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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I think I know the answer

The Dog Apologizes -

Okay I do NOT condone the use of any racial slur...lets get that right now....but I love Dog's show. I was watching TMZ on tv (one of the few times I tune in) and they asked "why would Dog keep repeating the word over and over when he already knew his phone was being recorded?"

My answer: he wanted to be.

On one of his episodes he and Beth (his wife) said that one of the problems was that they were getting too well known--it was making it hard to pull in suspects because they were so recognizable now that bail-jumpers and their friends would see them and help the fugitive flee.

I would assume also that there is a certain element of their clientele that would also purposefully run so they can have a few minutes on television....any bit of fame you know....some might even be delusional enough to think that they could either get a movie career or even paid for their spot on the show.

I can really see how this could have been a set up to cool things off for Dog...but then they did say that the whole incidence was triggered by a parent's concern over his child and the girl he chose to hang with. He felt that she would take offense to the word...which according to his own words {I think it comes from the National Enquirer website-I got the link from} sounds like they, in his family, uses it a lot.

The thing that does concern me though is that he doesn't seem to understand that the mater who says it or the intent behind WRONG.

Now there is nothing that says in what context the word gets used--not that it makes it any better, but I can see it slipping out during a chase....remember Dog grew up in a whole different era, pre-civil rights....doesn't make it any more right, it just means that his experience with the word is different...then there is the element of society that he works with, those that use the word on a regular basis in one manner or another, like other swear words the more a person hears a word used in context the more "acceptable" it seems to be-even if the person knows its not really {visit any high school to see this one in action}

He's right though--this could, and probably will, tarnish him to the point of where he will be "poison fruit" for any future television shows.

So the question TMZ asks is...who is worse Dog or Micheal Richards (the comedian from Sienfeld who went into a tirade during his act after being ignored/heckled by the audience)? Its pretty much up in the air here.

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