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Saturday, February 23, 2008

good day....bad day

Good day: Hubby took me shopping at the grocery store. I know for a lot of people this seems rather mundane, everyday dread....but we don't go to the regular store very often so it is a real treat--especially if he lets me buy stuff I want.

They had Yoplait yogurt (all styles) on sale for 20/$10 (can't beat 20cents a container, no limit) we did a really good job at cleaning them out. My daughter stopped counting at 40 when she was putting them into the 'over flow' refridgerator.

He also let me get some Coffee Mate creme....Raspberry (I have got to do a review on this too)
and some International Instant coffee (orange something--I'll review that too)...and some barley for soup....and some canned soup they had on sale (trying to get the kids to eat more soup in their lunches)...and some rutabagas, turnip, & parsnips (they are hard to find at this store)...and they had Hamburger Helper/Chicken Helper on sale for 10/$10!

I love this stuff--it is a great launch point for meals. The box says it feeds 4 but I need to make enough to feed at least 8 (I have two teenagers and a preteen, plus there's hubby) I figure out what's in it and stretch it out.
Take the "Lasanga" that's going to be extra can of tomatoe sauce and a few wide egg noodles...viola supper for 8.
Or the "Chicken Fried Rice"....extra rice, as much chicken as I need, maybe an extra cup of peas...whammo-dinner for the family!
Then as I eat them I pick them apart....trying to figure out what they used for flavoring (being careful not to get anything with fish)....then when I'm out of the boxes I can figure out how to make it myself...and save the money.

Lets see we got chips & ginger-ale for flu season (best to have on hand ahead of time) and little samplers of coffee.
They are the cutest things...they were 10/$10 and are going to be perfect for a gift for my SIL. We figured we could get a couple of coffee cups from Dollar Tree, stuff them with a few of the samplers, put them in a nice basket and give it to her that way. I think it will make a nice gift...maybe I'll even include some Romance novels (I think she likes that smut....I know she wouldn't be into Bronte or Austin).

We ever worked outside with the dog on some basic obedience--she really needed it....we have let it slide the last month or so. She did really well.

Straightened out my cupboards so it would actually hold it all (couldn't believe all the stuff I had to find a spot for).

Bad Day:
While making the bed, the corner of my pillow knocked off a statuette I had in my window and it broke.
I was a beautiful statuette of two cherubs sitting on a bench; one had a basket and the other held a little birdie in its hands.
I kept it in the house because I was afraid that it would get broken outside (ha!) and I've been able to keep it fairly safe for the last 5 yrs. It has taken a couple of spills but nothing really happened to it.
This time...a feather pillow smash the sucker to smithereens!
Okay, technically it wasn't the was the floor/wall as it fell. I totally lost one of the cherubs....she lost her head and her wings---insert joke here---there was not saving it. No just gluing it together.
It was a resin statuette and once they break they are ruined.
It was so hard to throw it felt kind of like throwing out an heirloom even though it wasn't that old...but it had to go. [sigh] Somedays I miss my mom.
Hubby tried to make me feel better by telling me to look at Design Toscano for something simular (love them) but he doesn't know I just spent way too much at Herrschner's again....and I swore I wouldn't...swore it....looked at their pages and said 'nice but I can live w/o it' then placed too big of an order the next day figuring that most of it would be out of stock because the prices were so good.

I just got the shipping notice yesterday (the day after placing the order-very unusual for them) and I did get EVERYTHING I ordered. {sigh} not that I'm not happy....I just don't know how I'm going to hide it all from hubby.

I'll have to post some of the stuff I got later.

But good day/bad day.....lets hope the good day just keeps going.

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