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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hmmm, who greased their pockets???

"Purple Rain" greatest film soundtrack: Vanity Fair - Yahoo! News

you have got to shitting me....Purple Rain???? I've got this soundtrack and I've got to tell pretty much stunk. Yeah there were lots of good songs on there, but I have got to say that Saturday Night Fever (BeeGees) or Hard Days Night (Beatles) are better than it....actually I lean towards SNF because it had the music that defined a generation--every song in the film was in the Top 10, most even went all the way to #1!

The music in SNF changed the way artists started making/recording/performing change....literally changed...the music industry! It put RKO records on the map as a major player...not that RKO wasn't big to start with but not many everyday people had heard of them since the 60's when the BeeGees first came to America.

Purple Rain????? I would like to know the ages of the people who made up the list or the demographics of the people who guess is that they were all preteens in the 80's so they had no real idea of the other soundtracks or the movies they came from.

Purple Rain????? My gods it was a horrid film....with ultimately bad acting--in fact I'm sure its the film they show inspiring students so they will know bad acting when they see it. YUK!!

And Prince? There's a walking nerosis---I used to work with a couple of gals who got to meet him, even invited him back to one of their apartments. Prince spent the entire time there sitting in the fact the gals said that he opened the closet and put his seat in there to sit---how weird is that??? You know what Freud would say......introduce him to Dumby.

No thank you.....if I weren't so attached to them, I'd almost be willing to part with my PR sountrack LP--yup got it on vinyl! I bet the majority of the people taking that poll have never even seen vinyl unless it was dancing on stage.

Purple Rain!!! What a JOKE.

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