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Monday, March 10, 2008

All funny 'til someone gets hurt ... - Washington Boy Hospitalized after Being Buried in Sandbox:
"EVERETT, Wash. — A 10-year-old Everett area boy is listed in critical condition at Children's Hospital in Seattle after being buried in a sandbox by his playmates.
The boy has been identified by his family as Cody Porter.
His half brother, 30-year-old Joshua Quantrille, says Cody was playing with Quantrille's three sons and several other children on Saturday in the back yard of a home belonging to a family friend.
There is a sandbox in the back yard, and Quantrille says his children told him Cody came up with the idea that they should bury him, head first, in the sand.
Quantrille says the children came up with the idea from a cartoon they watch on television.
Quantrille says Cody was buried about from his head to his
. At some point, he began thrashing around, but the children apparently thought he was playing.
Eventually they figured out that something was wrong. They pulled Cody out and called the adults inside the home, who administered CPR until an aid car arrived.
Snohomish County Sheriff's deputies interviewed the five children who were in the sandbox with Cody. None of them were detained or taken into custody.
The sheriff's office has called it a tragic accident."
And this is what comes from not talking to your kids about how cartoons aren't real. We start real early .... and it didn't matter what it was we were watching .... Peter Rabbit .... Bugs Bunny ... CSI ..... MacGyver (gotta love DVD) ... we talk to the kids --- okay we talk at the kids. I know a lot of you will think "that just takes away their childhood" but this isn't like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus -- this is a safety issue. Parents have to talk about this stuff, before they try to swing from the side of the building like SpiderMan or jump off the roof like Superman (don't fool yourself, there were plenty of cases of that happening during the television run in the 1950's).

But I've got to wonder just how deep this sandbox is?

Certainly deeper than a foot! That's a LOT of sand ... one cubic yard of sand is really heavy (if you don't believe me then you have never worked with concrete) ... and chances are great that this thing was a lot bigger than that ... even the little kiddie ones will take a few bags of sand.
Then too .... I wonder what type of sand they used too. I think a lot of people would use just cheap landscapers sand as opposed to the superfine, bleached sandbox sand.

This poor kid.

Besides not being able to breath ... you know he's going to have sand in every orifice for long time to come. I just hope he didn't get any of it in his eyes.
Sand can do some real damage to the corneas of the eyes that could lead to major vision problems.
Now that's not even thinking about what the sand could have done to his lungs if it got inside .... if you remember your basic health class, you will remember that the lungs are actually made up of a network of tiny pouches which draw in the air - and you know what its like when you get a nasty cold and have to cough hard to 'clean' them out --- now imaging that with little grains of glass ... because that's basically what sand is, little grains of glass. Which also means it could cause some of those sacks to 'collapse' or not function at all.
And then if .... and you know he probably did ... he swallowed any of that sand it has to work its way thru his body. I remember my mom telling me stories growing up about ways women tried to kill their husbands (mom was a crime freak ... and yeah, it was weird to talk to a kid about this) and one of them was about a woman who actually put ground up glass in his food.
Well knowing that sand are made of tiny grains of glass ... YIKES!
And they can't do much about it either other than 'flush' his system and hope it all gets out without causing a blockage or ripping up his insides ....

This poor family. They have got years of fall out from this ahead of them.
Its a good thing that the body of kids seem to be pretty resilient .... he may recover with a minimum of effect

Wait for the legislation on this one. I would love to hear what cartoon they were trying to copy.
My guess is either "Ed, Edd, & Eddy" or "Rem & Stempy" or "Sponge Bob"
All are banned (and blocked) in my house.
Along with "The Simpsons" and the "Family Guy"

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