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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The View is nuts.

Since this seems to be a daily thing for me- I will be just updating this particular post whenever I have an issue with the stuff they talk about on the view.
What do these ladies do nothing at night but watch tv? American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, now some HBO series (Barbara's favorite) ... I'm sorry but I thought these ladies would be just too busy keeping an eye on the world to spend night after night after night watching this crap - says the goyle who likes programs like "Real Housewives" & "Parking Wars".

Chelsea Clinton: praised her for saying 'its not any of your business' when asked about the Lewinsky scandal ... but you know, she is campaigning on the trail and with the current scandals out there it was just time before it was asked .... if she were 18-22 yrs I might see where it was off base, but she's nearly 30 and is putting herself out there in the public eye - I think it was something she should have had some sort of prepared answer for. Of course I did not hear the actual question...but my understanding was what her views were on how her mother handled things behind the scenes.

What upset me was when they learned that Elizabeth Hasslebeck had called Chelsea and had an ongoing friendship (at least that's what they were calling it) they jumped on the 'call her and get her on the show' bandwagon -- in fact it was Barbara who headed the whole thing saying they had been trying to get a hold of her to get on the show for a year now and couldn't get anywhere so she wanted Hasslebeck to call for her!!! How bad is that?????

Barrack will be on the show on Friday ... I want to watch that because they are going to ask him about all the controversy going on in both his and Hill's campaign and if the party heads should get involved to settle things down or make the decision about who should be running.
Joy did make a really good point though (I know, I was amazed too!) that all this controversy is what is getting intrenched in the voters minds ... and in Penn they have a record number of people registering as Dems (although some are Reps crossing lines to vote for Hill), so these controversies will have a BIG part in the electon.
Wouldn't it be something if Gravel won the nomination there???

Vogue Magazine: they feel that people are seeing everything in racial terms now. And it is very true. They said some people are seeing it as a depiction of some basketball star (a huge guy by the looks of it next to the supermodel he's with on the cover) as King Kong w/a frail Fay Wray type gal. I was expecting there to be a comment about the fact that its a blackman with a blonde-white woman (I'm sorry, it was something my mother pointed out a long time ago and it has stuck in my head ever since) .... they said there was studies that said that by 6,7, or 8 you have racist ideals set -- eh, I think it can change at any point based on experience.

Okay, I made sure I tuned into 'The View' just to see what they would say about the Clinton thing ... and Behar's reaction was 'well did the media scrutinize Bush this badly? I don't think so' -- where the HELL was she????

Bush was burned on the pillars of media all the time!! From the time he spoke in front of the UN and even before that. It was awful!
So what is her problem -- she is becoming a single issue commentator and its getting sickening. Its become, 'gee how will she link this back to bush' every day.

I think she needs to take some time off and learn that there are other things to talk about in this world.

Although I will give her props for not bringing him up in their discussion of the shows "dancing with the stars" and "how I met your mother".
The new chick is waiting for the New NY Gov. to not be blind - well he's not blind, he's LEGALLY blind. Don't mix it up, there is a big distiction - I know, I lived it.

Joy said 'who did hit on a joint in the 70's' ... WHAT??? SO DOES THAT MAKE IT RIGHT???

Whoopi admits to using business funds for personal reasons - but she also said she paid it back right away and let the business know right away what they did.
Joy supports euthonasia .... so does Whoopi.
Well, I do think it is a personal discession .... but it is more a matter of 'assisted suicide', is it still suicide or does it become murder? My mother decided that she didn't want to put the family thru anymore and that her body had made up its mind that it was she chose DNR. She told the doctors she didn't want any extrodinary measures taken, she just wanted to pass.
BUT assisted suicide is different than this. It is having someone actually set stuff up to kill you. It is taking an active measure to kill. It is setting up a plan to end a life. It is involving another person. That isn't suicide, that's homocide (taking another's life) rather that's criminal is still out there, since the person is invited to participate instead of actually taking the life w/o consent.
April 8th

Petreus' testamony in the Senate: they want to watch Barrack because - and Joy admitted it - they are in love with him because he came on the program, at least for this month.
As usual everyone gangs up on Elizabeth for her support of the administration - only the new gal stood up and told Joy that Elizabeth is not Petreus.
He will have 45 day period of evaluation & consideration before making decision

Naomi Campbell: banned for spitting on officer and making fuss over lost luggage on British Airlines -- and she is claiming racism. Apparently the media over there they called her a 'gollywog' which is their version of our 'n-word' which they use for India-indian. Whoopi had an issue with the term they used but that she didn't believe that it was because she was black, but rather because of her behavior. The new gal made a comment that all the community service she's had to do in the past obviously isn't sinking in! Barbara defended Naomi and can't believe she acted this way.

Politics: Kids are trying to Influence thier parent's votes: Joy says her kids can influence her vote; Barbara says that parents are listening to what their kids are saying because the kids are so energized about the election; Joy says the kids are for Obama because it sounds like Mama; barbara says the kids listen to their parents more than the parents listening to the kids.

----- Hey McCain will be on the view on Thursday.!! Sounds like a good one to watch since it comes after the Petreus speechy-thing ------

McCain showing wild side trying to woo younger voters: Barbara says he says very little so its empty; Elizabeth things we will hear this from all the candidates so he isn't doing anything worse than the Obama book; elizabeth called him a hero and barbara gave her a funny look; Joy says Hillary's only sin is she got a 'C' on a paper once - rolling my eyes now - she is totally forgetting the whole whitewater crap; [joy is such a brown noser for hillary]

Man Having a Baby: Barbara talked to the couple, this is the SECOND time he has been pregnant (first one was terminated for medical reasons) - turns out that they could be found not legally married, and the IRS could go after them because they had been filing jointly, and then there's the birth certificates. Most Paperwork lists the carrier as a male. Oprah asked them about sex and they said the hormones caused him to grow a tiny penis for intercourse.

New gal thinks like me -- choose one sex or the other. Whoopi doesn't think that the kid would be confused because they will be able to explain things to it (yeah, right).

-------- commercial break -------

Death of Princess Diana: says it points out how long it can take for a murder investigation can take no matter how famous you are. Joy says it will be the new measurement of time like the 'where were you when Kennedy got shot?" ... Joy says when people ask her that she tells them she was En Euro, but Whoopi pointed out that she meant 'en vitro ... she was in that European state of mind' LOL ... not sure if it was just a case of Joy having a slip of the lip or if she was trying to sound smarter than she is.

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