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Friday, December 02, 2016

Minnesota liberals versus conservatives

Once again Minnesota has a sir plus of funds in the poppers – which if you ask me means we should be getting back some sort of a special reach fund, but that ain't going to happen – so now the liberals in the conservatives in the state house/senate are having an argument over how it should be spent.

Liberals want to use the sir plus to pay for voluntary pre-K across the state, and upgrades to the water/sewage systems – likely in the bigger cities though. He also wants to use a good portion of it to help pay for the rise in Obamacare costs for those who want no longer be able to afford it… Our costs are going up nearly 100%!

Conservatives not only want to cut the tax rates for it all Minnesotans, they want to improve the roads and bridges in the state – more for greater Minnesota/outside the Twin City area then for the Twin Cities which has been getting most of the road improvement funds as it is.

Either way, it means no money back!!!

Last year sir plus was $1.2 billion – but this year they  do not think it'll be that big

I'm sure Governor Dayton know is hoping to get this matter settled before January when the Republicans will hold both houses of the Minnesota Congress

So… I expect… The taxes will be going up, healthcare costs will be going up, the price of college will be going up, the mountain property taxes to pay for public schools will be going up, row conditions will be going down, water quality will be going down, the The mandatory age 1st going to school will be going down

The balances in my checkbook will be going down, the balances in my savings account will be going down - but the balance on my credit cards will need to go up, because then I can make payments on my bills instead of having to pay the Giants him that the state/companies are going to charge us

We are Minnesota middle class… We are not upper middle class, we are not lower middle-class – this means we can't afford to live in Minnesota for the most part.

Hubby has talked about moving to Wisconsin, or Nebraska, Arkansas, I've already said no to Arizona because I don't like the big ass bugs!

I like Minnesota – I love Minnesota!!  I don't want to move – but it's getting real, real, real expensive to live here.


Mike blogger app is having problems… So I don't know when I'm going to get up a new post paragraph… Darn that didn't work… Will let you know ASAP

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Election 2016

I have not written much at all ... mostly because, well, I am STILL undecided.

I don't know which of Satans kids to vote for ... I feel like that's what I'd be doing!
Normally - though not always - I tend to find the republican nominee fits my views a bit better.  

This year though ... YUK!

Hillary wants a 65% DEATH tax -- that means you have to pay to die ... Not just that but 65% of your "estate". What's an estate? ANYTHING you leave behind ... Your house, your car, your PETS (they are property under the law), your clothes, your money, your jewelry, anything you inherited ... ALL of it
So if you are planning on leaving anything to your kids you better make sure you leave 65% of your worth in CASH for them.  Oh, and FARMERS - estate rich, money poor folk in general really - it is likely your kids will have to sell your land, sorry.  That house that's been in your family for a few generations, likely will be gone ... Grandmas China? Better hope it's just cheap crap.

Trump on the other hand, has a history of wanting to use Eminent Domain to get land he needs to put up casinos & buildings ... There was a famous case in NJ where he tried to get one ladies house so he could put in a PARKING LOT for the casino he wanted to build.  This sucks!
So farmers could have land taken from them if a city wants to expand its borders for housing, if there's a pipeline that wants to go through and you refuse - tough toenails!

Either one screws over farmers!

Neither one is very trustworthy, I mean they are both being nvestigated by the government ... Her by the FBI, he by the IRS ...

I've got an issue with Hillary claiming her gender every time someone speaks out against her, but says being a woman shouldn't mean she should be treated differently ... Except maybe by the news.

Now I did vote for Bill the first run ... Bush 1 just looked so tired and in an nterview we saw he didn't even look like he WANTED to job anymore ... Clinton offered a lot of stuff -- I was newly wed, pregnant, had my first real job, hubby & I just bought a house, and I owed money on student loans ... I was stupid (probably from the pregnancy) and Clinton promised a lot of stuff we thought we'd benefit from. No student loan payments if you worked as a teacher was a big one for me -- of course they didn't say daycare teacher rent ncluded in that but then it didn't go through either ... They did give daycare workers a raise though - as a teacher I got a whole 10cents/hour raise!  Yeah, that's it.

So you can see why I'm rather skeptical of everything Hillary says.
Then there's the whole disaster that was her time as Sec of State ... Holy crap

I don't want to vote for an off-party candidate because that would be akin to tossing my vote away ... Or worse ... We could end up with a Jesse Ventura type president!

Oh wait -- Trump!

Trump might be good for the economy, but I'm kind of worried that he will simply wipe out what we owe in debt and that's not good either.

I just don't know ...

Latest electoral prediction map from FNC

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's been a while

I didn't forget ... it's just quicker to tweet than blog :-/

Well I feel awful today ... hubby is having an awful time at work.  He comes grumpy and grouchy ... Today he says he wants to quit.

I would say "go for it" but we need at least $3000 - $4000 a month to keep our heads above water ... My eyes are failing, but I haven't been able to tell him - why add to his worries - so the changes of my being able to get a job is nearly nil.

I suppose I could do paper crafting or knitting/crocheting for a living but then I am looking at deadlines & multiples of the same pattern ... I hate BOTH of those things

The worse part is ... I haven't been canning for the last couple years.  I figured all was good - but now I see that if something were to happen we would be hurting.

I guess I can start canning up what's in the freezers, that will extend their shelf lives by 3-5yrs.

Needed to clean the freezers out anyways ... But that will have to wait until next week because we still haven't closed the cabin -- we won't do that until end of November 

Hubby will still be making trips up there each weekend though to check on his parents.  His sister was supposed to take one weekend a month but she only did that a few times then it stopped ...
But she has issues of her own.

His older brother isn't allowed to drive by the state ... He's not ... Well, it's best he doesn't drive

Humbly has taken over the resort, pretty much, but those funds will only be enough to help his folks ... but even that won't start until next summer.

I feel so bad but there is NOTHING. Can do that will equal what hubby gets paid in a year.

I'm very worried about him.

His day starts at 4am, he leaves at 4pm if he's lucky, and they contact him on weekends & vacations without issue ... This year he did not get his 2 week vacation in the summer - he really needs that 2 weeks away from the office too.

He got one week, he'll take one at thanksgiving and one at Christmas time ... Then he will carry 2 weeks over for next year, he will lose at least  a week ...  

Use it or Lose it.


Time to think of solutions ... Time to pull up the undies and on the boots

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Election 2016

Well I haven't commented in a long time -- mostly because all the people I've supported have dropped out ... Now the monkeys are running for office

Clinton vs sanders
Trump vs Cruz vs kirsinich 

Monkeys or jackasses, I haven't made up my mind yet

You can only go OMG so many time, or say cry-baby or whiners so often before it gets old 

BUT New York is another story ... BOTH parties suffered from the same or similar issues.

Besides not allowing independent/non-affiliated voters have a chance, entire REGISTRATION books have mysteriously "disappeared" or people who got their registration notice weren't in the books they did have.

Republicans had books missing, democrats had people missing from what I've heard

I've also heard that you can not register the night of the vote either so there was no fixing the issues either

The State Secetary said there were well over 700 phone calls complaining, normally there are less than 100 

Sanders is calling for an investigation & audit of the polling in New York - have not heard what Cruz has planned if anything

This will be interesting ... and kinda sad ... to watch

Question though:

What if Clinton gets nomination then gets indicted? Will she have to drop out?
What if Cruz gets nomination and then they decide that HE has to be born in US not just a parent? Will he drop or will Trump automatically get it?  

Then there's the delegates ...  
What if it all hits before the conventions?

Will Cruz give his delegates to trump or Karsich? I'm hoping Karsich - I want to see a long convention vote, not like 89 times, but maybe 7 - 10  would be fine.  Last time there was any sort of issue we got Ford vs Carter - we don't want that again!

Even if Hillary wins the election, will the president-elect have to go to jail or will she be covered under the current rule that keeps them from getting sued in office?  

This is gonna be a big test of the Constitution this time!

Economic Education

I was watching FNC from Monday - aka Tax Day - and saw this bit of mis-information

13.1% New York
11.8% Hawaii
11.1 Maine
11.1% Vermont
10.9% Connecticut 

6.9%. South Dakota
6.8% New Hampshire
6.5% Tennessee
5.9% Delaware
5.1% Alaska

This is such a lie!  North Dakota isn't even listed - they have NO income tax there.

In my state sales tax is over 8% but then there's city & county tax making it near 10% ... and then there's state income tax.

By the time they are done taking everything out, not including health insurance, we are getting about half hubby's paycheck.  

And if these are just sales tax figures then - what are people really paying I their states?!

And the democrats want to take MORE?! From WHERE????

Remember that the PRESIDENT of the untied states .... Mr Barack Obama himself .... Paid like 17% tax rate this year ...

Yup - he earns over $400,000/yr ... not to mention the fees that go into a blind trust as well as money made on any stocks he owns - and you know he does - which is pretty much TAX FREE during his terms ....

Remember - these are the same people who talk about there being rich people not paying enough taxes ... Hmmmmmm

Also remember, that once gone he & his family - will still get secret service protection paid by tax payers, security systems paid by us, and he will get his presidential pay for the REST OF HIS LIFE!!!

Yes, we are paying for both Bushes, Clinton, and Carter! 

Wow .... Good thing they want us to pay more TAXES ... 

You know, whether it's Trump or Clinton, the Prez is getting one heck of a raise!

But -- I digress ... 

New Hampshire
South Dakota

New York
North Dakota (the worst)

This was based on amount of tech people can get, hospitals, crime ...

Wait -- North Dakota has few big cities and lots of open space kinda makes sense that it's gonna take a while to get to a hospital or find Internet ... But crime isn't that bad - that's why people own guns there, it takes a while for the cops to show up ... but no worse than in Chicago or Minneapolis (once took near 15 minutes just to get them to pick up 911 call!)

I notice no one is looking at the unconstitutionality of them come tax system though ... HMMMM ... I, betting no one wants to be audited.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Oh H.E.L.L. NO!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm watching the "Special Report" from last night (Wednesday 10jan2016) and happened on the News Around the Country segment .... They have little snippets from FoxNews affiliates around the nation.  This time it was from Los Angeles, CA

The LA school District has DECLARED itself an AMNESTY ZONE!

They will no longer allow FEDERAL officers on any of its property to ENFORCE THE LAW

The Immigration agents will have to go through paperwork & red tape to get PERMISSION to get onto the property.


They say that since January I.C.E agents have conducted a series of raids looking for Central American ILlegals.

--@--  --@--  --@--  --@--  
So, the school district is an ACCOMPLICE to the breaking of a FEDERAL LAW


Arrest the members of the School Board who voted for this ... Arrest the School Super-Intendent 

Take as hard a stance on the issue of BREAKING THE LAW as you do the freaking school lunch program!!!!!!

My Gods -- GROW A PAIR

Borrow Michelle's if you have to!

This is ridiculous!

They - teachers - fall under the preview of the Department of Education

The district falls under the Department of Education


Remind them that they are an arm of the FEDERAL government .... you know they are .... 

This is not about prayer, this is not about saying the Pledge of Allegence .... This is about ILLEGAL ACTIVITY

You wouldn't let them keep you away from drug pushers, child molesters, terrorists ... Why the heck can they keep you from getting illegals??

Cut their funding

Once they can't pay their electricity/gas/teachers/etc. they will change their minds

Sometimes ....

I miss the Nixon days 

But .... Just sometimes

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Election 2016

New Hampshire Primaries were last night

35% TRUMP (94,821)
16% Kasich (42,699)
12% Cruz (31,425)
11% Bush ( 29,851)

60% Sanders (141,934)
38% Clinton (90,678)

So the winners were 

Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders

ARE Y F-ING CRAZY?!?!?!?!?!

I am not a Bush fan ... I think he's far too soft spoken - and not in that Walk Softly way either ... But even he is better than Trump!

Sanders will turn us into a Socialist country ... You will only get about 10% of your paycheck, you will be squished into a tiny one room apartment, and the government will decide what you do for a living, eat for a meal, and IF you are allowed to drive!

Trump will decide who gets to stay on the US! If people get equal rights, he will have enemy lists longer than anything Nixon had, and will likely be even worse than Obama! 

We're gonna need those guns people!  Because under Sanders or Trump you can bet you will have to defend yourself!


Time to start putting up food ... Wow ... Let's hope Trump doesn't drop the bomb - and that Sanders doesn't hand us over to Russia!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Iowa Break Down

According to the Iowa Secretary of State Iowa has the following:

615, 763. Registered republicans
4, 348 NEW republican registrations since 01jan2016
122,000 record caucus turn out 2012

2, 724 NEW register  democrats since 01jan2016
624 new registrations in last FOUR DAYS 
(Fox predicted that it wouldn't be enough for Sanders ... LOL)

Iowa has SAME DAY REGISTRATION (just like MN) 

This means that until the caucuses close, they don't really know how many people they have in either party.

Now I heard one reporter say that in Iowa they don't always stick to the rules ... They have been known to register people who weren't 18yrs at the time of the caucus but would be at the time of the election .... they've also been known to not lock the doors when they are supposed to if they know someone is coming that isn't in the door yet.

So ... yeah ...   I will not place an Iowan joke here, I only know a couple that aren't really blonde jokes ... But I don't want to offend anyone from Iowa, they wouldn't understand the joke until November anyways ...

Obama's people took to social media to bashed Sanders at the last moment.

I wonder if that was prompted by Clinton or Walserman-Schultz .... Hmmmm


Okay - wish I had gotten a screen shot of this but I didn't ... 


1) pizza  
2) chocolate
3) ice cream
4) Mac & cheese 
5) potato chips
6) hamburger
7) steak
8) popcorn
9) pasta
10) Mexican food

Wait ...
Where's brownies, cakes, pies, soda, coffee tea??
Where's cocoa, toast, soup, apple cider?

I guess it all depends on your definition of both "comfort" and "food" ...

Of course they only asked 2200 adults ... Everyone knows your tastes change as you get older ...


I wonder if they count chili under Mexican food ... It's kind of board ...

I like Polish food myself, as do my kids.

Kielbasa ... GoĊ‚abki, pierogi, etc.  there's even a really nice nummy poppy seed bread/roll that I can't spell but - oh my - it's soooooo gooooooooddd!

Election 2016

I haven't written much lately  but the Iowa caicuses (a word which makes my 16yr old daughter chuckle) were held last night ...

Here's the results:

28%. CRUZ. (51,047)
24% Trump. (44,837)
23% Rubio (42,577)

{controversy over Statements from Cruz camp saying Carson was dropping out of race when he wasn't ... No word if Cruz actually knew about it or what he will do - but Carson camp has copy of tweets sent out and his wife was at sight where Cruz surrogate said Carson was quitting ... She set them all straight and Carson won that site!  Not good!}

On the Democrats side:

49.9 % Clinton  ( 700)
49.5 % Samders. ( 695)

O'Malley has dropped out of the race getting less than 1%

TOO CLOSE to call although DNC called it for Clinton early on ... Good thing Walserman-Shultz isn't showing any favoritism 


Not to be out done - Trump is in a bit of controversy of his own.

Rumors are circulating on cable news stations that he had people move to Iowa early enough to where they would qualify as residents just so they could vote for him.

Not necessarily illegal, but not exactly above board either.

Now like I said ... It's just a RUMOR ... No proof that I've heard of, just conjecture on cable news stations (CNN, yes I do watch them too)

--0--  --0--  --0--

Now they go to New Hampshire 

Sanders is leading there
Trump is leading there

We will have to see what happens ...

We will have to see if:

§ Clinton gets indicted
§ Cruz finds out he doesn't qualify after all not being born on USA soil
§ Carson can survive dirty play in Iowa
§ if the democrats numbers get above 2000 (wow, I always thought they had a higher count than that) in Iowa)

The soap opera will continue ...

Next week

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