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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

While talking of Sen. Harry Ried on "OutNumbred" today ... Kennedy said:

He's sort of like the Nancy Pelosi of the left ..."

Hmmmm .....

Pelosi IS left ...


Economic Education

So in the aftermath of National Beat the Clock Day {remember all tax forms, including extension papers, had to be postmarked BEFORE midnight last night} we have this bit hitting the 6pm CT news:

I don't think the WSJ or any conservative news have had any problem with what we've done on the Pro-Growth side of this debate.  I think it all comes down to the Child-Tax Credit - and I would say two things about that:
If we illuminated this additional Child Tax Credit the most you would get maybe - MAYBE - 2% reduction of tax in the top break.
Our argument is, and it's the one that Sen. lee makes, and it's that this is NOT redistribution because this money does not belong to the government in the first place.  I'm a huge proponent of everything that President Reagan did, and I think he was a historic figure and quite frankly, my favorite President of the 20th century.  I think we also need to recognize that the 21st century has some pretty significant differences from the which the era which he governered.  Tax rates are different, globalization is real, and we need to stay globally competitive"
Sen. Marco Rubio
Presidential Cadidate, Republican side

Here's his tax plan:

@ Cut top tax rate for corporations from 38% to 25%
@  Eliminate taxes on Cpatital Gains, Divvidends, and Inheritanred Estates.
@ Reduce tax brackets from seven to Two. 35% and 15% for inddividuals and families.
@ new tax credit up to $2500 per child

"With the proposeal, senator Rubio makes himself the party's most visible ally of the "New" Republican idea that the Reagan Tax'Cutting agenda is a political dead end.   and that the party mow must redistriute revejue directly to middle'class families.  It's not clear how candidate Rubio woulf hope to win a tax'credit bidding war with Hillary Clinton., who'd see and raise on the size of the credit and make it refundable to mom'taxpayers.  the Rubio tax credit looks like an obvious political gambit with no economic growth payoff."
Wall Street Journal

First off -- when we st8ll had 4 children on our tax forms ... this would have been GREAT!!! that would have been a max of $10,000 for us!  which, at the time, we would have BOUGHT crap with instead of putting it away for college ....

please remember that at the time we had children, GSLs were still around and college was about 1/2 the price it costs now, and a Bachelor's degree still meant more than yor high school diploma.

Now, we will only get ONE year of tax help for ONE child even though we have 3 living under our roof ....

but now my oldest is looking at getting married ....
She is talking about someday having at least one baby {things have changed so much .... in my day children were like potato chips, you can't stop with just one} .... 
THEY are the ones who will have to deal with the new tax credits ...

and burdens ....

don't just listen to what is being said but what is NOT being said ....

after all ... 

all obama said was 


his change killed my father's business ... and eventually my father s the bank came for the family home he had hoped to pass on to us kids.

Under Bush 1 we went from upper-lower class to middle class, under Clitnon we stayed middle-class but i was able to stay home with the kids, under Bush2 we were able to buy our farm, under Obama we have begun to live paycheck-to-paycheck even though we are making MORE THAN twice what we did when i firsty leftthe work force.

its been 20+ yreas since I've held a job .... if I get one, we will be pushed ito a new/worse tax bracket .... but any little bit of income will help tons ....

we need to get someone in the WH who understands THIS part of life ....

Im leaning towards Walker at this point, really.  but we will see .... ive just seen how well he's helped my in-laws with they're taxes in WI even though the county has screwed them over instead.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Economic Education

It is Tax Day tomorrow in the USA

1/2 priced burgers at Sonic, btw

But here's how Shepard Smith explained where our tax money goes:

For every dollar:

Major tax services (Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security... Note 1)
Over 50%

Income Security (retirement, disability, other benefits ... Note 2)

Defense Spending
17 cents

Net interest on National Debt
7 cents

Everything else
7 cents

I question these numbers.  Major Spending is too broad of a term ... This could be from White House security to global warming satellites to paying some mistress to stay silent.  It's too jumbled of a term.

I can not believe that they are only paying 7cents/USD on the national debt -- it has to be higher than that ... Although .... That does explain how we got into the TRILLIONS of dollars of debt

NOTE 1: 
Social Security was supposed to be SEPARATE from the general tax budget.  It was supposed to be self-sustaining .... I don't know why they have grouped it into this category.  Interesting part, they will give the benefits to illegals but not to legal citizens who haven't earned enough "points" yet .... Grrrrrr

NOTE 2: 
By "retirement" do they mean social security? I thought that was covered by category 1???!!!
Perhaps they mean the retirement of FEDERAL WORKERS?  

These numbers simply do NOT make sense.

Some one explain to me please ....

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Numerology class

CA is in a long drought ...

They're figures sound off though ...

180 gallons of water/day/person 

They have low flow toilets so each flush = 2.5 gallons
They take shorter showers, let's say they = 10 gallons
People need to drink = 1 gallon a day
Let's say for cooking = 1/4 gallon (1 qt)

Still this does not add up to 150 gallons a day yet .... Not even close unless they are having stomach issues and have to use the bathroom a LOT.

Of course there are pools & hot tubs, but those only need to be filled like once a month if even that often ...

There are animals, but I don't think that would get counted under "per person" counts, although I suppose water use for pets would be.

I'm betting they are counting the water used for watering grass & trees .... Which were never native to the land in the first place, btw.

And I'm also betting they're including the water use for city FOUNTAINS which benefit NO ONE....

They like to attack the agriculture businesses out there - crops which are also NOT native to the area - but perhaps they need to look at the water used in public features first before going after the farmers & ranchers in the area.

Let's get this out there first though ...

CA like the other states which surrounds it ... Is supposed to be a DESERT!!!!!!!
At least the lower half is supposed to be.

Just like Nevada, new Mexico. and Arizona -- it is not supposed to be green and lush all the time, if at all. 

It might be like Texas, where they have both dry periods & lusher periods - but it's not supposed to be full of lawns, flowers, trees, etc.  okay, maybe nearer/closer to the oceans edge but not all the way inland.

Did we not learn anything from when they tried to plant trees that didn't belong in the Midwest in the 1800s?

ALERT: Boston Bomber Trial

The juries are in ...

The younger brother who made the pressure cooker bombs which blew up/out nearly 2 years ago at the Boston Matrathon has been fund GUILTY of ALL 30 charges brought against him

The next phase will decide what his punishment will be .... life in Prison or Death

There is ONE juror who said during the vetting stage that she did NOT believe in the death penalty but she felt that if the crime was so bad that she MIGHT be able to look over her own prejudice to hand down that verdict.

Actually it is not surprising that he was found guilty of the death penalty crimes -- they all dealt with either the bomb itself or causing the death of another human being.

Boston is very liberal, in fact Massachusetts is a very liberal state .... They were the home of the Kennedy's .... They are where the lobs go on vacation .... They are where mandatory health care got its beginnings (but that was under State law, so that was fine)

Even if he gets Death, he bomber will still have several YEARS of life as the seemingly endless amount of Appeals goes through the courts.

That's why they say it's cheaper to keep them alive then to give Death because the TAXPAYER is the one who foots the bills for those Appeals not the prisoner or their family (not sure if it's the same with a high-power, high cost attorney like he has now)

They say that during the trial the bomber showed little or no emotion - not even when photos of the aftermath was shown, not even during the footage of EMS responding to the scene ... The jury was in tears but he didn't do ANYTHING.

I'm sure we will not hear the rest of this trial will be big in the news, but I will let you know.   

Election 2016

Jeb Bush ....

His WIFE is from Mexico .... He is NOT .... this does not make him an "honorary Hispanic"

of course, if you had looked at his voter registration card from Florida you wouldn't know this ... 

when asked about it by reporters he said

" it kind of bizarre to think theres some kind of a plot here.  The simple fact is that i must have signed the form when we moved.  I am who I am.  Proud of the fact that i live in Florida, you know in Miami.  Proud of the fact that Im bilingual, but I'm certainly anglo."

First off, its not Anglo - its WHITE or caucasian ... get it right.

Its enough to raise questions to me ....

I can not believe this never came up during his run for Florida governor ....

he has 33% UNfavorable in the polls right now .... I guess thats the highest of anyone runing right now on the GOP side of things .... it might even be worse than Hillary, but I'm not sure.

Lets remember the issue made over the democratic senator/house representative who claimed to be Native American ....

What's good for the Goose, is sauce for the Gander if you ask me.

if she had to pull out because of her claim - and i do think she had some Native American blood in her, just not as much as she thought/claimed - then Bush should have to pull out too.

Remember that there is a HUGE Hispanic/Latino population in FLorida .... so I could see where this "mis-check" could have been a way to quell votes, you know?

I have one brother who favors hispanic women, one who favors Native American ladies .... that doesn't make us part hispanic or Native American ... we are 100% Polish decent (according to my mother, although Dad thought she must have had some Irish in her because she had reddish hair .... I go with Mom on this one)

I'm just saying - you cant change your genetic/ethnic make-up based on "injection" ...

If this were the case, I'd be all sorts of mixed up ... including Blackfoot Indian, although I did alwayys have dirty feet as a child ... I know, really bad joke ... sorry ... sorry.

Lets make up for it ...

Did you here about the guy who ran into the police station claiming his wife was trying to kill him?  She went shopping and brought home some Polish Remover!  

I like that one, actually :-)

Straight From The Horses Mouth

(still using the keyboard - lets hope it keeps working well)

"I am confident that that any President who gets elected will be knowledgable enough about foriegn policy, and knowledgable enough about the traditions and precidences of of presidential power, that they wont start calling the question the capacity of the executive branch of the United States and its agreements with other countries.  It would be a foolish approach to take and perhaps Mr. Walker after he 's taken some time to bone up on some foreign policy will feel the same"

hmmmm ...

1) the President - any President - is NOT infallible .... that gig is saved only for Popes, as far as I know.

2) NO President has the power to pass/sign.force any treaty without Congressional appproval .... nor his staff/appointees .... that means Kerry .... yes they can negotiate, but they can not FINALIZE it without it going before Congress and being passed.

3) Obama had NO foriegn policy background before he started running ... other than his time living in an African country - dont remember which, but I do remember that he claimed to be born there so he could get a scholoarship as a foriegn exchange student at Columbia university (whos records have mysteriously gone missing) ....

4) Obama had no issues turning his back on Bush's foriegn policies that he didn't like .... see #1, please

Governor Walker (R-WI) said that he would revoke the Iranian Nuke deal on DAY ONE of his Presidency, if he gets elected that is .... and really, it is horrid policy.  

The Scott Walker campagin respoded

"Americans would be better served by a President who spent more time working with governors and members of congress rather than attacking them.  Whether it is cutting a bad deal with Iran, calling ISIS the JV Squad, or touting Yemen as a success story, Obama's lack of leadership has hurt America's safety and standing in the world."
Scott Walker (R)
Wisconsin GOvernor


Ekectui 2016

okay - there now are 2 candidates on on the GOP side of things

Rand Paul has thrown his hat into the race ... 

yes - i am using my keyboard .... so please excuse the typos -- they will just tend to happen until i get used to it again, and i hate editing ... and Siri wont do it when im using the wireless keyboard ... Life will go on

btu things have gotten jumping on the news now ... 

everything from jumping down Paul's campaign's collective throat for misspelling the word "education" on his campaign site .... hey, maybe they were using a wireless keyboard and just didn't realize that it doesn't autocorrect ...

to talking about his flipping on military spending .... hello - do we not remember how the Cliton's used to pick where they went on vacation by polling the general pubic???

so far though, nothing too bad.

we will have to see how he actually does in the primaries though .... or if he is going to pull a Santorum and pull out just as his ball gets rolling

that really made me sad ... I want a huge Santorum fan, but he was probably the better of alll those running on the GOP ticket at the time ... even Romney -- i think they got ROmney because the Dems voted cross-party *thats not what its called, my folks did it in the 70s to get whoever it was that ran against Nixon on the ticket in 72, I cant remember what its called .... I'll think of it tonight when I start to go to sleep, I just know I will)

So the GOP now has Rand Paul and Cruz (sorry, don't remember his first name)  running ....

lets hope we don't have 20 candidates running this time like we did last time ... lets keep it to around 3 or 4 please ... 

Conservatives don't need THAT many choices .... really



I wonder if Fred Thompson will be running again?

I like Fred ....

he's funny ....  and did you hear him in the House Chambers? He can kick butt!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Economics 101

Ok - this is kind of a strange comment ion - but bare with me

Washington state & Seattle in particular has BANNED TRAVEL to the state of Indiana ....


Because Indiana had the nerve to pass a law that support a part of the US Constitution ...

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

New Mexico
North Carolina
commonwealth of rhode island
I don't know why they're picking on Indiana other than the possibility that their governor was/is rumored to be running for President on the GOP ticket ...

Well they've got to do something to distract from Hillary's email gaff

Remember that a FEDERAL version of this law was passed under BILL CLINTON's term as President

The Indiana law DEFINES what a "person" is ... It includes Partnerships & companies

Okay ... Now why I put this under Economics 101 ...

If a business ... Such as a bakery or florist does not wish to serve to gay couples getting married because of the religious beliefs of the religious beliefs of the owners ....  THE MONEY will make the difference ...

If they can afford not to do those cakes, that's fine

If people decide that they are clods and refuse to buy food or flowers from them that good too ....

 But let the market to the work!

Same thing with other businesses ... If there is a pull of money eventually the owners will either change or close their doors ...

Kinda sad for the people who will lose their jobs but that's the way economics work ...

Really, it is

The real question is:

Do we want a country where they dictate what you are allowed to THINK and FEEL?

I don't think so

Friday, March 27, 2015

Election 2016

I could have called this "Things That Make You Go HMMMM ....." but this is very Hillary specific and deals very much with her election possibilities so ... election 2016 it is.

If you are a REPORTER and doing a story on Hillary Clinton - her news/media consultants want to make sure that you aren't talking about her n a sexist manner ....

So they have BANNED the following words from any news story about her:

Represents the past
Out of touch

Okay then .... 

So in other words .... Nothing that's really about HER!

None of these words of course are linked - not even by stereotype - to females ... None.

Perhaps they are more afraid that the reports would make her sound OLD .... which she is .... or permissive as far as Bills affairs go (and possible sexual harassment while governor of Arkansas went) .... Which she IS ... Or perhaps they are even worried that the RUMORS of a scandalous affair by one of the USAs top administrators during her term will be revealed (it was mentioned in an article written in the UK while SHE was over there on a visit, I suppose it could have been Bill but the article mention that it was was an actual official ... To me, that was her)

I think we are just getting a heads up of how the press would be handled if she DID get voted in ...

I mean do we want a gagged press like they have in the communist countries? Or NO wide spread press like in many of the third world countries, or NONE at all like in many African countries????

I mean, sure we would probably think the world was a better place until reality came knocking at our door ... But still ...

I may not like much of what's out there, but I'd rather know than not know ... You know?

Right now we have a President who doesn't know anything until it hits the news ...

Do we really want a President who's going to be WRITING the news???

Nope sorry ....

That's going way too far Ms. Rodham-Clinton  .... 

Please never forget ...

She's a HYPHENATED person

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

PHoly Cats! 

The Fat/Food/Obesiety Police are going way too far ...

In New York City - you know the same place that restricts how big a soda you can buy but not how many - they are going to limit children in daycare to just 4 oz. of juice a day! ONE HALF cup of juice ... And NO sugary juices for kids under the age of 2 yrs old AT ALL!!!

All juice is "sugary" .... That's why it's sticky when it dries.  It doesn't matter if you add sugar to it or not, it is NATURALLY sweet.

Holy crap!  When I worked at Children's World (formally The Learning Tree) we let the kids have as much juice as they wanted, especially if they had a fever, but limited the amount of formula .... When they turned 18months and moved into the toddler room, THEN we limited when they could have juice (meals & snacks only) but let them drink as much as they wanted .... When they turned 3 or 4 yrs old (depending on how we had the rooms arranged) we then limited them to two half cups of juice a meal/snack time .... But that was it!  Breakfast & lunch always had milk offered, breakfast/snack always had juice.  

I could not imagine not letting children have juice 

But wait, it gets "better"

Kids are only going to be allowed to SIT for a HALF AN HOUR!!!

Not 1/2 hr at a time, for the WHOLE DAY!!!!


$150,000 of FEDERAL taxpayer money is going to TEST a "mindful eating intervention" on THIRD graders in CA!!!!!!!

This basically will use Zen teaching to slow down and appreciate the food before them ....

I say let's put them all on the Ethiopean Diet .... Rice & water three times a day ....


This is ridiculous!!!

Kids bodies will fluctuate as they need to.

Just because kids are overweight does not mean that they will grow to be overweight adults .... Boys especially boys.

The best thing we can do is to get the ACADEMICS out of how we feed kids ...

Get ready to have Breeding Boards next ... You can bet that pretty soon they will start picking who will breed with whom in order to make beautiful, healthy kids ....


Anybody else getting hints of Star Trek's Khan?????L?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Things Yhat Make You Go HMMMM ......


Okay so you all may remember the piece on the EPA wanting to make grilling healthier for the globe (huh)

Well they are at it AGAIN ...

This time it's your SHOWERING habits!

They think you are taking too long and wasting too much water.

Along the coastlines I can see an issue -- there they have showers for both before & after you get out of the water ... But at hotels???

I'm thinking it's not an issue.

Here's what they want to do:

Monitor the amount of time you have water running in your shower, your sink, and how often you flush your potty ...

Then they want to CHARGE your credit card based on how much you use

So if you stay at a hotel in CA or AZ or even OR, where they aren't having any drought issues right now - you may suddenly find a second charge on your credit card APART from your hotel charge .... and NOT by your hotel but from the STATE/COUNTY/CITY where you stayed!

Wow ... I'm betting there are going to be all sorts of charges & taxes hooked onto that charge too!

So not to be out done ...

The Michelle Obama program that made those.... AWFUL school lunches .... The ones that kids just HATE more than their mothers tuna noodle Hotdish ... Has a hidden clause which is about to hit DAYCARES across the USA ...

Weighing & Measuring Toddlers!!!!!!

Yes - the same government that is supposed to be concerned about eating disorders is about to do their best to ADD TO IT!!

They are currently expecting only 3000 kids to be measured but you know damn well that's waaaaaaaaayyyy under-estimated!

I worked in the daycare system ... Not in-home daycare, a Center system ....

Trust me -- kids will eat what they will eat.

I was told my son & daughter were both over-weight by daycare workers in their rooms and the Public Health Nurse ... My doctor said they were fine ....

By the time my son was two he was the tallest kid in his classroom ... He stayed that way all the way until high school.  My daughter was tallish too but when she hit puberty - BOOM - that girl popped!

Front and back ... All natural, no surgery, no additives .... Wow - Kim Kardashian wishes she could look like my daughter.

Trust me -- both kids are doing great.

Son is 6'3" tall and 165#
Daughter is 5'6" tall and has a hard time staying anode 100# (in fact she was ordered by the doctor to get to 130# or she wasn't going to be ALLOWED to do PT)

Back Off Government!

Kids bodies change a LOT between ages 0 - 18 yrs old.

They're bodies are little storage systems ... It will pack away what they will need later on ... Don't worry about it.

If there are kids who are grossly over-weight though ... Like off the charts - their DOCTORS should keep an eye on them not the GOVERNMENT 

This is NOT the Soviet Union!

Speaking of body types ...

Wonder Woman

It's being remade for the big screen

Gal Gadot is set to play the Amazonean Princess soon ... But people say she is too SKINNY and her breasts are TOO SMALL

Hmmmm ....

Well ... When you think about it, she probably is too thin - after all WW came from an island without men .... She was a warrior, so you know she ate ... She wasn't a body builder but I'm betting she was very much athletic so there would be some meat on those bones.

The cartoon was big busted because .... Well ... That's just how they drew girls at the time ... To attract the eyes of horny teenaged boys and older married men with prissy wives ... That's why Marylin Monroe, Jane Russell, and Jane Mansfield were so popular too.

In the 1970s/80s they had Crosby play WW ... She was skinny, fairly boo bless too ... And BLONDE!!  Yes she was blonde, and pretty ditsy too ... Just did not fit the role if you ask me.

Then Lynda Carter came along -- Miss America - she was PERFECT.  In fact they had to take IN the waist on her costume to make it fit .... She is a living Barbie doll, I swear!

She's all natural ... Well she was at the time ... And they had such a tough time finding body doubles for her that she wound up having to do many of her own stunts! 

She is the image everyone thinks of when they think Wonder Woman ... at least from my generation

So now they've got this new chick ... 

She's been described as a lollipop -- giant head on a stick ...

I guess we will have to see how well she acts ...

After all - it took something like three different Hulks to finally get one that matched up to Lou Ferrignos portrayal from the 80s ... 

They restarted SpiderMan a couple times ....

It took the longest time for them to find a decent Thor ... All the previous ones they've had on tv had little toothpick legs ... But still ... an ENGLISH accent for a Norse god??? Really?

Sometimes they click right off the bat (Iron Man, Captian America) and some times they don't .

 Time will have to tell 

Hopefully the script will be good ...

And they have a DECENT Steve Trevor

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