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Friday, February 08, 2008

Recipes : Coconut Cake with 7-Minute Frosting

Recipes : Coconut Cake with 7-Minute Frosting : Food Network:

"For the cake:
Vegetable oil
cake flour (you really want to use cake
flour, no AP)
teaspoons baking powder
kosher salt
fresh coconut milk (canned would be fine)
fresh coconut cream (canned would be fine)
unsalted butter
coconut extract
coconut water (the stuff in the coconut...despite what you have heard that's NOT milk)

For the 7-Minute
egg whites
coconut water
cream of tartar
kosher salt
coconut extract (recipe for homemade, but it takes 1 week to make--just buy the stuff)
vanilla extract
Grated coconut from
1 coconut (I would cheat and use store bought pre-shredded)"

For the rest of the recipe and measurements be sure to click on the link.

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