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Friday, February 29, 2008

Celebrity Leaplings - omg! news on Yahoo!

Celebrity Leaplings - omg! news on Yahoo!: "Leap years, leap days and leaplings owe their existence to the peculiar way we keep time and lay out our calendars. While we conventionally count a year as lasting 365 days, it actually takes our planet 365 days, six hours, nine minutes and 9.7 seconds to complete a single revolution in its orbit around the sun. Astronomers call that a sidereal year, and it's close enough to count as 365 and one quarter days...
...So in order to get rid of that pesky quarter-day (and make the scientific facts reconcile with our regular calendar), we add a single day back onto the calendar every four years. So 2008 will last 366 days, not 365--and anyone born Feb. 29, 2008, will have to wait until 2012 for their next true birthday.
The Romans were the first to think up this clever little time trick. Before the founding of the Republic, ancient Romans based their calendar on both the phases of the moon and the solar year. That meant that most years lasted 12 months, and measured 355 days. In order to make up the difference, they'd occasionally have a 13-month, 377-day year. But when Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar--dubbed the Julian calendar -- in 46 B.C., he cleaned things up and moved to a 365-day calendar with one extra day every four years..."
My brother has a birthday today. He turns 13 today.
I remember growing up how hectic this time of year was....leap years didn't make it any better. Why intense? Because it seemed like we had too many birthday's all at once.
First Leap baby's, then Mom's, then my other brother's a few days after her's....I seem to recall that another relative had a birthday in there too...but for the life of me I can't remember who (just not in my immediate family).
Actually my family seems to work that way quite often.
June is another big birthday month for us:
First my grandmother's (whom I never got to meet, but family still observed it), then my late brother's, then mine, then my other brother' we add one son to the mix...and a wedding anniversary for my brother.

I can remember birthday 'partys' for my brothers....well it was the family--it was kind of a party with all the kids mom & dad had....imagine my surprise when I started school and found that most families only had 2-3 kids!

We never got a lot of stuff....but we always had something. We had a cake, and our choice of ice-cream...and one year dad got a movie camera so we got to film my brother's birthday too. Actually it turned out to be a really good thing because we were able to have movies of my late brother.

I can't mention one brother without mentioning the other---they were used to say they were twins born 3 yrs apart. They did everything together....oh I wish I had a copy of the family photo album scanned in the computer---I've got the perfect halloween photo of these two.

Leap-baby was dressed as an old man and my late-brother was dressed like a go-go dancer--complete with ma's bra stuffed to the hilt! They looked soooo funny!
Great times.

Well wanted to wish my big brother happy birthday==I hope he has many more.
John remember, you are only 13 and legal age in our state is 21! LOLOLOLOLOL

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