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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

why is this a sport? - Pacers beat Wolves, 106-95

Can someone explain to me the appeal of basketball? You have 5 guys bouncing a ball, they run from one end to the other and throw the ball at a little hoop...okay I get that, that takes skill...but if the score gets above 50 its no longer a difficult skill...especially when the guys doing it are only 2 foot shorter than the hoop---that's like an arms length--and its usually all by the same player on the team.

To me its about as exciting as golf or tennis--although I understand the rules of golf and can really appreciate the skills involved. While yes, eventually everyone will get their ball into the need to do it in as little hits as possible so there's some stradegy involved it better to hit it as far as you can the first time and hope you can get the ball close enough to the hole to get out fast-or-would it be better to take shorter strokes and land the ball exactly where you want it on the green?

Tennis--its grunting and sweating, to me...that's it. Some skill is involved but luck has a lot to do with it--and I have to admit that during Wimbledon I've been known to get involved in a match or two....although last time I played my knees saw more of the court than my racket did the ball. I went for a high lob--should have let it go, it would have been out.

But Basketball.....I've played it in school....I've seen it on brother was on the district champion team when I was in jr high---but I don't get the appeal. I think its because the scores are so just seems to easy for the players.

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