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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Human role?? Does it make the animal less quilty? I don't think so.

Human role not ruled out in tiger attack - Yahoo! News:
"One zoo official insisted the tiger did not get out through an open door and must have climbed or leaped out. But Jack Hanna, former director of the Columbus Zoo and a frequent guest on TV, said such a leap would be an unbelievable feat, and 'virtually impossible.'
'There's something going on here. It just doesn't feel right to me,' he said. 'It just doesn't add up to me.'"

You know what? We never thought my 15" poodle would climb a 6foot chainlink fence either, but he did several times a day---an animal will do what it needs to in order to do what is natural to them....I can see it climbing or jumping over the fence. BTW, the dog never hurt itself either....even after we tethered the dog in the yard it did whatever it needed to do to get outside the yard-including nearly hanging itself.

The "human role" here was not destroying the animal when it attacked the zoo keeper earlier in the year!

Why they would have allowed the animal to live is beyond me....I don't care what the victim who lost the arm said--if a dog attacked that badly they would have put it down without question. Man-eaters do NOT deserve a second chance.

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