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Friday, December 21, 2007

Schwarzenegger: California will sue federal government -

Schwarzenegger: California will sue federal government -

(CNN) -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to sue the federal government over its decision not to allow a California plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he announced Thursday.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says the state will sue the federal government.

Environmental Protection Agency chief Stephen Johnson announced the decision Wednesday, refusing the state's request for a waiver that would have allowed it to cut emissions faster than a new federal plan the president signed into law Wednesday.

Well this does raise a good air quality a federal issue or a state one? Does the constitution cover it? And what would keep CA from passing their own higher standard above what the federal law says?

I know county trumps munipal law, state trumps county, federal trumps state....supreme court trumps all.
BUT it has always been the case that the federal government has set the minimum levels and then states are allowed to raise them if they want...not just cars but other items as well.
So what has changed? Its not like the car companies don't think they can do it...and if they can't they can petition the government for a waiver as they have done in years past.

My fear...maybe its the Awn-nald will jump ships because this moves makes it look as if the repubs just don't care that much...or that they are trying to take away a state's right to protect their own residents...
of course what most people don't realize is that if the dems get in office that will be exactly what they would like to do...only you will find a lot of your own personal rights taken away too.

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