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Thursday, October 09, 2014


The First Responder/EMS guy in TX who got sick and they thought it might be Ebola since he was in the apartment of the guy that died ...

He does NOT have Ebola after all, they say.

So I wonder what his symptoms were that they thought he had Ebola??

Actually SYMPTOMES would be good to know ...

I've heard it starts looking like the flu or a bad cold ... But then, when it was first discovered I heard that people were like bleeding out of their eyes & stuff ...

Which is it?

Could it be both?

Numerology Class


44% Roberts (R) - incumbent
39% Orman (I)

4–7 October 2014
702 Kansas likely voters
MOE +/-  3.5%

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

43% Gardner (R)
37% Udall (D) - incumbent

4–7 October 2014
739 Colorado likely voters
MOE +/-  3.5%

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

46% Cotton (R)
39% Pryor (D)

4–7 October 2014
707 Arkansas likely voters
MOE +/-  3.5%

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

44% Sullivan (R)
40% Begich (D) - incumbent

4–7 October 2014
706 Alaska likely voters
MOE. +/-  3.5%

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

45% McConnell (R) - incumbent, minority leader
41% Greines (D)

4–7 October 2014
706 Kentucky likely voters
MOE +/-  3.5%

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 


33% Alaska
32% Arkansas
36% Colorado
31% Kansas
35% Kentucky

Likely voters, +/-  3.5%

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

Senate floor as of now
55 Democrat
45 Republican

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

Republicans plan on picking up:

South Dakota
West Virginia

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

Senate floor with numbers above:

49 Democrat
51 Republican

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

If polling numbers hold as of today, The following states would go Republican:

Several other races are too close to call

<<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>>   <<=>> 

<b> <i> 27 days until election day </b> </i> 

I don't care if your Democrat
I don't care if you're Republican
I don't care if you're Independent
Even if you're on affiliated like me

Get your butts to the polls… Had a college professor tell me wants "if you don't vote you got no right to complain"

HEALTH ALERT: Ebola virus

There is now a second case of a traveler who may have the Ebola virus in TX ... I have not heard about the first case actually caught in America by someone who had been in the apartment where the guy died in TX ... Does that make sense? The man who died of Ebola in TX, I meant, an EMS/First Responder who was in there got sick from exposure to the area.

Sounds like the second (possible) case was a traveler who came via airplane from an infected area of Africa.

Authorities in Spain put down the dog of the nurse who is infected with Ebola yesterday.  They were afraid that the virus might either jump species or be carried to other humans by the dog.  While animal right activists protested, the government said there was no proof that the disease COULDNT jump species ... So the public health won out.   

Of course if you don't have specimens to study then how can you tell if it will or won't jump species?

But I can see their point.

 - ~ -  - ~ -  - ~ -  - ~ -  - ~ - 

§ influenza & pneumonia : 53,826

§ Accidents: 126,438

§ Cancer: 576,691

§ Heart Disease: 596,577


So we will have to see what the numbers are one year from today, I guess.

Remember that the Spanish Flu spread quickly and killed quite a few around the world.

I also noticed, no HIV/AIDS on this list ... Huh.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Economic Education

Okay so I was watching Fox news this morning, and they had a story on Joe Biden at a fundraiser – a small business owner came up to Joe Biden as he was at sitting at his table, and began to talk to him about raising the minimum wage hike. The owner agreed that people need to make a livable wage, but that that also includes small Business owners.

Here's just a few facts that the Obama administration is not sharing with people…

§ Federal minimum wage was last raised to $7.25 per hour in 2009

§ 10 states and Washington DC have passed wage hike during the 2014 legislation season

§ six states and Washington DC passed legislation raising minimum-wage to more than $10 an hour

§ 38% of private employers would lay off workers if minimum-wage raised to $10.10 an hour

§ 54% of private employers would reduce hiring if minimum-wage were raised to $10.10 an hour

§ 65% of private employers would raise the prices to offset a new $10.10 minimum wage

Most people do not realize how much an employer has to pay beyond what you earn in minimum-wage ... While the state and federal government and Fiechuk do you take out from your wages your employer has to at least match that to pay for having you as an employee as well.

Perhaps if the federal government took that side of things out of it where the employer doesn't have to pay amount of FICA or doesn't have to pay the equal about of taxes just for having an employee – then maybe they can get away with a higher minimum-wage

This would however put all of the tax burden on the employee… Which you know you're not going to want to pay ... You would lose about half of your paycheck to cover just your portion of FICA.  

In fact you would probably be only bringing home 15 to 20% of your paycheck if you had to cover all the expenses that your employer plus you have to pay

Now how do I know this you might ask?

My father, dearly departed, used to have his own business.

During his business time, not only did they raise federal taxes, FICA, state taxes, workmen's Comp., health insurance, etc.… But then the stage also added more taxes to that!

As a small business, he had a high quality to fencing (chain-link and decorative iron) but for decades he was the cheapest company out there.

at one point he had 2 salesman, 2 warehouse man, and a receptionist.

So he was used to dealing with employee issues.  It was the rays of his portion that he had to cover the cost him start laying people off.  The receptionist was "replace" with my mother who worked basically for free (she was volunteer) ... Towards the end my brother was a sales man, installer, and warehouse man -- because it was just cheaper to pay one employee instead of three employees.

But the thing that caused my father to basically shut down his shop was States Sales And Use tax.

My father interpreted the implementation of the text in one manner, the other employer in that share his complex interpret it a Nother way, and the auditor from the state that payment interpreted it as third way ...

The state interpret it Holdelly different way!

My father said that the federal and state governments no longer want small businesses because<b>  they make it too hard </b> 

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Numerology Class

<i>look Another bunch of poll numbers!  I'm on a roll! </i>

36% Ebola Outbreak
31% US Airstrikes Against I S I S
21% Secret Service Problems
15% 2014 Mid-Term Elections
_ 7% Hong Kong Protests
Pew Research Center
2–5 October 2014
MOE +/-  3.6%
What is not mentioned is that only 5% of people between the ages of 18 to 25 or paying attention to the midterm elections

38 seats are up for election

10 to 12 seats are undecided

The majority can be switched with the Republicans getting only six seats

If the Republicans get 67 or eight seats

If the Republicans get six, seven, eight, seats then they will control both the House and the Senate

Which would pretty much put an end to the rest of Obama's political ideas

We would see a lot more executive orders coming from the White House

Monday, October 06, 2014


So Ebola has killed 3400 people ... The majority of which is in west Africa ....

While those numbers are concerning .... 

You have to wonder why it is getting so much news time???

I thought they said there were 100,000s of people who died from it in Africa?!

That I can see . That brings it not the number rNge of the sancish Flu epidemic of the 1920s or so ... When there was an outbreak after WW1 which killed hundreds of thousands of people in the US alone ... One of whom was, we believe, my mothers older sister ... Dorothea ... When the little time was only a few years old (well before my mothers birth) 

We only learned of this child after my mothers passing as dad and I were going through my mothers baby book ... Grandma had reused the one for Dorothea for my mother ... Interesting.

But ... So Ebola isn't as big an impact as we thought ... At least FOR NOW ...

If it ever goes airborne, like a cold or flu, then we've got some real issues!

Friday, October 03, 2014

CREDIT CARD ALERT: JPMorgan/Chase Manhattan Banks

80 million people effected

Two thirds of US households

Hackers were traced to Russia

Keep an eye on your statement

Keep an eye on your credit report

JP Morgan Chase Manhattan bank does not think this is going to be a huge deal

But then it's not their credit on the line

HEALTH WARNING: Enterovirus D68

42 states are now confirmed to having patients with the respites disease, which appears to strike mostly children.

514 cases so far confirmed ... 4 children with the disease have died.

Now there is a new factor to worry about ...

Polio-like symptoms have also shown up in a few children as we'll ... They do not know if it is part of the virus or if it is a different infection which is taking advantage of an already weakened mine system.

I will keep you posted .... 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Numerology class


36%. Mostly True
7–9 September 2014
MOE +/- 3%

Median household income

household ownership

Price for a gallon of gasoline

Price for a gallon of milk

Number of Americans receiving food stamps/EBS

Labor participation force rate

Number of jobs created per month
Highest since 1999
<i> this is according to Bob Beckel, former White House person for former Pres. Jimmy Carter - Who used to be ranked as the worst president in the history of United States… Obama now has that distinction </i> 

Democrats report "no insulation"

Stock markets are up

Profit margins are up

Numerology class

<b><u> LONG TERM UNEMPLOYMENT </b> </u> 

§. 1 in 5 workers laid off in past five years
§. 25% found no new jobs
§. 44% say new job was a step down

86.0: September
93.4: August

<i> boy this stuff is coming in waves ... Can you tell it's been a rotten year on the farm? </i> 


Wednesday, October 01, 2014

New Law: California

Well in CA they will no longer be asking " paper or plastic" at supermarkets ... 

Now against the LAW to have PLASTIC bags at check out lanes

Gov. brown has disguised this as a litter problem BUT it's really about Tree Hugger Issues ... Let's remember that Brown, in the 1970s, was a HUGE tree Hugger ... And while he has tried to disguise himself as a "moderate" I think we are seeing that tree Hugger side coming back out again!

It takes effect 
<b> 01 JULY 2015 </b> 

Start stockpiling now ... Because in a few months they will not be available.

Paper bags cost 10¢ EACH ... You can buy a reusable plastic bag (I've seen those for layout $1) 
Either way - you gotta PAY to get food to eat

But here's the thing ... It means more TREES will be turned into paper bags ... DIDNT THINK OF THAT DID YOU?!

I like the plastic bags for frozen foods, bags of sugar or flour, or for drink packets that I don't want to get wet.  I think they just work better for items that sweat to hold back the moisture, fine powder or leaky packages to keep everything else clean, and to keep moisture off items that would be ruined by just the smallest bit of moisture.

Hubby uses them for quick trips, like the message that we need more bread ...

Good thing I don't live in CA ...

Remember - this law ONLY  effects GROCERY STORES in CA

Not farmers markets
Not clothing shops
Not fast food restraints
Not shoe stores ... Athletic shops ... targets ... walmarts .. Walgreens .. UNLESS they happen to have grocery stores in them, I'm sure.

You know what?  That's an interesting question ...

How will this law be enforced in stores which offer both groceries and non-grocery items (such as clothes, furniture, office supplies, etc)????

Hmmmm .... 

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