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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just a couple of things about this story....

Dennis Quaid's Newborn Twins in Medical Nightmare (1)how many of these mistakes have gone on with babies that we never hear of? I mean its bad enough when we hear about it with an adult...but when it comes to kids they are supposed to be checking their p's & q's at least 3 times before anything is given.

We had a simular experience with antibiotics with our oldest daughter....we were lucky and we were paying close enough attention to call the doctor on his mistake while he was writing up the prescrip. He had to rewrite it three times (he was our regular dr's partner, our dr was out of town....that is the only reason we agreed to see him)...the first time he caught himself writing a prescrip for a drug that wasn't cleared for children....then he wrote up the prescrip for the right meds but the wrong dose--he tried to order her an adult dosage, we commented that we thought 2 tsps was rather much for a 9 month old...then finally he pulled out his med book and looked up the dosage and the amount for her.

Needless to say--we requested that we never get him again!

(2)Surrogates....somehow this comes across to me as being too akin to buying babies. I know that many feel it is more akin to private adoption, and because in most cases the "adoptive" parents have supplied both the sperm and the ovum that they are only "renting" the mother.....but exchanges hands for the parental-rights for a child.

Don't get me wrong....I have never been in the position of wanting a child and never being able to have one of my own....I have never known the deep sad feeling of watching other people with children around me and long for one of my own.....hell, I'm Polish-blow in my ear and I'm pregnant....I'm just wondering, 50 yrs from now, how will our grandchildren judge this?

I do not have problems with adoption...although private adoptions where the pregnant mothers get supported by the adoptive parents are questionable in my mind...I wish more celebraties would do it--HERE in America (stop going outside the country people....what you don't think we've got good enough kids here for you? You don't think our kids would be "thankful" enough for you? Get your media seeking heads out of your asses and help to fix this countries problems...please)...oops sorry, tangent.

Surrogates. So there have been issues with adoptions where the mother has changed her mind at the last moment and just can not bare to part from their child. What happens if this occurs with a surrogate? DNA would put the child with the donating parents, yet birth records would put the child with the surrogate...its a grey area of the law. Who is the custodial parents if the surrogate changes her mind after she has carried these kids for 9-10 months? Do you go with DNA or birth?

See this is why the Church is against this sort of thing.....Man was not meant to take the role of the Gods.

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