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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Be afraid....very araid

Asteroid may hit Mars in next month - Yahoo! News

Okay so it will hit Mars--so what? you say.

Well it means
1.that it will spew matter into space
2. that the objects are getting closer
3. we could lose the rovers on Mars
4. if it does what they say it will, it could effect the possiblity of live developing on Mars
5.if it misses Mars there is a slight chance it could hit on of the moons and knock one out of orbit...this could cause all sorts of problems. also means that the outer planets aren't doing their job--protecting the inner planets from rogue asteroids.

Time to duck and cover people!!
Lets hope that if it misses completely it by passes us...or that our shepherd asteroids/moons do their jobs!

Oh you don't know about those??? Hmm time for you to do a little research...

see this is why NASA is so important.

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