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Friday, November 02, 2007

Some stories that I feel a need to comment on.... - Roads near Metrodome to close for Vikings game ...the last two games were only broadcasted because the local station that carries the games would lose more revenue if the game were blacked out than they would buying up the extra 2000 tickets. So why in the world would the citizens have to pay to have the streets blocked off---especially with the crime rate going up in North Mpls where they could really use those cops to patrol...instead of having them downtown doing traffic control {a job that is usually ran by the Police Reserves...they are like a volunteer police department}

Legal Fights Highlight Church's Message now see its people like this that give Christianity a bad name...I take it that Oscar Wilde is not on their recommended reading list. So the new joke many idiots does it take to ruin a religion? Ans: The story doesn't say what the membership of the church is.

Clinton's Fundraiser Raises Questions in case any of this sounds familiar, I do believe that the Clinton's ran into simular allegations during Bill's runs...they had big money coming in, and it turned out that what happened was that someone had "loaned" the money to several common people and had them contribute the funds--thus allowing one person/corporation give more than the maximum amount allowed by law. I think what flagged this fundraiser were two factors: 1. the foreign nationals giving money and 2. that people who you think would have a lot of disposable income {cooks, waiters, etc} seemed to have an extra $1000 each...this will be interesting. And before anyone says anything about Bush being behind it all--the best thing that could happen to the Republican party is for Clinton to get the nomination....there's just so much mud there to fling.

Obama Introduces Iran Measure I find this story delightful for several reasons. First, Obama is trying to beat up on Hillary--this is like picking thistles...they look nice, but its awfully thorny. Second, if you read the story the refer to Lieberman as an Independant and totally gloss over the fact that the only reason Lieberman ran as an Independant was because the democrats wouldn't give him an endorsement after he and Gore lost the election---yes its that Lieberman....I've heard rumors that one of the reasons he didn't get the nomination was because Clinton was flexing her political-muscles and blamed Joe for the Gore-Lieberman tickets loss of the first election. And finally....Obama isn't even trying to disquise the fact that this is all just political posturing. Could some one refresh my memory....did Obama win his current seat by running against a dead guy?

Payrolls Grow by Stron 166,000 in Oct. So what the story doesn't seem to say is that (a) the job growth is in major/large employers (b) small businesses are failing like you wouldn't believe (c) that if any of those big businesses were to collapse so would the economy--ever wonder why the airlines keep getting bail outs. If the economy collapses this time, the Great Depression of 1929 is going to look like a gopher hole...and the first ones suffering will be the home-owner who won't be able to make thier payments....oh wait that's already happening but for totally different reasons.

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