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Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Clinton Racist??

Clinton replaces campaign manager - Hillary Clinton News-

Okay first let me preface this with a disclaimer that I am sure both of these women are very good at their jobs, extremely smart, and more than capable of running a campaign. And I try to see things as color neutral as possible.

But does any one else see what's happening here?

When Clinton courted the high latino/hispanic states she had a Latina in charge of her campaign.

Now that she see who her Republican opponent is more likely to be she sees that the democratic party pretty much has the latino/hispanic locked-up she has to court the black vote...they will be the key to the she brings in a black woman.

Like I said--I'm sure Maggie Williams is very good at what she does. I'm sure she has a great resume to back her appointment. As a matter of fact, I'm wondering why she wasn't put in charge in the first place.

Maggie was the former First Lady's chief of staff! The lady she's replacing,Patti Solis, was Hillary's scheduler during Bill's 1992 campaign....hmmm....I'd want the chief of staff in charge from the beginning instead of a walking calendar wouldn't you?

But still...look at what she has coming up: (national average of black population, according to 2006 census estimates, is 12.8%--for reference)

maryland - 29.5% are black, Baltimore=64.3%, Annapolis=31.4%, Bowie=30.8%

Virginia - 19.9% are black, but 57.2% in Richmond (capital), 43.5% in Suffolk, and 50.6% in Portsmouth....their big cities where there are likely to be bigger turnouts.

DC -- 56.5% of the population is black

Wisconsin--Milwaukee is 25.6% minority, that's rather high actually...15% of those are African-American.

Hawaii - interesting stats! 40% are asian and only 9.1% claim to be of NATIVE Hawiian! No wonder they hate 'tourists' so much.

Ohio - state=12%, Cleveland=51%, Akron=28%, Cincinnati=42%, Columbus=24.5%, Dayton=43%, Cleveland Hgts=41.8%, East Cleveland* (yes its a seperate city)=93.4%!!!

Texas - 11.5%, Forth Worth=20.3%, Dallas=25.9%, Galveston=25.5%, Houston=25.3%; my guess is you will see her sticking to these cities.

Rhode Island - 6.3%, there are no major concentrations of black population

Vermont - 0.7%, no major concentrations of any minority group.

Does anyone really have doubts on the reasons behind the staff change?? I know I don't.

Well maybe one--who's been keeping an eye on Bill these days? Patti is cuter than Monica...and Bill has that new toupe on (oh you know it has to be one!)

For someone who claimed that she was not making race an issue--she sure looks like she is....or at least is trying to. I'm waiting to see just how desperate she will guess is it won't take too long---and if this comes down to the DNC convention.....ooooooooooohhhhhhhh

I don't think I would want to be in the same building as her when the party puts up Obama...I think Pelosi will put enough pressure on the delegates not to put in Hillary-the dislike between these two isn't exactly a secret, you know.

*more about East Cleveland: average owner-occupied home is $67,700 (2000, before housing crash), 68.9% have high school degree/equiv., average income=$20,542 (these people are the working poor!), 32% are below pverty level compared to 10.6% nation wide.

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