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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not sure this is so good. - Queen Elizabeth II Apologizes to Child Bitten by Swan:

"The 6-year-old girl from Cornwall, south west England, wrote to Buckingham Palace because her mother told her the queen owns all the swans in Britain. She decorated her letter with flowers and a picture of a swan with a sad face.
A lady-in-waiting responded, saying the queen was 'sorry to hear about the swan.'
Though the queen doesn't own every swan in Britain, she does own certain mute swans in the Thames. This tradition goes back to the 12th century, when roast swan was considered a delicious dish, and continues today with the annual 'Swan Upping,' a census of swans on the Thames"
[Ginger notes: not even a gargoyle would eat such a beautiful thing as a swan]

Granted the Queen is just trying to make the little girl feel better, and she may not have even been truly involved at all....but one must wonder if by publishing the 'apology' if one does not open one up for a lawsuit against one.
Well think about it....
The Lady in Waiting basically claimed the swan as the queen's property (like a dog)
an owner is responsible for the actions of its property (like a dog)
if said property causes another person harm, the owner is responsible for any medical bills ariseing from the incident
therefore the Queen could be sued to cover the medical bills, pain & suffering, and any future medical bills incurred by this family over the incident.
If english law is anything like American law, that is.
And from what I've read in the news lately---its probably worse in this respect.

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