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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

S & M was not the problem

"Taki Noriko, the dominatrix who trussed up Benjamin and left him alone - as he'd requested - was relieved to hear of his recovery"
The problem was he didn't get a real dominatrix---no dominatrix worth her price would ever....ever....leave a client unattended while unable to release themself.

Chances are greater that what he got was either someone unapprenticed or someone who was a few steps above a street walker, willing to do anything for a buck.

and by the sounds of it...he wasn't into S&M as much as he was into B&T (bind & torture) which is different. S&M is about release, B&T is about humiliation and distruction--and it sounds like he was into self humiliation and self destruction.

Yes I agree he needs help---any self destructive behavior needs help to find the root of it. But S&M is not issue here.

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