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Thursday, February 28, 2008 - New Heavy Duty Hauling Bike Hits The Market - New Heavy Duty Hauling Bike Hits The Market:
"'I wanted something that I could carry my groceries and my clothes to work at least one day a week,' said Nick Sande, the other co-inventor of the 'Big Dummy.'

Dave Gray said the long frame is more stable than a normal bike and the extra saddle bags gives bikers the capacity to carry more cargo.

'I know that if I want to stop at Home Depot, if I want to stop at the grocery store, or if I want to stop anywhere, there's a good chance I can strap it on the back of my 'Big Dummy,'' said Gray. 'It's a nice alternative to racks or bags on a touring bike or commuter bike. There's just more cargo capacity.'

The built up bike is going to take more pedal power to push -- it weighs about 40 pounds, a normal bike is about 25 pounds."
How are they, in the land of Political-Correctness...did they get a way with naming this bike "Big Dummy"?? This is a dirogatory term for someone who is developmentally old movies they would be the ones used for hauling orders at the lumberyard that was too dangerous for anyone else...its a really bad term.
No one would want their kid called it....even when Fred (Redd Foxx) would say it on "Sanford & Son" my family would cringe. yes the most politically incorrect family I knew in real life hated the term.

No no no. This company should be pressured by activist groups to change this name---its really, really bad!

And I have to say....I'm really surprised that the local uberliberal news station hasn't jumped onto it! How uberliberal is this news station? They have a missing boy in there backyard but the main story on their website is about the Republican Luet. Gov. possibly being removed as head of the DOT....the boy's story? Its about 1/3 the size underneath.....THAT'S how bad they are.

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