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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Media Shifts

New York Times
<blockquote>"A common thread running through stories of the </u> enrolled is cost.  Many people either do not qualify for federal subsidies or believe that the assistance is not enough to make insurance affordable to be sure, some of those who choos not to sign up we're motivated by ideLogical reasons ... But a NewYorkTimes/CBS News poll of uninsured people in December found that of those who did not plan to get coverage, half said that cost was the main reason" </blockquote> 

Numerology Class

Fox News Polls
(I know, they AE skewed but then so are the ones from all the other places too)

<b><u>HEALTH CARE LAW </b></u> 
Registered voters
MOE +/- 3%
April 13-15

21%  Very
30% Somewhat
23% Not Very
21% Not At All
Registered voters
MOE +/- 3%
April 13-15

51% Worst Accomplishment
37% Best Accomplishment
Registered Viters
MOE +/- 3%
Apr 13-15

<i>{OBSERVATION: in 20 years people will assume that it is a Right not an accomplishment, the same way the kids today think having cable & internet is a right and it's awful that the have to pay for it - this question is pointless if you ask me}</i> 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Numerology Class

It's been a while but here are some numbers about Taxes that I thought I'd share


35% Way Gov. Spends Our Taxes
28% Rich Not Paying Enough
14% Too Many Don't Have To Pay
11% Complexity of System & Forms
09% Amount You Pay

23-25 March2014
Registered voters
MOE +/- 3%
Fox News Poll

<i>Personally I take exception to having to pay even more taxes after paying all year because apparently THEY made a mistake in how much they were supposed to take out. 
And I hate paying taxes on the Previous years REFUND since it should never have been collected in the first place, so that is NOT income from THIS year, that should be TAX FREE</i> 

Tax Day = April 15
Tax Freedom Day = 21Apriil2014 {the date when America as a whole will pay off their total tax bill for the year, individual dates vary from Jan1st (those who pay nothing) to mid-June (for those who make the most money)}
This date is later than what the nation as a whole needs to work to cover the bills for Food, Clothing, and Shelter COMBINED .... according to some independent tax firm (don't recall the name off hand)

2014 Total Tax Bill
$4.5 Trillion
$1.4 Trillion in individual income taxes

Projected Deficit
$500 Billion

2014 interest payments on past deficits
$227 Billion

20 Tax Increases = $409 Billion over 10 year (due to Obamacare)

Medicare Tax Increase = 0.9% for individuals earning MORE THAN $200,000 or Married Couples earning MORE THAN $250,000

Net Investment Income Tax = 3.8% tax applies to individuals! TRUSTS, and ESTATES with investments over $200,000 or $250,000 for joint filers {so much for that retirement fund guys}

Itemized Deductions = INCREASED from 7.5% to 10% of Adjusted Income for MEDICAL EXPENSES on your GROSS income {like when our 14yr old son had to have his eye surgeries for detached retina ... We had a horrid deductable that year, so the reimbursement was very nice}

Total tax creases to pay for ACA? TWICE what they said before they passed it

Tax Burden Break Down
Under $15,000 = Less than $60
$50,000 - $100,000 = $6,000
$200,000 - $250,000 = $38,000
<i>WTH? Why such the huge shift? Maybe it's just because we keep getting closer to that $200,000 level ... Okay we are quite the way off but it's nice to dream</i> 

But $38,000 is an awful lot ... That's like over 2 MONTHS worth of GROSS income

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Things That Make You Go HMMMM ....

Dail Meal (I believe it's a magazine) put out a list of the "Most Annoying People To Sit By"

§ Loud Talker
§ Complainer
§ PDA Couple
§ Absentee Parents
§ Guy Talking With Full Mouth
§ Obnoxious Kids
§ Spawlers
§ Glad-Handers
§ Drunks
§ Jerks

Okay it's been quite a while since I waited tables but I was always annoyed by people who used their plate as an ash tray instead of the actual ash tray on the table.

"jerk" is too generic a term in my mind - that could equate to "any ne not mentioned"

I never waited on a drink - we had sober eaters in our neighborhood.... But I ran into several on the city bus - they would have been wearing their coffee, I'm telling you

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

So if you think the military today is "dangerous" just be glad you weren't in SC in 1958 ...

The had an oops!

Mars Bluff, SC got bombed ... In a family's backyard ... 


Didn't hear about it?

That's because the nuclear core was - thankfully - still on the plane ...

It destroyed the family's house ... It gave the Air Force a black eye ... But then it just ... Went away

This date in 1958 ....


Monday, March 03, 2014

Numerology Class

Remember this effect from the Affordable Care Act .... aka Obamacare

"If ou like your plan, you can keep your plan.
If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

Unless you are one of these 6.3 million people who lost their insurance ...

Things That Make You Go HMMMM ....

Ok - I got this graphic from SkyNews via Drdge Report - it compares what Russia has in Ukrainian to what they have there ...

So ....

Russia has nearly 8X the troops of Ukrainian
The Ukraine only spends <b>3.5%</b> on military than Russia does

The most amazing part is -- there are TWICE as many Russian in Ukraine than Ukrainians! 

What the heck?!

These people are very out numbered .... BUT ... and it's a big but that might sound unusual coming from my mouth .... 

Should we really get involved??

Obama is talking about economic sanctions ... Like he knows anything about economics ... But basically it's coming AFTER he announced that he was going to CUT the budget for OUR military forces ...

Think it's just a coincidence? ITS NOT

This started when Obama reneged on the promise to Poland that Bush2 made to have interceptor missile launchers placed in their country to keep Russia OUT ... 

I'm just afraid that if we DONT get involved that Russia will run over Europe like hitler tried to do ... Remember that they wanted ALL of Germany after world war 2 ... Little taught fact that I learned from my dad who was THERE and shook the hands of some of the Russian forces in Berlin when they net each other ... 

But can we really AFFORD to get involved in another civil fight? Can our troops, which are about to be really chopped down, take spending MORE time on the fighting lines?

It's pretty iffy ... It's a tough issue to pick a side on ...

But I do like how the NEWS stations - at least the ones I listen to - are saying that the GOP were right in the last 2 elections that Russia is the biggest threat ...

Ummmmm .... Hmmmm ...

I think ....<b> I</b> think ... The real danger to us are people who THINK we are already living in a Star Trek world of total equality.

I think the real danger is states being allowed to legalize things that the federal laws have outlawed ... That being pot & ILlegals .... And then the Feds NOT doing anything to stop them ...

I think the biggest threat is cutting the MILITARY budget ... We aren't done with the terrorists .... We're not done overseas ... We're not done getting a directions for our CITIZENS who have issues fitting into society.

{in case you can't tell - I'm a big supporter of kids going into the military.
Disclosure: I have 4 kids ... 0 in the military ... for now}

But SHOULD we get involved?

Should it just be SANCTIONS or MILITARY? Or both?

I'm not sure ... I'm keeping an eye on Alaska ....

I think they are do a "Statue of Liberty" play ... While we're watching Ukrainian they are gonna hop the 13 mile strait up there ...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Numerology Class

Well it's been a while,  but I think it's time we have to put up some more numbers

Year_________ Entitlement___________ Defense
1990________$568.07 billion________$300.14 billion
2010________$ 1.913 trillion_________$688.87billion
2012________$2.03 trillion___________$670.53billion

Interesting that (A) entitlements went up so high under BUSH in 2010 as well as nearly a doubling of military budget BEFORE 9/11 .... And (B) that entitlements will now be going up <b>$100Billion</b>, but the military is losing $70billion - how does that balance?

This guy is scary as heck!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Things That Make You Go HMMMMMM ...

Well here's a bit of news to make you think ... 

President Obama is going on yet <i>another</i> vacation ... But with the king of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or one of those places ... WITHOUT the wives .... In CA

This probably would b such a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that this is NOT the first vacation ... THIS YEAR ... That President Obama has taken a vacation without his loving wife ...

And the king he is with isn't exactly the most faithful dog either ... 

If I were Michelle -- I'd be checking out where he's going ... But then she might already know if there's something going on ... She doesn't seem too anxious to let him out of her sight ...

And have you seen some of the looks she's been giving him lately???

The one at Mendela's funeral was deadly! 

Too bad it didn't do much good -- he was caught on an open mic saying as President he could do <b><i>anything<</b></i> he wanted too ...

Of course, in his defense ... He was talking about where he is allowed to walk since the French person he was speaking to said they weren't allowed to walk onto the balcony

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