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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

So Obama is up in Alaska ... Where he officially named Mt. McKinley Mt. Denali - the name the Alaskans chose for the peak a long time ago, but that's a whole different story - and to jump on the Global Warming/ Climate Change bandwagon yet again ... 

"I've come here today as the leader of the worlds largest economy and its second largest imitter, to say the United States recognizes our role in creating this problem, and we embrace our responsibility to to help solve it.  And I believe we can solve it!"

According to the news, scientists say that the artic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the nations, sea ice is arriving later in the Fall and melting sooner in the Summer.  This year Alaska has lost 5 million acres to wildfires, that's about as big as Massettuchettes ...

Things he does NOT say ...

No increase in surface temps in about 15-20 years, since winters are colder they even out pretty much

Less sea ice means Alaska can both send and receive goods more readily -- remember the majority of their goods are still shipped in instead of trucked or trained in

The US has only TWO ice breaker vessels to keep these lanes open ... But if your worried about not enough sea ice that should be okay ... Smaller bits of ice melt faster.

Russia, on the other hand, has FORTY-ONE ice breakers working the artic sea!  

Wait --  I thought Obama said WE were the ones causing issues up there?

No - I think Russia is!

Well Obama not wanting to look weaker than he already does ... and he REALLY does look like the before for one of those Charles Atlas comic book ads, politically speaking ... Has vowed to make & send ONE MORE by 2020!  

Yes, they just have to wait FIVE more YEARS!

"In the Artic ice breakers are seen as Highways of the Artic - and right now Russia has a Super Highway, and we have Dirt Roads with Potholes.  The Russians have 40 ice breakers!"
Dan Sullivan (R)
Alaskan Senator

)-( === )-(. === )-(. === )-(. === )-(. === )-(. 

So why is Obama flexing his political muscles in Alaska?

Because he is finally paying attention to them and their doings up there!

Why is Russia breaking up so much ice?

Why is Russia planting their flag on the SEA BED UNDER the North Pole?

Why is Putin doing MILITARY maneuvers in the North Sea??

These "excessive a" were made up of 

40,000 troops
dozens of Warships

Scientists figure a whole 40% of Earths oil & natural gas supplies are under the artic ... That's a LOT for one spot!  That's more than in the Middle East

"We do not seek to make Russia an enemy, but make no mistake - while Vladimir Putin may be intent on turning back the clock in Russia, he cannot turn the clock back in Europe."
Ashton Carter
US Defense Secetary

And since Obama basically ignored Russia when it was doing its flyovers last year they have now re-established Soviet era MILITARY bases in the Artic!  It is even building Search&Rescue stations along its side of the Artic shores 

I don't know how Obama could have missed Putin's intention since after they invaded/liberated Chimia in the Ukraine they PULLED OUT of the ARTIC COUNCIL! The Council is made of the 8 nations who all have a bit of the Artic circle within their borders, no matter how small.

Hmmm, I wonder what he was thinking, that Putin?

Did I mention that our response is ... To PULL THREE THOUSAND TROOPS from Alaska because of Budget Cuts ...

Way to go Obama & Congress!  Let's put the credit where it belongs .... Congress for not passing a budget and the President for not saving the military's portion of it ... Who-hoo!

But don't worry ... Alaska still has some of the LOOSEST (is that a word?) gun laws in the nation so they should be able to hold their own for a while ...

Hopefully, Obama won't have a golf game scheduled that day so he can think about sending troops, while Kerry compares it to Vietnam - don't worry though, I'm sure he will be for it before he's against it .... JOKE ...

Oh man ...

Whoever thought putting someone in as Secetary of State someone who threw a Medal of Honor back over the White House fence -- don't worry, it came out during the 2004 election that it really wasn't HIS medal as he had claimed for decades but that of an acquaintance -- oh wait ... Obama did!

But then ....

He thought Hillary Clinton would make a good one too ....

We are so SCREWED!!!!

Ups & Downs


The day has just started .... only been opened for about an hour and a half and it's getting UGLY!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ups & Downs

aka Economic Education ... Since there really isn't any "education" going on I changed it

Look - we are RED again!  After jumping up at noonish eastern time, we have dropped (even slightly) into the red catsup of the financial world yet again.

If there are updates -- getting ready to pop out this afternoon so it's iffy - I'll post them at the top of this post ... aka "the norm" 

Economic Education

Yesterday was a "better" day on Wall Street  ... Well, at least we ended in the Green
But it started to dive at the end of the day again for some mysterious reason

Oh cool ... I didn't notice that there are ET given on the screen shots'

No more having to guess

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Economic Education

Now I thought for sure I had put a post up here bout an hour ago ... But I guess it's lost in the Ethernet!

Any how ... Much better news today on Wall Street/Chicago 

This is what it was supposed to do at the beginning of the day yesterday - if it had we would be back to where we were last Thirsday 

I hate to sound like Chicken Little -- but bawk bawk!  Watch your heads people, the Financial sky could be falling again very soon.

Economic Education

Well it's better but not pretty ...

Stocks are up from yesterday ... "In the Green" as they say it still no where near where it was before the crash at the beginning of the year.

I think the reason we haven't heard Dooms Day talk on the news -– and thus panicking people -- is that, well, Republicans tend not to fuss too much when it comes to the Stock Market.

The news media, although they reported on the fall, did not jump on this like they did when it happened during the last Presidential primaries ... Remember that the whole Housing Crisis actually lasted nearly 24 months before it reached its highest point.

I guess yesterday's dip around 3pm ET was started by RUMORS about Chinese troops being moved ... but I could not get any info on where they were supposed to moved to/from or why ... I think we can assume it was a false news story ....

I guess it's also normal that "sell orders" to be held off until the END of the day -- I'm not really sure if that means that everyday folk need to wait to dump bad stock, or that it's every bodies sold stock, or if they just don't enter that info into the stock market until then ...

If it's the first -- that's so wrong.  Small spenders can't afford to wait when dumping a bad stock

If it's the last, that's even worse because it gives us a false sense of security ... This would mean that (a) people are buying on false reporting and (b) we may be in much worse financial state that we know of.

I'm leaning towards buying precious goods ...

And food ...

Lots and lots of food ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Economic Education

UPDATE After Closing

Yes, I know, I'm very late.  Hubby came home early & I found near 100 eggs in hen house, then there was other farm work to do too ...

Anyhow -- here's the last screen shot of the market for the day ... At 3:30pm ET it was around +230 or so ... Then suddenly at about 15 minutes to close it started to drop and FAST ... In 15 minutes 300 puts were lost!

Scary as heck, I'm telling you

UPDATE 2:00pm ET
Seems to be leveling off again.
They keep saying it's just a "regular correction" -- I think a normal correction is like maybe 100 puts NOT 1000!

UPDATE. 1:30pm
Wow - that's falling again - still up from yesterday, but it is going down again

UPDATE 1:00pm 
Still going downward, although not as bad as yesterday

UPDATE 12noon ET

UPDATE 11:30am ET
Time for the lunch crowds to start bargain hunting, or crap dumping ....

UPDATE 11:00am ET

Economic Education

Okay - so just prove me wrong, NYSE!  Buzzards!

Although .... They were predicting that it was going to jump 600 puts right away 
While the FUTURES market might be up, -- the regular everyday market has opened at less than HALF that amount ... It's at like 250 or so right now at 10:30ish ET

Here are some screen shots I took this morning ....
Opening Bell
A bit later, like 30 seconds, maybe
Next update
30 seconds later
So what's the impact on stocks overnight? 
The difference 24-hrs makes .... and a bit of "playing loose" with the goal posts
What has this done to your every day life"
The 10:30 dance

Well -- like yesterday, I will update periodically as I think it's needed.

I will likely start a separate UPDATE post and put them as they happen at the top of that one

Good Luck!

Economic c Education

This is the way the stock market (USA) ended yesterday:

Today all that red has been made green because it's the start of a new day:
Let the Games BEGIN!!,,

Ah crud .... Guess I don't get any info for another 1/2 hr

Economic Education

Get ready for another tipsy-turbo day on Wall Streèt!

Just saw on Twitter that the Chinese stock market closed this morning after LOSING nearly 8% again!

It's going to be tough in a few years ... Well about 15-20 years if we're lucky .... Because everything will be way too expensive to buy.

We're fairly lucky -- we have farmland so we can grow quite a bit of our food, I can so I can put food aside ... But others who do not have this in their background -- like my oldest who never really took an interest in this sort of thing -- will have a much tougher time when food gets to near unbuyable amounts.

I suspect that before the end of the year we will be seeing more stories of people moving into extended home arrangements ... That is younger & older generations living together, but hardly all Little House or The Waltons style!

Let's hope this straightens out quickly

Keep you eyes on the site 

I will begin 1/2 hour updates around 9am ÈT/8 CT ... 

Unless I finally get some sleep

Monday, August 24, 2015

Economic Education

UPDATE 12noon ET
The market is continuing to climb up, albeit slow & unsteady

Even more amazing is that Apple inc stock is back in the GREEN!  This amazes me since it was the biggest loser to start the day 

UPDATE. 11:30ish ET

This makes sense ... Lunchtime means more people getting to their smart phones & electronic traders --  numbers appear to be moving onwards 


UPDATE 11:00am NYT

Switched devices and the charts look a little different, but you'll get the picture
Close up on Ticker:

So, what's the difference?
You see more tick markers on the iPad version as opposed to the iPhone version

Update. 10:30AM ET

The Dow is getting its butt kicked .... again .... but way MAJORLY today.

It opened DOWN by 1.100 shares!

All stocks are down and in the red ... They keep calling it a "correction" but I'm thinking it's the start of the next Depression era ...

It opened at 15, 820 then dropped in 2 minutes to 15,406 .... Remember that FRIDAY it closed at 16,468 .... So far at 10am ET the highest it got up to was 15, 924 at 9:45 am (NY time) ...
Anyway you look at it, we're gonna be in trouble -- especially if you are in the middle class who has your retirement fund in an IRA or 401K tied into the stock market!

Check the NYSE tracker here on my page (I think o still have it up) .... If you can, today on lunch consider buying some fairly large stock names which have dropped quite a bit but are likely to jump back up eventually .... And - I know hubby is considering this -- buy precious metals!

Gold, silver, copper ... All good metals to have.  But I suggest getting a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands purchase as opposed to some piece of paper that says you (might) own such-and-such amount.   

Right now the main pull down is from China ... Their economy is on a downturn and they are taking everything else too.

Right now - it is being saved by people buying stocks hoping just to boost things up.

I have not seen a single stock in the green yet, but there has to be at least one some place'

I'm as guilty as anyone else -- I've let the credit card bill get way too high ... Not huge, but around a tenth of our yearly adjusted income .... That's quite a bit .... I'd prefer to have it paid off each month and now with DS#2 starting college, DD#2 getting braces, and DS#1 looking at getting married it's getting a bit tight for a middle-class family!  Then there is DD#1 who is insisting on standing on her own two feet .... at least as long as I'm not there to hear her ask Dad or siblings for $ to fill the gas tank.

Normally I spend maybe $300 at most on non-necessities (aka Crafting Supplies) but last month I took a HUGE bite. About 2 months worth of products since my new favorite spot had a major sale - like 90% off - and hubby hadn't fixed the .... Well, let's just blame hubby .... :-D

Will keep an eye on things and up date at the top as needed.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Can't Believe My Eyes!

No really I can't believe my eyes ...

Here are a couple shots from MNDoT cameras tonight  the resolution is so bad I can't tell if ...

A) is this man really large or is it two people next to each other?

B) are there 3, 4, or 5 cars on the shoulder? (Yup, same accident)

C) is that car facing the WRONG WAY? (Along side of far overpass/bridge) 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nuclear Deal

So the Iranian nuclear deal -- that thing that Obama was hoping would give him yet another Prace Prize -- has taken a new turn ...

Along the lines of letting kids grade their own papers (and hoping they do it honestly) Iran will be ale to CHECK THEMSELVES to be sure they are following all the rules!

Hmmmmmm .....

So, I guess we would let Saddam Hussien check his own Weapons cache to make sure there were no chemical weapons there ... or at least allow his own people into the northern Kurdish settlements to make sure no one was hurt.

Or we'd let Hotler make sure on his own that everyone's Rights were being taken care of ....

Or have ISIS tell us if they are doing anything wrong?

How about letting Putin decide if he is overstepping in the Ukraine? 

How can Obama & Kerry not see the issue here?

The worse part is .... And this is pretty bad no matter what angle you look at it from, no matter who's perspective .... Is that the free-hand "check yourself" deal is coming from .... THE UN!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - the body of nations who is supposed to be looking for World Peace (remember that it was created so we would never again have another World War situation) is going to let them decide whether they meet the standards laid out by the UN itself.

Wish I could have done this in college ... I would have been a straight A+ student!

We're screwed .... Israel has got to be shaking/quaking in its sandals -- I sure as hell would be!

USGS Earthquake Monitor

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