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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well they did say the world ends in 4 yrs. - U.S. Navy Intercepts Russian Bombers Flying Near Ships - International News News of the World Middle East News Europe News: "A U.S. military official says that one Russian Tupolev 95 buzzed the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz twice, at a low altitude of about 2,000 feet, while another bomber circled about 50 nautical miles out. The official was speaking on condition of anonymity because the reports on the flights were classified as secret"
...or because it didn't really happen...its a possibility.

Actually I wouldn't doubt that a couple of russian pilots decided to buzz the Americans just to tweak their noses.

But I highly doubt, okay I seriously doubt, that the Russian government or the military had anything to do with it.

Once those pilots are up in the air....I don't care what country they are from....they know they get to play God until they touch ground again....and if they spark an international incident they get to 'live forever' amongst the lore of thier prospective ranks.

Pilots are glory hounds---plain and simple.

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