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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Cdc has upped the number of cases to 141 and has added one state to the list


Actually this is NOT a big outbreak ,,, 

The 20 new cases have been listening need to Disney world and an ILYA daycare center

The majority of those getting hit are those who have NOT been immunintized ....

Adults ... GET a BOOSTER shot ... They don't hurt that much and recent research shows that shots when we were kids may not have been very effective anyhow .... 

If you kid is over 4 yrs old -- there is no reason not to have them get their shots.  The possible side effects that so many people worry about ( such as autism) will not occur at this age.  Although - I will tell you that as a former daycare teacher of birth-5 year olds I will attest to two things:

It does NOT cause autism ... It may cause fever, pain, discomfort for a couple days, maybe even diarrhea but not autism ...


Election 2016

Yes it's time to start this topic already ... With all the STUPID a things going on, that's which is being said, that which is being done ...

Yeah ... Let's jump in shall we?



Renamed such after she left her White House position as Sec of State .... Has been found to be taking money from FORIEGN groups

So what are SOME of them?

Australian agency for International development
Government of Norway
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Commonwealth of Australia
Government of the Netherlands
State of Kuwait
Germany -- GIZA
State of Qatar
Government of Brunei
Sultanate of Oman
United Arab Emirates

Interesting that many of these are actually by the GOVERMENTS of other lands ...

The Clinton Foundation says
"The Clinton Foundation is a philanthropy, period.
.... Strong donor integrity and transparency practices.  The bottom line, these contributions are helping improve the lives of millions of people across the world for which we are grateful"

The issue is not so much that the foundation is getting the contributions ... It's the fact that she is concidering running for PRESIDENTS that is the issue.

While there might be jokes of yeah there's millions of prostitutes in the world ... Or ... Boy, it's a good thing they left the WH broke! 

The problem is ...

America likes to be seen as INDEPENDANT from the influence of other nations ...

And you know that embassador said are rarely picked because of their actual qualifications .... See recent post on obamas latest embassador ...

Money would , could, effect how someone approaches a country when trouble breaks out ....

Did you think it was just happenstance that we took so long to cross the Syrian Border?

The majority of the hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi nationals ... Yet we didn't go after Saudi Arabia ... Why? We get oil from them .... Money

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Economic Education

... of sorts

A federal judge has ruled a halt to obamas impending immigration action (aka Amnesty) so that states can sue to permanently stop it ...

Is your state in this list?


They also show shading in Baja, CA & Bahamas or maybe it's Puerto Rico ... It's vertical to the east of Florida but above Cuba .... So I'm guessing it's either.

I'm finding it quite interesting that while CA is saying that if the ILlegals aren't allowed to stay then things won't get picked - but the MAJORITY of these states have crops which HISTORICALLY have been picked by migrant workers .... Simply meaning you would think they would be behind any legislature leaning towards keeping their low paid workers around ...

But they aren't 

The order was set to go into effect TOMORROW (February 18th) ....

So what will happen?

Will the President defy the court order and force it through?
Will states drop their suits?


Here's my feelings ...

ILlegal is not just "Mexican" 

ILlegal is not just "Christian"

ILlegal is not just people looking for jobs ...

Many of the 9/11 hijackers were illegal

Some 5 million people in NY state alone are illegal -- and from several different countries too...

We have illegals from every continent in the USA right now ... Okay, maybe not from Antarctica ...

The immigration act does not address any of these things ... Nor does it even touch the sleepers from Al Qaida & ISIS .... And you know there are some of those ...

And for those who say that the GOP/Republicans have an issue with "immigrants".  .... Get the term correct ... They have an issue with "ILLEGALS" not immigrants ...

And for those who wish to make it ILLEGAL to use the term "ILLEGAL ALIEN" ....

SHUT UP!!!!!!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Numerology class

Job numbers

January: 257,000
December : 329,000
November: 423,000

3-month job growth average: 336,000
Highest 3-month average in 17 years

What they are NOT saying ...

Most of these jobs were PT (less than 35 hours/week
Most were temporary/seasonal jobs
Most were MINIMUM wage

Also unemployment number jumped in January .... Even more so when you count in those working several PT jobs to meet bills or have dropped out of the work force altogether.

Friday, February 06, 2015


I haven't written about this until now because while looking at a map of where the current 100+ cases of measles have broken out, I have noticed a pattern ... One stretching from coast to coast!

We call it The Tour 

It's the most direct route from our state to the coast while hitting as many site seeing places as possible ... Well in this case I'm guessing that it started on the west coast and traveled east - since the newest cases are being reported in IL ....

The path would go:

-- here it would take anyone exposed less than one day to cross over Oklahoma to TX

Patient 0 would continue on:
MI (it only takes a couple hours across the top of Wisconsin, so that would explain why no cases there, yet)
-- in MI it's less than a day to the bottom of the state to the top of IL

Patient 0 continues:

-- I don't recall how long it takes to get from MI, through Indiana, to PA ... I'm doubting its less than an 8 hour trip ... Which means there will soon be more cases reported ...

Unless they stopped off in Amish country - since they shun "English" doctors we may never know if there is an outbreak unless a child is infected to the point of needing hospital care.

I know they are saying it started at Disney World in CA but the map does not show it that way ...

And remember that this trip can be done in only a few days time -- perhaps in less than a week -- well before a child might show such signs as the thick rash ...

Or perhaps the parents thought the rash was simply Roseola -- a normal break out amongst children which also shows as a rash on the trunk of the body but with only a slight temperature.

My oldest son had it as a child - we thought we had caught Chicken Pox early enough not to cause a huge break-out at the daycare but the doctor declared it as Roseola.

Or perhaps Patient 0 is like my brother who simply didn't break out with anything when he was younger.


Thursday, February 05, 2015

FOLLOW-UP: 9 year Old Brides

Here's a follow up listing some of the other crap found in the ISIS Girl Guide:

- girls can marry at age 9

- Girls must stay behind closed doors, going out only for EXCEPTIONAL reasons

- living hidden & veiled, living in SERVICE of men, who they should call MASTER

- beauty shops are works of the devil

- women should not be corrupted by a job - exception is for a job where there are no men to work that job

- all education for girls should stop by age 15

The weird part?

It is being enforced by an all WOMEN GROUP within ISIS which is being lead by a BRITSH woman, aged 20!

Wow ...

So she grew up with freedoms ...

And now she's taking it away from other girls ...


What a piece of work!

I feel for her family ...

Things That Make You Go HMMMMM ....

Interesting news day ...

First I tuned into The Talk on CBS - I don't watch it very much because, well, CBS is super duper liberal ... Like Berkeley, CA liberal - and I heard something about someone named Bruce going through a transition ...

Dame Edna was on there and had mentioned something about thinking of going through one too (jokingly) and then Mrs Ozzy Ozborne (sorry,  don't know her name) mentioned that if Ozzy had been wearing her clothes she would know ...

Okay -- so some middle aged guy named Bruce was thinking of doing a sex change ...


Yup - so the Olympic heart throb of the 70s (he didn't do anything for me, too skinny) has decided that he wants to switch teams now ... 

Hmmmmm ...

His wife, kris, filed for divorce last year but I guess it's not final until end of March of this year.

On The View they were talking about - and Whoopi was EXCUSING - the story told by news anchor Brian Williams about having his helicopter shot out of the sky.

It never happened - not that way - and his story changed fairly quickly after he started telling it after it first happened ...

It went from it was a copter ahead of us to it was two copters in our group of four to we went down and our pilot was hurt ...

He basically said "oops, I guess I just remembered it wrong" ...

Wait a second ....

I would think you'd REMEMBER very clearly if your copter was actually SHOT OUT OF THE SKY!!!

You'd remember CLEARLY if your pilot was BLEEDING and needed medical attention!

Whoopi - practice these words ..

It's just two ... 


I don't know if he was hoping for better sales on a book or maybe more people to watch his show ... Maybe he had some benefit coming up ... 


He L. I. E. D

Bad bad thing for a news person to do ...


ISIS ... Yup that group ... Has put out a book telling GIRLS how to live in their territory

One of the biggest bits they talked about on the news ....

It's ok to marry ... At age 9!!!!!!

Yup - -

No need to go beyond 3rd grade I guess ....


There are states in the USA where you can get married at age 14 but only with PARENTAL PERMISSION .... But even they are going - WTF????

At age 9, girls should be worrying about grades ... Practicing new hair styles ... Sleep overs ... Maybe even still playing with dolls ...

Not worrying about some old sweaty man trying to crawl all over them!


Girls should not be having babies at age 10 -- they haven't even grown up themselves yet!

Don't believe me?

Check out Piaget & Erickson's levels/mile-stones of development ...

There are specific things we must learn in order to become functional beings .... BASIC stuff ... Things that are fairly UNIVERSAL without regard of nationality or religion.

A 9 year old is NO WHERE near the point of ready for marriage,


Reports are saying that Putin, Russian President, may have ASBURGERS SYNDROME ...

They also say he has AUTISM ...

Also that he is PARANOID

They of course are basing this all on VIDEO instead of a BRAIN SCAN -- oh that scan? It's the ONLY way to get an accurate diagnosis ...

They say he's stubborn ... Well, yeah ... He's gonna be that way, you would be too

They say he's paranoid ... Because everyone is out to get him!

They say his right side reacts slowly to the signals being sent by his brain ... ? Without a brain scan how can they know this for sure?  They THINK he had a Stroke either BEFORE HE WAS BORN or as a young child.   


Okay .... "they" are from the Pentagon ...

Symptoms of Asbergers;
- poor communication skills
- obsessive/Repetitive routines
- physical clumsiness

Oh crap .... I got 2 out of 3 .... 


I think most of us have these issues too!

The study was from 2008 ....

Naw -- I doubt he's got either Asbergers or Autism ...

There might be a reason this report wasn't released sooner .... It's FAULTY


Monday, February 02, 2015

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

Just heard a news story about a Court in ALABAMA which had to be closed & vacated while animal control & pest control was called out ...

The problem?


Not sure I spelled that correctly though, so I'll translate to English ...

The Bat!

Actually that's an nderstatement ...

I guess it was a ... Flock? ... Nest? ... Not a herd, I'm pretty sure ... Definitely not a Murder, that's Crows ... Of Bats!

Like 40 - 50 of them, flying around.

I think this is interesting ...

We try to keep bats around up here in MN -- they eat mosquitoes & other flying/biting night bugs ...

We make little houses for them and put them on the sides of our trees and garages so they will be close by so we can enjoy the outdoors during the summer ...

They only seem to move in when the weather is going to get colder ...

They do have fleas & ticks ...

They stink really bad ...

And they will make your big brothers scream like little girls when one gets into your house ... I have a few memories of these little buggers from my childhood, and a couple of stories shared by my mother about my brothers ... We were very lucky no one ever got bit.

Actually bats try to avoid people -- even the Vampire bat, which does feed on blood, tends to attack cattle & other slower moving beasts instead of people ... Nope - no Count Draculas ... Sorry.


Now, knowing that -- in general -- bats only eat bugs & things that tend to annoy people, it makes you wonder what would be in the court house they'd be after ...

After all, usually rodents are pretty territorial ... Bats are basically rodents, lawyers are basically rodents ... LOL -- JOKE JOKE!

That would only leave  the perps ...

Ahhhhhhhhh ...

 I think I found the INSECTS!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Economics 101

Eco inch Freedom
1) Hong Kong
2) Singapore
3) New Zealand
4) Australia
5) Switzerland
6) Canada
7) chile
8) Estonia
9) Ireland
10) Mauritius
11) Denmark
12) USA

We have dropped 6 spots since 2009

BUT ... Other than Australia/NZ & Hong Kong .... Which is actually a part of China ... There really aren't any MAJOR world powers here ...

And ... Where the heck is Maritius? Is it a real nation? Huh.

Don't see Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, China (other than Hong Kong), India, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia ... None of those .... 

So maybe we aren't doing all that bad ... But we are still awfully close to the edge of the preporpus 

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