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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Straight From The Horses Mouth ...

" ... I'm very proud that my presidency can help to galvanize and mobilize America on behalf of issues of racial disparity and racial injustice,  but I do so hoping that my successor - who's not African-American, if he or she is not - that they'll be just as concerned as I am, because this is part of what it means to perfect our Union."
President Obama
NBC News interview

So .... Apparently Obama doesn't give Ben Carson much of a chance ....

Hmmmm ....

Not sure if that's a political party thing ... Republican vs. democrat

Maybe it's a polling thing ... Carson has consistently been number 2 in polls

Or maybe - he just wants to be the ONLY black President the USA will have ...

He was elected twice, so I don't think it's a "racist American" thing .... That's been proven wrong

I will say ...

He looks very tired .... Rather old too.

Not Ronald Reagan old - where his dyed hair just looked so stark against his old skin - but old ... Older than his age.

I really think he's ready to be done ...

He may run for senator again, or maybe even Michelle -please people DONT vote for her, she's for Food Police - but I think he is really done with being President.

It will be interesting to see what he does after he leaves office ...

Will he be like carter who went on to help Habitat For Humanity, not just with funds but with his hammer too.

Or will he be like Clinton and just raise money for himself?

I guess that's unfair - I'm sure the Clinton Foundation did more than fund Hilary's campaigns, buy houses, fly them all over the world ... 

Anyhow ....

It will be interesting to see.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Election education

For those of you who will be confused/worried/uninterested in the next presidential election pay a tension…

I have just learned the proper ranks of presidential succession

This means should anything happen to the president of United States, the vice president of the United States, or the speaker of the house someone else is supposed to take over do you know who it is?

Neither did I not really so here's the list

Vice President of United States
Speaker of the house
President pro tem por tempore  of the senate
Secretary of State
Secretary of the treasury
Secretary of defense
Attorney general
Secretary of the interior
Secretary of agriculture
Secretary of commerce
Secretary of labor
Secretary of health and human services
Secretary of housing and urban development
Secretary of transportation
Secretary of energy
Secretary of education
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Secretary of Homeland security

That's it – that's the list in order of succession.

What does this mean?

To me it means already had her chance she was fourth in line

But it also means that the Homeland security Secretary, or secretary of Homeland security which is the proper title, is the last person in the list of succession

I don't know –

I would think that if you get down to the fourth member of succession chances are you had a major terrorist attack and the secretary of Homeland security should probably be number for before the Secretary of State in my mind

But that is just me

I used voice to text to write this, so if there any area errors… I can't believe I just wrote that… blame it on Siri

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Economic Education

The analysts are wondering why the Market is doing well today with the horrid news of Russia bombing in Syria .... I know, I know!  


The possibility is always profitable .... From weapons to home goods to foods ... Everyone makes a profit getting ready for wartime.

Although this time it's gonna be worse -- way worse .... Russia's got the BOMB, just like us.  Only they aren't afraid to use it if they think it will win the war sooner ...


The rest of the world is not doing so well ...

- 28.6% Shanghai 3rd quarter
- 12.2% Tiawan 3rd quarter
- 14.1% Japan 3rd quarter
- 15.9% Singapore 3rd quarter
- 5.4% South Korea 3rd quarter
- 20.6% Hong Kong 3rd quarter
- 7% United Kingdoms 3rd quarter
- 18% Greece 3rd quarter
- 5.2% Italy 3rd quarter
- 9.1% Portugal 3rd quarter
- 11.2% Spain 3rd quarter

I have not heard how our 3rd quarter has gone ... I'm guessing, maybe, - 2% ... I mean we have gotten back over 16,000 trades in the market.

It does look kinda like before the 1929 crash ... Markets down all over the world but the USA markets up

We will have to see

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Economic Education

What are the GOP Candidates worth?

According to Forbes Magazine:

$4.5 Billion. Donald Trump
$58million  Carly Fiorina
$45million Hillary Clinton (without Bill's income of over $200million a year, I guess)
$32 million. Ben Carson

$2million (tie) Rand Paul/Rick Santorum 
$1million Lindsey Graham
$700,000 Bernie Sanders
$100,000 Marco Rubio
$0 Martin O'Malley (yup that's right $0 to his name ... Although he was GOVERNOR of Maryland!)

I'm betting everything is in his wife's name!  Kind of like John Kerry .... John McCain .... Barracks Obama ... 

It's a funny way to hide money from the public ... They should have to also give the worth of their spouses and children living within the home as well ...

Does It REALLY Matter?

Forbes Magazine is calling Trump a LIAR!!!!

At least as far as his WORTH is concerned ....

Donald Trump, very public ally said he was worth $10 Billion when he ran ... He said he wasn't doing this to make money (yeah right) ... He said he wasn't going to take any Special Interest money, he would use his own (after all, he's a Special Interest all on his own) ...

Forbes says he is worth ONLY $4.5 Billion!,


Does it really matter at that point?  

I mean ... He will have to pay only half the taxes that he says he will have to ... But - REALLY? - you gonna argue over $4.5 billion?

Granted it would take a bite out of the National Debt ... But then we don't expect the President to do that ...

And it does raise issues with Trump honesty ... But I think his marriage record does that ...

Apparently this is an on going battle that they have had for nearly 20 years or so ... 

To his defense, Trump said Forbes is a "bankrupt magazine" ... Hmmm ... During the debates when Carly Fiorina brought up all the times (FOUR) Trump declared bankruptcy, he said he only used the full extent afforded him by law ...

Hmmmmm ....

Sounding like a Democrat!

Youngest man to make Forbes richest people list?  Evan Spiegal, age 25 ... Creator of SnapChat (look on your kids phones, it's there)

Youngest woman?  Elizabeth Holmes, age 31 ... Founded TheraNotes (I think that's what they said)

Oldest Person: David Rockerfeller, 100 yrs old!!!!!!!  Standard oil & Chase Bank 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Numerology Class

UPDATE: there are even more poll numbers today


35% Cruz
18% Carson
14% Huckabee
13% Rubio
_5% Trump

#####. #####. #####. #####. #####

2016 FNC Power Index

#1) Ted Cruz +1 pt
#2) Jeb Bush
#3) Carly Fiorina +1 pt
#4) Marco Rubio +1pt

This is NOT a public poll, it's based on the RNC establishment choice.

#5) Donald Trump -5pts
#6) Ben Carson 
#6) John Kasich +2pts
#7) Chris Christie +2pts

Trump & Bush are down because they are not "liked well enough" by their party .... Makes sense with Trump since he just said he was going to cut taxes for anyone not making $25,000/yr single/married $50,000 AND he was going to cut tax deductions for the rich ....


+52% Carson
+35% Rubio
+30% Fiorina
+_1% Bush
(MOE +/- 3.4%)

+73% President Obama
+65% Biden
+48% Clinton
+38% Sanders
(MOE +/- 5pts)

Gotta wonder why theObama was put into this poll ... He can NOT run again, nor can he be VP since he would be ineligible to run as President again .... Remember that since the VP might become President at some stage they must also meet the same criteria as the Presidential nominees.

A good thing to remember when you vote ... That's why Obama said that Biden as VP was the best decision he ever made .... Job security!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You need a PASSPORT

DHS Will soon REQUIRE people who live in:


This will begin 01 JAN 2016!!!!


Because DHS feels they do not require enough info for when you get your drivers license 

Wait ...

So my STATE ISSUED, CERTIFIED birth certificate & UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT issued social security card is not ENOUGH????

What else do they want??

We, in MN, we do have a law that says an expired permit or DL can be used as a simple state ID card for like 4 years after expiration bout I can't see that being an issue ...

I guess they want proof of US & STATE RESIDENCY

Like what?

Your voter ID card?  A bill in your name?  A title/rental agreement?  


Never thought the USA would become WW2 Germany! Or USSR!


Numerology Class

It's been a while since I relished just poll numbers, so here you go ...


47% Hillary Clinton
40% job bush
35% Ben Carson
34% Bernie sanders
33% Carly Fiorina
30% Marco Rubio
29% Donald trump

69% Donald trump
61% Marco Rubio
60% Bernie sanders
58% Carly Fiorina
57% Jen bush
56% Ben Carson
52% Hillary Clinton

Bloomberg poll
1,001 adults
18-21 sept 2015
MOE +/- 3.1%

### %%% ### %%% ###
Interesting ... The pollsters distinguished that the poll does NOT show who people want in the White House just who they think was likely to be President ... 

Of course that was Clinton & Bush because that's what this generation remembers.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Straight From the Horses Mouth

I was watching last nights show so The Five & Special Report which I DVR'd yesterday - normally I ignore Grettas show afterwards, I just don't like her style for the most part ... But she said she was going to have Trump on making a speech and that he was likely to make comments about the DEBATE

First he said polls said he won by well over 50% .... When you hear him read the numbers you can hear the DISTAIN in his voice for Rubio, Fiorina, & Christie ... He won't even say Bushs name because he hates him so much

But the best quote from Trump ... Honest to God he said this ...

"We did great - now you don't read about that so much in television because coming out -boy- Foxtreated me shabbily ... "


Mr trump .... The reason you don't read much of this on television is because it a VISUAL MEDIA!!!!!


NO ONE so far has said anything about it either

Remember how they jumped down BUSH's throat because he pronounced NUCLEAR wrong .... Or made a new word STRATEGERY?


Do not let this man be the next President ... 

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