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Friday, February 22, 2008

This is sad

This poor guy probably figured that it was easy duty--a way to make a little extra money, instead it cost him his life. No he didn't see Hillary without make-up on...a motor officer wiped out on his bike while escorting the Clinton tour and actually died.

Okay here is the video--see if you can see something wrong with it.

Here's what I'm seeing--the skids are not matching the bike.
Maybe I am just seeing the skids wrong, but the skids are going from the top of the screen to the bottom, yet the bike itself is laying on its right side, front wheel towards the center lane.
Normally when you skid the tendency is to lay the bike down under you so the tires are going into the skid. So the way it is now, it looks like the officer skidded with his body leading the skid and the top of the bike going into the skid (if he was traveling from top to bottom of the screen)...UNLESS something forced him to go that direction--such as being hit by a second vehicle.
The bike is aligned properly IF he was travelling from the bottom to the top of the screen, but then the skid marks would be on the wrong side of the bike! Again, unless he was hit by a second car sending him to skid backwards.
We will have to wait--I will see if I can find more info on the accident.
Leave it to Drudge Report to stir me to an article. here we go:

Officer In Clinton Motorcade Killed In Crash
Clinton Cancels Fort Worth Campaign Rally Following Officer's Death
DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ― A Dallas police motorcycle officer crashed and was killed Friday while escorting the Hillary Clinton motorcade to a campaign rally. Senior Corporal Victor Lozada, a 20-year veteran of the department, was killed in the accident. Sources say the 49-year-old Corporal was relatively new to the motorcycle division. Chopper 11 was over the scene and showed emergency medical technicians working to save the officer. The crash happened on the Houston Street viaduct, between Oak Cliff and downtown Dallas. Lozada was taken to Methodist Central Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Senator Clinton was told about the deadly crash shortly after her Dallas campaign stop ended. Speaking soon afterwards, Clinton said, "We are just heartsick over this loss of life in the line of duty. I have asked that my condolences be conveyed to the family. I am going to call the family, and I have placed a call to the chief of police expressing my sympathy."
CBS 11's Steve Pickett, who attended the Dallas rally, said that even after Senator Clinton made her comments about the officer's death, most people in the crowd seemed to have no idea that the wreck had occurred. Clinton was scheduled to attend a rally in Fort Worth after the event in Dallas.
She went to Fort Worth and spoke to supporters while standing in front of the Tarrant County courthouse. There she told the crowd that she was canceling the rally because of the death of Corporal Lozada. Following the announcement in Fort Worth, Clinton went back to Dallas to visit Lozada's widow and family at Methodist Hospital. After the visit Clinton released a statment that said, in part, "This reminds us, once again, what our men and women in law enforcement do every single day and it is important that we respect and appreciate their service." Corporal Lozada had four children, two of whom are in college. Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle said Lozada was a very family-oriented man and was the soccer coach for his 10-year-old son's team. According to the chief, Lozada had only been with the motorcycle unit for a little more than a month.In a statement, police say no other vehicles were involved in the wreck.
(© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights

Well I have to say I do like the fact that she actually went to the hospital to see the family instead of just sending a note or making the phone call she had originally talked about.

According to FOXNews radio, the officer hit the curb and it caused him to loose balance just enough to make him fall.
Well that doesn't make much sense either.
I guess we will have to wait until the autopsy, if we hear about it.
He also must have been in the back of the caravan of vehicles because they make it sound as if Clinton didn't know about it until towards the end of the Dallas rally.

I can not believe that she cancelled that rally in a state that is so important for her to stay in the race---that says a LOT!

It was a very good move. Very HUMAN.

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