

Passengers are buying live lobsters and then releasing them into the ocean – but the stupid idiots are forgetting to take the rubber bands off of the clause first… This means that the lobsters cannot defend themselves

Then there's also the fact that where they are releasing the lobsters… It's not there natural habitat - so there are no more lobsters of their type to breed with… So they die… Not to mention the fact that the food that they eat isn't there

Marine biologist say… They probably didn't live any longer, then if the people had just eaten them to begin with

-::- -::- -::- -::- 


only in South Wells will you ever hear of this happening -  okay maybe in Detroit Michigan as well

Santa Claus showed up for a gathering of children riding in with his normal reindeer and sleigh

He delighted the children did what he was supposed to do and then it was time to leave

Imagine the surprise on the little children's faces when the Pattiway get a rolled up in Santa climbed inside and was taken away

Officials of the event, claim that it was planned ... Thinking that Santa would need a quick getaway, and that it would give some comedy for the parents

Sorry guys – taking Santa in a petty Wegen is never funny

Numerology Class

Number of states suing United States government

Executive order signed by Pres. Obama because these lawsuits

The states of:

South Dakota
West Virginia
South Carolina
North Carolina

Only Texas shares a border with Mexico – wow Idaho Montana Wisconsin and Maine all share borders with Canada ... I'm telling you – you got a watch out for them Canadians!

Actually I'm surprised that North Dakota Minnesota and Washington state aren't also on the suit, because they also share large orders with Canada

And they also have a big problem with illegals in their states

The Liberals have done a very good job at painting liberals as being just Mexican… But illegals are from. Every. Country. In. The. World.

Maybe it's just because I am third generation American, but I believe the laws are written for a reason

And if we ignore the laws the way that they are written, we were going to anarchy

It will be worse in the wild West

Things That Make You Go HMMMM ....

I love Lehmans .... They have a lot of old-fashioned items that are tough to find these days 

Things like dish pans, washboards, washer plungers (what else do you call them), and oil lamps just to name a few

Imagine my surprise when I saw this on their site:

I thought they had made a mistake ...

Not so much because they had something for the microwave - they've got stuff for that too ...

I've seen bacon cookers for the microwave ... They are like racks with picks to hold the bacon -- it was the cup that threw me

Click on photo and got this:

It actually IS a cup!

I'm not exactly sure how it works but it looks so net resting.

I've often thought of using a cup with a chopstick across the top, the bacon folded over the stick, ends dipping into the cup to cook bacon ... But figured that (a) the bacon would have a loopy in the middle (b) the ends would be very greasy and (c) grease would get EVERYWHERE a in the microwave

Who wants to clean that?

So now I'm curious ... 

Not so much as to actually PURCHASE one ... But figured if I put it up, maybe one of you all will :-)

Then post a video on YouTube so I can see how it works ...

Maybe you cover the top with the plate?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Bird Flu

There is a new strain of bird flu sweeping throughout Asia & Europe ... Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration

The UN is reporting the 


Has been found in:

UK (on a duck farm)
Also found in wild birds
Asia saw this strain earlier in the year

So ...

Why are these viruses so much MORE prevalent these days than before?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Economic Education

I should just call this "stupid laws "

Obama's new executive order, Which is just an Misty wrapped in fucking language, Will be granting "temporary" residency to illegals in the United States of America

But the wording is wrong…

As many of you know, I have no issues with any race.  I have issues with people being here ILlegally.

The way it is stated is that if the girls have been in the United States for more than five years… Or have children born in America… They get the citizenship.

This means that ANYBODY from ANY COUNTRY Who has stayed there travel visas, and has avoided being detected for the last five years or so… They can now get temporary citizenship

This means that anyone who is here on a temporary visa legally still, but has a child in the United States granting them citizenship, cannot receive this temporary United States citizenship

This means that the temporary United States citizenship is going to be granted to whole heck of a lot of people… That we don't have jobs for

It means that well or economy is making on average about 200,000 jobs a month… We are letting in 10 to 12,000,000 more people as citizens

The jobs that are being created or overwhelmingly minimum wage

Jobs that are being created or overwhelmingly only temporary jobs

This means were going to have a whole hell of a lot more people going onto the public dole

The number of "citizens" on welfare will rise drastically

The number of "citizens" on food stamps will rise drastically

This is not the problem with Hispanics/Latinos, not even a problem with Canadians, but it includes other nationalities as well:

Denmark-ish (Danish?)
New Zealanders
West Indians
Indians from India
North/south Vietnamese
Saudi Arabian
Sierra Leonites
South Africans
(I'm too tired to continue). 

That's too many nations, too many people, too many illegals

We're screwed

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Economic Education

Price of food is going up ... But I do not believe the figures that have been released

Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people
Up $0.37

Price includes:
bread stuffing
sweet potatoes
Rolls with butter
carrots and celery
pumpkin pie with whipped cream
coffee and milk


We just purchased our turkeys for next week

On sale at cub they were $.89 a pound

We bought three turkeys

One 20 pound bird
Two 12 pound birds

We like to smoke ... The birds, not cigarettes .... not the wacky tobacci either

That alone is a jumped $.30 a pound!

I'd like to know what their portion sizes are

Because we regularly pay over $100 to feed 20 people

That does not include the food that other people bring

I'm sorry but there is no way you can put on a Thanksgiving meal for $49.41 for 10 people

That's ridiculous… Milk in and of itself is over $3 a gallon!

They must be figuring everyone is going to eat only 4 ounces of meat (one quarter pound) .... In my family, we eat at least a pound of meat each

They must figure one sweet potato per person… In my family we eat at least two if not three sweet potatoes each


Dairy products
Up $0.25

3 pounds sweet potatoes
Up $0.20

flour-based foods
down $0.21

16 pound turkey
down $0.11


Wait –

3 pounds of sweet potatoes is going to feed 10 people?!

No way!

They either have very small sweet potatoes, or they are mashing them and then adding in cream and butter and what have you to fluff it up 

Even then though – I cannot see 3 pounds of sweet potatoes feeding 10 people!

A 16 pound bird, H MMM MM MMM

That sounds like they are planning about a pound per person (and that's assuming 6 pounds of bone)



Even if everything is made from scratch

Cannot see it coming in for $49 and cents

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