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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Economics 101

Eco inch Freedom
1) Hong Kong
2) Singapore
3) New Zealand
4) Australia
5) Switzerland
6) Canada
7) chile
8) Estonia
9) Ireland
10) Mauritius
11) Denmark
12) USA

We have dropped 6 spots since 2009

BUT ... Other than Australia/NZ & Hong Kong .... Which is actually a part of China ... There really aren't any MAJOR world powers here ...

And ... Where the heck is Maritius? Is it a real nation? Huh.

Don't see Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, China (other than Hong Kong), India, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia ... None of those .... 

So maybe we aren't doing all that bad ... But we are still awfully close to the edge of the preporpus 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Operation Choke Point ...

I knew that the government was making it tough for some businesses to operate, but I thought it was only going to apply to those linked directly to crime ...

Instead they are preventing banks from loaning money to, keeping accounts of the following types of businesses:

OCP Targeted Businesses

Ammunition sales
Cable Box De-Scramblers
Coin DeLers
Credit Card Schemes
Credit Repair services
Dating services
Debt Consulodation scams
Drug Paraphelania
Escort services *
Firearm sales
Firework sales
Get Rich products*
Government Grants
Home based charities
Life-Time Guarentees
Lottery sales
Mailing Lists/Personal Info
Money Transfer Networks
Online Gambling
Payday Loans
Pharmeuetical sales
Ponzi Schemes*
Pyramid type sales
Racist materials
Sure alliance Equipment
(List continues but faded out on the news, * are just those mentioned in the report)

It seems like some of these services, etc, are actually legitimate items and you have to wonder why they are even listed ...

Dating companies? Really? 
I can see "Escort services" but not dating services ... People don't know how to meet these days outside of the Internet/social media.

And then there are the banking industry types listed as well ... 
I mean Check Cashing places? Really?  
I've never used them but I'm sure there's people in my family who have needed them in an emergency ... Or someone who doesn't have a bank account who needs their paycheck cashed ...

The story was about a firearm sales man who suddenly found his bank wasn't going to do business with him anymore ...


The right to bear arms is in the Constitution ... It's one of the ORIGINAL rights ... It allows people to hunt for food and defend their property.

It is not the fault of the arms dealers or the ammo salesperson that there are IDIOTS who use these things in committing crimes!

Why not put CAR SALES on there too -- after all, they need to get away somehow!

Or CLOTHING SALES ... They have to wear clothes, you know ...

This is why we should NOT allow government to try to prevent these types of issues ...

They will OVERSTEP their boundaries ...

Aren't you glad they are in charge of health care now???

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Guess I Can Drink In Two Nations Now

As you may know I am third generation American ... My great-grandfather came over from Poland.

My father spoke some Polish while we were growing up, but not a lot by the time I came along ... But he spoke enough to help repatriot Polish people who survived WW2 ....

He used to visit the old family farm in Thorpe WI as a child and spoke Polish then since his grand-family spoke little or broken English ....

Anyways ... I have two older brothers who speak excellent Polish.

I know one took lessons in the Polish section of our town ... Well, his town ... To learn.  Not sure where my other brother learned his - I always assumed that he simply learned it growing up.

I speak very little Polish and I'm sure that even has a strong American accent to it ... I can say hello ... Thank you ... Please ... Fine/good ... Butt (only I've learned it's the bad word for it) ... And then there's food names.

But that's about it ...

I downloaded a couple of apps to learn ... And they were free apps.

One was WordPower .... Everyday I get a random word with verbalization and some spoken sentences using the word.  

The other is the google translator with a mic so it can hear what I'm saying and translate it ...

Normally I do pretty good ... 

Not today 

Today's word was "55" ... That's it ... Just a number ...

Simple right?

Well - no

If I wanted to order 55 pierogi (they are soooo good) the waiter would likely bring me either 5 10 15 .... Or ... 5 10 .... Or ... 515 - I mean they're good but I don't think I could eat that many!

Or he would look at me funny because I might have said

"Life is spinning" or "life is a lot of it" or "full of it"

Insert sigh here ...

I can do this .... Really I can.

Oh and I put in 55 and had the translator say it in Polish ....

I thought that was what I said. .... 

Maybe I need to use my "Polish" accent ... I usually use it when I read to kids books about the Old Country ... Like Matrushkas cookies or Strega Nona or the like ... 

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Numerology Class



7-9 December 2014
Registered voters
MOE +/- 3%

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Time Marches On


- improving disposition/Be more understanding/control Temper
- improve character/Live a better life
- Stop smoking/Smoke less

§ Lose weight
§ Get organized
§ Spend less/Save more


Interesting ... First, that first grouping in 1947 .... Not as related as they think.

I have a real issue with skinny girls talking about losing weight!

It is not a weight that is the motivation ... It's MONEY!

Many companies have announced that they will charge MORE for health insurance for overweight people - or not hire them at ALL!

Getting organized can also be money related ... I'm betting a lot of people didn't say that just because they have lost a report at work or were wasting time getting ready in the morning ... More than likely it has to do with having way too many pens/pencils ... Having the same DVD twice ... 

Basically I'm saying ...

1947 = self change

2014 = monetary changes 

Yup -- we've come such a long way

<<<SARCASM sign here>>>

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Things That Make You Go HMMMMM ....

Here is the ranking of cable companies LEAST liked in the USA:

Charter Communications
United Airlines
CDX Communications


Actually - WE have Comcast ... My problem is the prices.  Every year they raise the price but nothing seems to change,  otherwise, I don't have much issue with them

I did not know that United Airlnes had their own cable company though .... Interesting.

Time-Warner I totally understand ...

My dad had them, he said they were awful ... Customer service was a joke, they nicked &.dimmed you to death, and their service was pretty sporadic ....

NOW .... They are talking about TW & Comcast MERGING into one company ....

I'm plenty worried ...

Comcast is good the way it is ...  There's always room for improvement, but it's not bad.
TW is horrid -- haven't heard a single bit of good news about them ....

Let's hope the new company is like Comcast/Xfinity 

Let's hope ....

Fingers crossed 

Numerology Class

Now. 1984
37%___56%_____Very Important
20%____6%______Not An Obligation

77%_____90%___________Very Important
_6%______1%___________Not An Obligation

72%_____83%______Very Important
10%______3%______Not An Obligation

75%_____79%_____Very Mportant
_9%______5%_____Not An Obligation

=-=+=-= =-=+=-= =-=+=-= =-=+=-= =-=+=-= =-=+=-= 

There was also a mention of Jury Duty, but no numbers were given ....

These numbers actually make sense if you look though Liberal colored glasses .... or Classes ....

There is definitely an inherent "laziness" being taught to most city kids .... And the majority of us are now being raised in bigger cities.

Fewer people own the homes where they live - and there is a sense of obligation which comes with that.

Fewer people have all their money/income coming from an actual job .... So there really aren't that many who care if taxes go up, because they don't pay them anyhow ....

I don't know ....

This is the first generation where the kids will actually do WORSE than their parents ....

Very sad ....

By the way, there was more happening in '84 than there is now

Monday, December 15, 2014

Economic Education

Barrel of Crude Oil

It's been about 5 years since its been this low!

And the pump prices are proving it ...

13 states are at or under $2/gallon for regular gas

§  Alabama
§  Arizona
§ Colorado 
§  Indiana 
§  Missouri 
§  Nebraska 
§ Ohio 
§  Oklahoma 
§  Texas 
 To name a few ...  And they are all across the Use too - not just the south, not just the Midwest ... Kinda interesting ...

When we lived at the old house we had Waste Management as our trash collector ... I remember when the gas prices first approached $2/gallon - they decided to add a "temporary" fuel charge ...

It was never taken off ... It was just worked into their regular fee over time ... 

You will find that with ANY business that is/was charging you a "fuel fee" because of rising fuel costs ...

Watch - the fee will go away, but the cost for the service will go up

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