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Saturday, October 13, 2007

So what happened today in Your life?

Well mine day started by my husband waking me up from a fantastic dream with two really really cute guys in it--yum!--to have me do one thing and then try to go back to sleep and hope I could connect with the same dream...of course I couldn't...damn, they was smoking!

Then when I did get up 1/2 hr later it was because he came into the room to get something else...and then send me back to sleep again.

Finally I got up when I heard the tearing of paper and found my teenage daughter, my preteen son and my Brownie daughter in the sitting-room (for lack of a better term) ripping paper to make "pumpkins" now I had a room full of shreds, glue stick all over, and three kids looking at me like "what?"

So then I noticed that hubby was no where to be seen--he wasn't going anywhere until later in the afternoon so I went to ask number 1 son and he was missing too....okay, figured they had to go do some work at biggie. But then I noticed that there was someone down at the corn field...a car of some sort (all I could see was the sun reflecting off the window).

I totally hate it when people drive down by the fields without checking in first, usually they tear the crap out of the turf and usually its people just trying to get back on the freeway via our yard-but since you are only allowed one way in/out of the property by city ordinance/law it could get us in tons of trouble--so I headed out there to see what was going on.

Here is our van, the lawn mower (oh yeah, hubby was going to mow), and his second cousin with his truck all back there. The cousin threw me, but the mower getting stuck in the ditch is nothing new....the ditch is steep, <45*>90*, and if you aren't careful when you cut the grass its easy for the back tires to start to slide but since all the weight is in the front its pretty rare you will topple but there are times you need a tug out of the van is the general solution.

But it dawned on me that...hey....the mower isn't in the ditch, its by the corn field. chuckle time, I love to tease hubby about getting stuck...number 1 son came from behind the van with a shovel----shovel?? Yep.

Cousin got called to pull out the van which had sunk into the corn field....because hubby backed into it while trying to set it up for pulling out the mower....which he also got stuck in the corn field. Okay big chuckle time.

So hubby was telling me to get back into the I wouldn't give him any grief....but I stuck around long enough to see the van get moved---and gather my pumpkins, and nearly lose my shoe in the process because the ground was so saturated...the hole they dug to try to get a board under the tire to move the van had filled with a couple of inches of water almost immediately, that's how soggy it is out there.

We have had 6" "officially" in the last month or so, but we have had more here....more like 10" (where was all this in July when the corn crop needed it--it wouldn't have failed then!)--official weather for the almanacs comes from the airport, and is always yeah the ground was really soaked....okay, I figured I'd cut hubby some slack on this part then.

So he decided to tell me about the tractor since I stopped giving him a rough time--yep, he got the van....but not to pull out the mower---at least not at first....he got it to pull out the tractor, which he got stuck trying to use it to pull out the mower.

So he got 3 vehicles stuck---okay I couldn't help it any longer.....I burst out laughing! It was a new record--3 vehicles needed to pull out the riding lawn mower and it wasn't even in the ditch.

So hubby gave up mowing since the ground was so soft....and got ready for his play-date with his best bud. They were going to go to WI to some gun club that his friend belongs to and shoot some skeet.

I'm not a big fan of guns---to0 much can go wrong---there isn't any room for error---and hubby is rather accident prone (see the lawnmower story above)===so yeah I was a tad nervous, but hubby isn't dumb (no, really, he isn't) so I figure I'll trust him.

SO he's gone for a long bit and comes home walking funny---no no don't worry, no gun accidents--so I went to hug him and he flinched, and he wants me to check his back.

Hubby has a compressed disk in his back that tends to cause some problems, so I thought maybe the recoil of the shotgun did something. No, on the small of his back is a light bruise nothing big, maybe the size of a he hops in the shower (ewww)

When he got out he came in to have me check in better light....sure enough it had grown to the size of my thumb and it was located awfully close to the disk that gives him issues. So its 2 ibuprofen and off to the heating pad.

Well about an hour later I went in to check with a flashlight (CSI-style) because I wanted clear unadulterated shadow yellowing from the lightbulbs....

OMGs!! He has got welt that go from the bottom of his shoulder blade to the top of his waistband--big red ones (not talking the normal indents to the skin you get from laying on something)---they aren't bruising very deeply yet, but there are some discoloring starting. But they are definately welting up.

Come to find out that he didn't want me to know it but when he tried to pull out the mower with the tractor he had used a towing chain to hook the mower to the back of the tractor...well the hook on the chain came undone and it flew up from behind hubby and he got all 5 foot of chain in the back!! Luckily the hook--which has got to weight a pound if its an ounce--flew past him and didn't get him in the back of the head!!!

So now he's laying in bed....he has to take me to my coffee clutch tomorrow....and number 2 daughter to her Brownie meeting.....then pick us up in reverse order...and right now he's not sure if he will be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

I swear one of these days I'm going to wrap this man up completely in bubble wrap! I'd get him a suit of armor, but I'm afraid he'd get stuck and they don't make those kind of can openers any more.

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