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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What a bunch of whiners

Okay so I'm watching "The View"....yes, I know-but "Nash Bridges" was on a commercial....and so there is Joy Behar bitching-n-moaning about how there is "global warming" because Georgia is in a drought...but they were all b-n-m'ing this Spring when the NOAA report came out and said there were going to be an above average number of hurricanes this year.

Guess what people? You can't have it both ways! You can't complain about too little rain in one area and bemoan too much rain in another. Hey I'm just saying that if you all would just stop trying to micromanage the world things would be fine. We have done so much to try to change the way the Earth is trying to fix things that we are doing more harm than good!

On Foxnews they tout how great it is that it is warmer than normal for the season but complained when it was hot this summer....people yap about how there isn't enough clean water supply for drinking but cry because the glaciers are melting (hey people where do you think the fresh water comes from?-Salt doesn't freeze so when the ice melts its fresh water)

Do I think everything is honky dory in my reality? No of course not--we have pollution, we have soil contamination, we have deformed frogs, wacky animal behavior and UFOs...just like everywhere else--but in my world you just have to give the earth half a chance and she will straighten this all out.

What really slays me though is that the US gets the majority of the blame--but if you look at where the real pollution is the majority of it comes from other countries; I know people say the US is to blame because these other countries do the damage so the US can get the goods we like--- you know, like we are responsible for the use of leaded paint in all those children's toys because China isn't as strict with their inforcement of product safety laws as the US is.


Do you want to know the real way to combat air pollution? Let's all go back to horse&buggy....back to the times of presythetics for clothing....back to cotton,linen, and FUR&LEATHER.....back to no A/C....back to the central cook/heat stove in the home and one large central rooms in homes....back to curtained poster beds to trap our own body heat at night...and back to hunting our own meat.

But no one wants to do that--its too inconvienient--so they will continue to do things that need to be manufactured, things that call for oil, gas and complex chemicals...and people will continue to bitch about the side effects that their living causes.

People---make up your minds. Either you want to go stone-age to clean the earth or you want to keep your lives as they are and contribute to it all.

Can't have both. Sorry.

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