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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News withdrawl!!!!

I've been trying to get into Drudge report for 1/2 hour now and its down....

So I'm sitting here listening to the radio....when Jason Rayne, a local boy (age 22) who is a democrat "Super Delegate" and he came right out and claimed that he has committed to Obama (idiot)....he is also claiming that most of the S.D.s who were for Hillary have either changed to uncommitted or Obama.

He feels the job of the SDs is to think of 'what's best for the party'....not what's good for the nation!!! What a dick-head.

He feels that he does not have to go with what the people of his state want....that he has the right, the power, invested by the party to change what the people of the state want by casting his own vote.


This means that they can be swayed enough by candidates, who would be unethical, by incentives, bribes, gifts, promises of future help, etc. to cas their vote for a person who really isn't good for the country [cough,Obama,cough]

To be a Super Delegate all they have to be is a high school delegate and have been elected to an office as a democrat. By the sounds of it, the majority of them are in their 20's.

The hosts of the program did point out that these days the majority of kids in their 20's who fit this describtion are still living at home in their parents house. They haven't got the life experience to 'speak' for the people at large.

and at 22 years old I've got to believe 22yrs old you are still naive enough to believe that a President can do everything they promise---you aren't worldly enough to realize that the power to do these things lies in Congress and not the White House.

Now they did not get into what this guy's major was or what kind of degree he was getting....but I've got to tell you....he sounded like he wasn't that worldly. He sounded like a someone who would go 'hey that sounds nice....taxes will pay for that' and then bitch and complain that the prices of things are too high.

He only knows about recession/inflation thru books only.....the only wars he knows about are the last two, he doesn't know about the Viet Nam war except from the biased media---he sounds like a tree-hugging, carbon-footprint watching, anti-smoking, global-warmer, chicken-little.

I didn't hear one thing from him that i didn't hear in all the retorique that's out there. the anti-Bush sentiments that totally forgets that they aint running against Bush this time!

If you watch the last few debates it was totally "Bush" this and "Bush" should be "McCain" this and "McCain" that since there is no doubt at this point (to the disappointment of several hard-line Republicans I know) that he will be the Republican candidate---so what is the point of having a frickin' convention???

Oh I feel a straying point coming on.
I need an asprin.

Where's my Drudge?

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