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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sock Swap update

Yippee!!! I just heard from my partner and she has her package!!

I am jumping for joy....well not literally this time since I slipped in the snow yesterday and pulled the reflexor tendon in my left hip and while trying not to lay on my back during the night (which is actually bad for your hips) I pulled the muscles on the other hip--so I am in considerable pain today...turning and walking brings tears to the eyes---but I'll live.


Boy I hope she likes them. Its hard to read emotion in letters, and she kept hers kind of brief--I think it was just to let me know everything was find and quell my fears that the package was misdelivered.

She had a totally legitimate reason for not letting me know sooner--her modem fried and she couldn't get the internet people to believe her. I can so beleive that--we have Comcast and whenever I have a problem with the signal they send out a signal and say well they are getting a ping back so the line is clear they need to send a tech out (when I know they don't, they just want to charge for the service....but that is another post).

Oh I hope she liked those socks....I know they aren't everyone's taste---and I'm sure she will never get another pair like them from anyone else.

LOL....I can almost guarrentee she won't get another pair like them from anyone else...LOL wait until you see them!

Once she posts her photos on the HSS2 webpage I will update the post for the outgoing package with photos of the socks. Maybe I will even put a link to them off in the sidebar.

Got to go...time for more Tylenol.

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