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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't tell me this is just a southern issue - ICE conducts SW Minn. operation:
"ICE arrested 225 individuals during a four-day, six-state operation that ended Monday. States involved were Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri.
This raid’s timing coincides with high tensions in the southwest region of the state. The issue of illegal immigration is fresh on many
Minnesotans’ minds after a traffic accident that killed four children and wounded several others."
For those of you who feel this is just a southern state issue you are so wrong. Part of the problem is that foriegn nationals are finding their way up to Canada and coming into our state that way.

This is such a big issue here--even before the bus accident--that there was a major raid in 2006 of the Swift Plant in the same area of the accident.
In December 2006, ICE arrested 230 workers at the Swift plant in Worthington, as part of a much larger multi-state raid of the company's plants [so the company itself is notorious for using illegals]. The agency's presence back in the city was making some in the local Hispanic community nervous...

Well I'm sorry but if they are here illegally they should be nervous...they are breaking the law and they know it. They are not going after American citizens, they are not going after legal immigrants...they are looking for those who came illegally.
MN is number 1 in the money spent on health-care & welfare (incls. AFDC & food stamps) in the nation. We have a net loss of an estimated $20,000 per illegal in the can't tell me we don't have an issue on it here. (stats via interview with MN congresswoman Michele Bachman)

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