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Friday, March 27, 2015

Election 2016

I could have called this "Things That Make You Go HMMMM ....." but this is very Hillary specific and deals very much with her election possibilities so ... election 2016 it is.

If you are a REPORTER and doing a story on Hillary Clinton - her news/media consultants want to make sure that you aren't talking about her n a sexist manner ....

So they have BANNED the following words from any news story about her:

Represents the past
Out of touch

Okay then .... 

So in other words .... Nothing that's really about HER!

None of these words of course are linked - not even by stereotype - to females ... None.

Perhaps they are more afraid that the reports would make her sound OLD .... which she is .... or permissive as far as Bills affairs go (and possible sexual harassment while governor of Arkansas went) .... Which she IS ... Or perhaps they are even worried that the RUMORS of a scandalous affair by one of the USAs top administrators during her term will be revealed (it was mentioned in an article written in the UK while SHE was over there on a visit, I suppose it could have been Bill but the article mention that it was was an actual official ... To me, that was her)

I think we are just getting a heads up of how the press would be handled if she DID get voted in ...

I mean do we want a gagged press like they have in the communist countries? Or NO wide spread press like in many of the third world countries, or NONE at all like in many African countries????

I mean, sure we would probably think the world was a better place until reality came knocking at our door ... But still ...

I may not like much of what's out there, but I'd rather know than not know ... You know?

Right now we have a President who doesn't know anything until it hits the news ...

Do we really want a President who's going to be WRITING the news???

Nope sorry ....

That's going way too far Ms. Rodham-Clinton  .... 

Please never forget ...

She's a HYPHENATED person

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

PHoly Cats! 

The Fat/Food/Obesiety Police are going way too far ...

In New York City - you know the same place that restricts how big a soda you can buy but not how many - they are going to limit children in daycare to just 4 oz. of juice a day! ONE HALF cup of juice ... And NO sugary juices for kids under the age of 2 yrs old AT ALL!!!

All juice is "sugary" .... That's why it's sticky when it dries.  It doesn't matter if you add sugar to it or not, it is NATURALLY sweet.

Holy crap!  When I worked at Children's World (formally The Learning Tree) we let the kids have as much juice as they wanted, especially if they had a fever, but limited the amount of formula .... When they turned 18months and moved into the toddler room, THEN we limited when they could have juice (meals & snacks only) but let them drink as much as they wanted .... When they turned 3 or 4 yrs old (depending on how we had the rooms arranged) we then limited them to two half cups of juice a meal/snack time .... But that was it!  Breakfast & lunch always had milk offered, breakfast/snack always had juice.  

I could not imagine not letting children have juice 

But wait, it gets "better"

Kids are only going to be allowed to SIT for a HALF AN HOUR!!!

Not 1/2 hr at a time, for the WHOLE DAY!!!!


$150,000 of FEDERAL taxpayer money is going to TEST a "mindful eating intervention" on THIRD graders in CA!!!!!!!

This basically will use Zen teaching to slow down and appreciate the food before them ....

I say let's put them all on the Ethiopean Diet .... Rice & water three times a day ....


This is ridiculous!!!

Kids bodies will fluctuate as they need to.

Just because kids are overweight does not mean that they will grow to be overweight adults .... Boys especially boys.

The best thing we can do is to get the ACADEMICS out of how we feed kids ...

Get ready to have Breeding Boards next ... You can bet that pretty soon they will start picking who will breed with whom in order to make beautiful, healthy kids ....


Anybody else getting hints of Star Trek's Khan?????L?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Things Yhat Make You Go HMMMM ......


Okay so you all may remember the piece on the EPA wanting to make grilling healthier for the globe (huh)

Well they are at it AGAIN ...

This time it's your SHOWERING habits!

They think you are taking too long and wasting too much water.

Along the coastlines I can see an issue -- there they have showers for both before & after you get out of the water ... But at hotels???

I'm thinking it's not an issue.

Here's what they want to do:

Monitor the amount of time you have water running in your shower, your sink, and how often you flush your potty ...

Then they want to CHARGE your credit card based on how much you use

So if you stay at a hotel in CA or AZ or even OR, where they aren't having any drought issues right now - you may suddenly find a second charge on your credit card APART from your hotel charge .... and NOT by your hotel but from the STATE/COUNTY/CITY where you stayed!

Wow ... I'm betting there are going to be all sorts of charges & taxes hooked onto that charge too!

So not to be out done ...

The Michelle Obama program that made those.... AWFUL school lunches .... The ones that kids just HATE more than their mothers tuna noodle Hotdish ... Has a hidden clause which is about to hit DAYCARES across the USA ...

Weighing & Measuring Toddlers!!!!!!

Yes - the same government that is supposed to be concerned about eating disorders is about to do their best to ADD TO IT!!

They are currently expecting only 3000 kids to be measured but you know damn well that's waaaaaaaaayyyy under-estimated!

I worked in the daycare system ... Not in-home daycare, a Center system ....

Trust me -- kids will eat what they will eat.

I was told my son & daughter were both over-weight by daycare workers in their rooms and the Public Health Nurse ... My doctor said they were fine ....

By the time my son was two he was the tallest kid in his classroom ... He stayed that way all the way until high school.  My daughter was tallish too but when she hit puberty - BOOM - that girl popped!

Front and back ... All natural, no surgery, no additives .... Wow - Kim Kardashian wishes she could look like my daughter.

Trust me -- both kids are doing great.

Son is 6'3" tall and 165#
Daughter is 5'6" tall and has a hard time staying anode 100# (in fact she was ordered by the doctor to get to 130# or she wasn't going to be ALLOWED to do PT)

Back Off Government!

Kids bodies change a LOT between ages 0 - 18 yrs old.

They're bodies are little storage systems ... It will pack away what they will need later on ... Don't worry about it.

If there are kids who are grossly over-weight though ... Like off the charts - their DOCTORS should keep an eye on them not the GOVERNMENT 

This is NOT the Soviet Union!

Speaking of body types ...

Wonder Woman

It's being remade for the big screen

Gal Gadot is set to play the Amazonean Princess soon ... But people say she is too SKINNY and her breasts are TOO SMALL

Hmmmm ....

Well ... When you think about it, she probably is too thin - after all WW came from an island without men .... She was a warrior, so you know she ate ... She wasn't a body builder but I'm betting she was very much athletic so there would be some meat on those bones.

The cartoon was big busted because .... Well ... That's just how they drew girls at the time ... To attract the eyes of horny teenaged boys and older married men with prissy wives ... That's why Marylin Monroe, Jane Russell, and Jane Mansfield were so popular too.

In the 1970s/80s they had Crosby play WW ... She was skinny, fairly boo bless too ... And BLONDE!!  Yes she was blonde, and pretty ditsy too ... Just did not fit the role if you ask me.

Then Lynda Carter came along -- Miss America - she was PERFECT.  In fact they had to take IN the waist on her costume to make it fit .... She is a living Barbie doll, I swear!

She's all natural ... Well she was at the time ... And they had such a tough time finding body doubles for her that she wound up having to do many of her own stunts! 

She is the image everyone thinks of when they think Wonder Woman ... at least from my generation

So now they've got this new chick ... 

She's been described as a lollipop -- giant head on a stick ...

I guess we will have to see how well she acts ...

After all - it took something like three different Hulks to finally get one that matched up to Lou Ferrignos portrayal from the 80s ... 

They restarted SpiderMan a couple times ....

It took the longest time for them to find a decent Thor ... All the previous ones they've had on tv had little toothpick legs ... But still ... an ENGLISH accent for a Norse god??? Really?

Sometimes they click right off the bat (Iron Man, Captian America) and some times they don't .

 Time will have to tell 

Hopefully the script will be good ...

And they have a DECENT Steve Trevor

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Things That Make You Go HMMM ....

Or ...

WTF Kind of Job IS This?

Here are some of the "Weirdest" questions that have been asked at job interviews this last year ... The publication was Glass Door magazine, btw ...

1) Who would win in a fight between SpiderMan & Batman? Stanford University, Medical Simuationist position

2) Discribe the color YELLOW to someone who's blind.  Spirit Airlines, flight attendant

3) If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do? Bose, IT support position

4) What's your favorite Disney princess? Cold stone Creamery, general scooper


MY answers ... Just for the hell of it ...

1) SpiderMan may nave webbing, but Batman's got all those cool toys!

2) yellow is the heat you feel from sunshine, even if it's coming through the window. It's smells like daffodils and some tulips. It tastes like lemons, lemonade, and bananas ... Sweet but also sour.

3) probably get fired for eating ALL the jelly beans ... But I'd make my dentist rich :-). I LOVE Jelly Belly jelly beans the best -- just not those Bertie Botts things

4) oooohhh ... This one is tough.  I like the pre-1992 princesses the best, especially those pre-1970s .... I like the MUSIC from Sleeping Beauty the best, I adore the tale behind Cinderella (not the new crappy thing Disney has out though, YUK!) .... Then there's Snow White, what luck did she have"?
But I probably have the most in common with Belle -- I've always loved Beauty & the Beast - even as a little girl, it was one of my very favorite tales.

But NONE of those Princesses will ever replace RAGGEDY ANN!!!!

I ADORE Raggedy Ann ... I love her!   I loved her TV show ... I love the dolls ... I STILL read the books over and over - I even passed the liking of raggedy Andy onto my oldest son (he liked the story of the Tin Gutter)

Hmmmm ....

You know it doesn't really matter how "well" you answer these questions ... Let them know you're a conservative and your gone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

Two things for right now ... Because you know there will be more by the end of the day!

Government Over Reach ... Let's Hope They Get Burned

The EPA (environmental protection agency) has apparently decided that GRILLING is very BAD for the environment ...

"WHY?" You maybe asking

Well don't you know that when you flip that burger the grease might hit the hot coal or heat element/gas flame and FLARE UP .... This of course would put a minis clue amount of particles into the atmosphere but lord forbid ...

Their suggestions? 

1) DONT grill at all

2) If you must grill - really I heard the word "must" - then place a PAN between the burgers and the heat so the grease doesn't ignite
See NOTE 1

3) use a HAND CRANKED air filtration system to capture the grease which splatters in the air as those steaks & burgers sizzle on your grill

The total cost?

$15,000 will go to UCLA to test it out

Critics are saying
"Maybe the EPA will fulfill FOIA requests after they're done trying to regulate your grill emissions"

-- OMG!! And this will NOT be kept in CA, this will soon be applied all across the country ... I'm guessing BEFORE Obama leaves office too

NOTE 1 -- besides the fact that food (especially meat) tastes so much better when grilled ... The whole point of grilling is NO DISHES/POTS or PANS!! Easy clean up .... Maybe you could use some aluminum foil - just toss it out when done

NOTE 2 -- grilling is supposed to be RELAXING - not yet another excuse for exercise! They do realize that people grill OUTDOORS, right??   

NOTE 3 -- $15,000???? REALLY??? Buy a quarter cow, half a pig, and a few chickens for about $500!
There is NO REASON the TAX PAYER should pay for a Californian beach party!  This is a total WASTE of money!

This ranks up there with electric lawn mowers -- works fine for tiny yards where the plugs are close .... Pay attention next time you vacuum how often that cord gets in your way

Ps - did you know that unless you capitalize all the letters in EPA, Siri automatically corrects it to pea? 


But to top off the day ....

President Obama must be taking a page from bidets book.

Open mouth, insert foot .... Shove it in deeper!

On March6th he was fund raising and made a few points which sounds really weird to an American ear ...

"You can go onto, in some neighborhoods and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is to buy a book"

Really?  WHERE?????  Cuz I'm telling ya I don't know too many neighborhoods without a book store nearby! And ... Well ... Books are CHEAPER than a firearm, so that's not an issue.  

Maybe it's a Chicago thang ...

But he didn't stop there ... The STUPIDITY went on .... and on

" ... People just say we should have firearms in kindergarten... "

Mr President, WHO? Who says that?  There is a movement to allow certain people in schools to be armed, yes, such as people in the office ... hall monitors (adult employees only) ... and some teachers in older schools - such as high schools or community colleges

But no one ever said anything about guns in kindergarten .... 

Although - in the "old days" EVERY HOUSE had a gun.  For hunting food. For protection.
And while most coasters will go "but we don't have wolves & Cougars attacking people anymore" it was just from animals they needed the protection from, you know.

Kids were TAUGHT not to mess with them ... In fact lots of kids aged as young as 7 yrs old had THEIR OWN gun! Few got hurt ... unless they ran into a bad guy of course.  

Before I get too far off here ... Obama went on ...

" ... We should have, uh, you know, machine guns in, um, bars - you think I'm exaggerating?"

Why ... Yes, yes we DO think you are ... um ... LIEING, sir!

This is why you got THREE pinocchios from that one newspaper (wouldn't you know it ... I can't remember who they were ... and there aren't even that many papers still around!  It's just not from around here


Durst has been arrested for having similar handwriting to a note sent to cops some 25-30 yrs ago.

Interesting bit?

He was found NOT GUILTY for killing his neighbor .... CUTTING UP the body .... putting the smaller pieces into plastic bags .... Then tossing them into Galveston Bay!  Oh and he ADMITTED to doing it too before the trial, but he claimed he didn't kill the guy but had to cut him up as SELF-DEFENSE!!!

EXCUSE ME????!!!!!

Let's see...

You co me home and discover your neighbors body in your house.... Did. Mention he was having issues with the neighbor, bad enough to have the cops called out? ... 

Hmmmm ... What to do?

You & me - we'd call the cops or a friend, right?

This guy CUT HIM UP! 

This guy BAGGED The neighbor up!

Then DUMPED the baggies, not where a cadaver dog might find them, not where crows or other carrion might feed on it .... No he thought enough to take it out on his YACHT and dump it into Gavalston Bay where the fishes could get munchies if they so wished.

But that was just a MISDERMEANOR!

One of the people on that jury said "there are lots of crazy people in Galvaston" ... But I'm betting not BAT ASS crazy!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

State of the Union

Nope, not the speech ... 

There have been a number of ISIS related arrests in the US and the only area not touched is the northwestern states ... But I'm guessing there will be activity there soon ...

But those arrested don't seem to be foreign nationals ... They are Americans!  Aged 15 - 20+ yrs old by the sounds of it, too

Arrests have occurred in:


Wow ... Sounds like there are INVESTIGATIONS in all 50 states, but these are states were there has actually been an arrest ...

Have not heard anything about the American protectorates of Guam, Puerto Rico, or the Philippines.

I'm going to guess that there is activity there - we just haven't heard anything.  

When I was a kid it was "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" ... We would never have thought of them growing up to be terrorists 
... Even now it's hard to wrap my head around!

When my kids went to the park I had to worry about drug dealers, sex offenders, and gang members ... Now they've added suicide recruiters to the list???

Holy crap!

My understanding is that some of the youth (relative term) they've arrested aren't from troubled homes .... They are from stable two parent homes

I don't get it

I just don't get it

Election 2016

Well well well ....

Get ready for athe new Clinton scandal ...

This time it's all about the emails ...

The one set up for BILL CLINTON which was then taken over by Hillary ... She's got his balls why not his servers too, I guess ...

Actually I think we've all wondered how cool it would be to have our own server ... Mostly before they came out with computers - hell, cell phones - with over a gig of space!

But even if we did have one - I don't think the MAJORITY of Americans would have an issue with having our devices looked through IF we were involved in an investigation.

Aren't we glad we had a Secretary of State that understands how devices work?

1) She didn't want to handle more than one device

2) she doesn't know you can have more then one email address on your PERSONAL device (she should have asked Weiner)

3) she felt it wasn't her JOB to keep her official emails

4) she seems to understand not turning over the servers ... I assume she learned from Lois Lerners errors.

5) she doesn't seem to understand that personal accounts are easier to hack/attack than government ones

But I think the most telling piece of information was when she was saying why she wouldn't turn over the servers she sighted emails she sent to Bill ...

For his part - his spokesperson had ALREADY, nearly 24 hours before her statement, that he had only sent a total of TWO emails .... One to John Glenn and I forget who the other went too

Monday, March 09, 2015

Economics 101

Okay Credit Reports ...

 Did you know that 1 in 5 people have ERRORS on their reports? And the way things are right now, the Report companies automatically side with the BANKS/CREDITORS and not you???
In order to fix it, you have to prove your INNOCENCE ...

Also, 50% of credit related bankruptcies involve MEDICAL bills ... They would show up any where from 30-90 after being delinquent.

NOW -- they are saying they are planning to change the reporting standards ...

From now on, creditors will have to prove your GUILT if there is a question on your report ...

And medical bills will be held for a full 180 DAYS before being put onto your report ...

They hope these things will help people feel more secure in their finances ... And be able to get more loans to pay off their bills when needed.

Hmmm ...

Part of me is like, that's good ... Gives people a fair/even chance
Part of me is like, how stupid ... Give people with poor money skills the chance to get even more in debt ...


Oh, and did you know your credit ratings range from:

300 (very poor/new to credit)


850 (very good/responsible)

That news made me glad .... That means my daughter isn't as bad off as I thought.

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