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Friday, October 12, 2007

Not getting much done

As you can tell I'm not getting much knitting done today--number 2 son stayed home from school and number 1 son is having fun picking on him to no they are keeping me jumpling.

number 1 son has the television so I can't watch the news or my court shows which I like to do while knitting, and there's no baseball on the radio to listen too--maybe I'll plug the FM tuner on the iPod later and listen to some old time radio later and get some knitting done.

If nothing else, I have a two hour Scout Mother meeting, unofficial, coming up on Sunday that I can do some knitting on...I've reached the heels now so once I get those gussets made its all simple knit from there--mindless stuff really.

It will be nice to get these done. Not that I'm not enjoying them...I really like the yarn....I am just getting pressure from my youngest daughter to get working on her Brownie socks--my first ones with cables in them--and hubby keeps giving me evil looks whenever I grab the needles....I think he might be feeling a bit neglected.

Actually I will miss them....the golden yellow and black are growing on me....I just wish they had a bigger repeat to the pattern to offer a wider stripe.

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