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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What is so wrong with Spinach??

Okay so for supper i decided to make individual meat loafs for dinner - and I decided to also make some spinach.

So I cut up three peices of bacon and cooked it over med heat in my 2 1/2 qt cast iron casserole.
When the bacon was cooked I filled the pot to the brim with baby spinach. I let it sit for a while to wilt a bit and then tossed the mass to coat each leaf with the bacon fat and wilt it more.
Then I added more spinach so it reached the brim again and added a little water (maybe 2 T) and put the cover on and turned the heat to low.
I let it sit for a few minutes and then gave the contents a toss again. I tasted it and put in a bit of salt & pepper.

My problem was that the spinach got done sooner than the meat loaf (would have been great except the meat didn't cook all the way thru) so I let the spinach sit while the meat loafs cooked an extra 15 minutes.

Well, we sat down to eat and sure enough -- the spinach was a slimy mass .... but I thought it tasted great!

My kids on the other hand ....

Hubby informed me that I should never make spinach that way again -- apparently his family never had spinach growing up.

I happen to love cooked spinach (in small doses) .... it was always a treat on the table with liver & bacon.

On the bright side, the kids thought they were getting away with something because they could have a couple of tablespoons of spinach and they thought they were getting only a little bit - not realizing that it is packed full of vitamins & iron and only a little is needed.

Now if I had made it into a salad instead -- well then they would have wanted a large portion each!


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