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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shot gun would work... - Find out some easy ways you can help control the cat overpopulation


Spaying and neutering is quite cost almost $500 we we got our Addy done....of course she was a 60lb Newfoundland pup at the time...but I can't imagine that its that much cheaper for cats.

I remember when you used to be able to adopt an animal from the center..."fixed", shots, wormed, the works for about $20 all adays with the administration costs it is more like $100! For less than that you can go out and get one from the paper.

The moment that these animal shelters started charging the super prices they set themselves up for budget shortfalls. Who is going to pay $100 for a cat when they can get one at the grocery store for free? Get some vet students from the U to do the sterilizing and exams for free (they get the experience out of it), get the local vets to donate some supplies---there have got to be over 200 vets in the city alone--and work with some of the local pet supply places for donating product and start practically giving these animals away.

Or you can just do what my son, the one who wants to be a vet, says--just put the dogs and cats in a room together and they will take care of the population growth themselves.....I'm pretty sure he was joking though.

Our family has a very morbid sense of case you couldn't tell

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