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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

PBS republican debates

Okay I got to see this on FoxNews this afternoon and have been fascinated by the results.

On Fox News they had this little response graph on the side which show how the focus group reacted to them. According to the graphs I saw Thompson kicked A$$!!

Alan Keyes was not supposed to be there because he didn't have the criteria to be in the debate...but there is some disagreement about this. Fox says he needed both a 1% vote in the primary/caucus in Iowa AND a full time campaign office. According to Cpan1 only one of these is necessary to be in the debate--seems to me that this would leave a LOT of candidates that should have been there then...ones that no one had heard of otherwise.

Personally, I think the Republican party has found their own Jesse Jackson...this guy was an embarrassment! His whole platform seemed to be...all politicians are liars don't trust them, all politicians are out to ruin the country don't trust them...etc. etc....he didn't seem to really have anything to say other than anger. He was SO angry. he even accused the moderator of ignoring him completely...which she did...but really what are the chances he is going to win even 1% this time???

any ways when they interviewed the people in the focus group they thought Huckabee won the debate. This really shocked me...after all THompson got the highest response of ALL the candidates...and Huckabee actually got some of the lower scores.

Even Romney got low responses from the audience...or rather they were all pretty well middle of thr road with their responses.

Ron Paul did really poorly too--in fact, like Keyes, all he had to do was open his mouth to drop his graph.

was it boring? Yeah, there wasn't a lot of interaction between the candidates--although it did allow each person the chance to answer the same question...but they didn't get enough time to either help or hinder their campaigns.

It amazes me that any of these commentators could pick any winner other than Thompson--I have heard Romney took it, I've heard Guilliani got it, I've heard Huckabee won it---really none of them did.

I've got to tell you---Thompson had a really good day. I liked the statement that we the people need to look at all the candidates and when the time comes for us to sit down at the table with other countries & such--who would we rather have representing us as a nation....

That is a good way to think of it really.

Because the President is the image that we send out to the world. Clinton made others think we were amoral...Bush makes them think we are war-mongers...what do we want the next President to say about us?

Me? I want:
touch our people and pay the price, we take care of our own first, the strong must protect the weak, and a solid tolerance for religion.

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