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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wait for it---- - Archbishop of Canterbury Dismisses Nativity Scene as Nothing but 'Legend'

Wait for the fur and epitaphs to fly!
This is rather significant...there has been more and more acknowledgment from the major christian churches that the Nativity story is flawed...but no one has ever come right out and said anything that could cast real doubt on whether it really happened or not.
I have heard wonderments about the timing within the year (it was more likely than not that the birth was in the spring...based on shepherd's being outdoors and its too cold this time of year even in Nazareth)....I've heard admissions that the story was always rather minor until the church ran into pagan groups who celebrated Yule.....I've even heard that the star was simply an astrological phenomenon that happened to correspond with the birth of a child born to a Joseph & Mary who were in the City of David about the same time (according to the roman census records)
but this is the first time that I have EVER heard an official say that part of the story was "legend" and thus casting a ray of doubt which could unravel the entire thing!

We are, after all, human and if we think one part of a story is shaky then the whole story becomes inplausible.
It will be interesting to see how soon it will be before the Archbishop starts to back pedal on this one...or at least try to "clarify" his original statement.

And what a time of year to do it too!

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