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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back off Peoples... - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Rumors:
"TMZ spoke exclusively to Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, who said medics were called because Tina[her mother] has the flu and began to experience shortness of breath. Paging Janet Jackson!"
Hey until you've been there you don't know what its like.

This happened to me in college and you don't usually think of it happening ... it came out of no where ... it wasn't in the middle of vomiting or anything ... it just strikes. You feel like your chest is going to explode and you can't get a decent breath.

I was lucky, I was able to send my dog downstairs to get my folks who were able to get me some help .... I wasn't even 20 yet .... I couldn't imagine going thru something like that now. I think the first thought would have been 'heart attack'.

Especially with how they say women are underdiagnosed for it.

So step back TMZ ... this is more common than you know!

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