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Monday, February 11, 2008

Allah forbid! - Kuwait Hardliners Take Aim at Valentine's Day:
"Kuwaiti MP Waleed Al-Tabtabae, head of the National Assembly’s Committee Monitoring Negative Alien Practices, will chair his group Wednesday to discuss ways to repress all public displays recognizing the international day of love.
“We want to discuss measures that should be taken by these ministries to prevent such alien events from impacting Kuwaiti society and spreading corruption among the Kuwaiti youth,” Al-Tabtabae told reporters Monday. Committee member Islamist MP Jamaan Al-Harbash said many Islamic countries ban Valentine's Day celebrations because the holiday “spreads moral corruption.”
While Kuwait has tolerated Valentine’s Day, allowing supermarkets to sell Valentine's Day paraphernalia in designated store areas, the nation's ultra-conservatives, who are growing in influence, are pushing strongly to remove all public reminders of the romantic holiday."
1. Why do they call them "conservatives" over there, when we would group them into the 'liberals' over here??

2. How does 'love' corrupt? Do they not see there is a difference between 'love' & 'sex'?

3. What is so wrong with expressing love? Are people not allowed to kiss over there?

Makes you wonder if they could express love/affection freely {I'm not talking sex on the corner here--I'm sure it happens there too, you just don't hear about it}, if they could hold hands, kiss, hug in public--if it wouldn't cut down on the bombings and terrorism.

After humans we take in 'lessons' on several levels. I just could not imagine living this way.

But then they will stone a woman if her toes show---and no that's not a racist comment, its a fact based on a personal experience from a college acquaintance who visited the area. She and her roommate forgot to put socks on before leaving for class--and as they walked they noticed that a group of women were following them and chattering to each other in harsh tones....they then started getting pelted with stones and called fouled names because their toes would show from under their robes with each step.

I just don't get people like this.

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