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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bad Bad Terminator

Opinion - Editorial: Air Schwarzenegger -

"'I just don't have a home in Sacramento,' Schwarzenegger said to the Times.
'The question is how can I be with my family, because that is extremely important, to be with my kids. They are all growing up. They are in their teens. They need their father around. … I felt it took a toll on my family not being at home every day. So what I am trying to do is find that balance between the family and running the state.'
There's an easy solution to this homeless tragedy. It was pointed out by former Gov. George Deukmejian, one of many Southern California state leaders who managed to survive an extended occupancy in Sacramento.
Deukmejian suggests that Schwarzenegger buy a big house here, move his family into it, and then donate it to the state as a governor's mansion once his term is over."

Why doesn't CA have a 'Governor's Mansion'? I know what former gov. Deukmejian said about how he bought a house to live in Sacramento when he was in office and that Arnold should donate the house after his term....

So if this was such a good deal -- then why didn't Deukmejian donate his house after his term???? Because that was his money. It has to be said too that right now there is a tax-exempt fund that pays $64,000 yr for a penthouse [presumably to the same hotel] that could easily be applied to a house .... there is no mention as to whether this penthouse is exclusively for the Governor of the State or if it is only reserved if the governor needs it.

I wonder what happens in that suite when the governor isn't there. hmmm

And how do you think the people would feel about paying for a home for Swartzeneggar and his family? Not just for the property (which would then be tax free), but for the upkeep, updating, bills, staff, security system, etc.
They would NOT like that at all -- they would just find a new reason to complain.

As far as the plane --- well he could drive his SUV everyday, or pay a driver to do it for him, or a better solution would be to look at the state and how the population is spread and MOVE THE CAPITAL.

Actually if you look at many states' capitals you will see that they were centrally located to the majority of the population, which generally meant a big city ... but they aren't anymore. now a days these cities are the most crime ridden in the state, the poorest, the densest populated, dirty cities which are located in very inconveinient places for most of the 'newer' cities which up-cropped over the hundred years since state-hood.

Or what the governor could do is create a 'satellite' capital ... a secondary site where official government business can take place which is closer to his home.

Or he can get the state senate to pass a ruling much like that of "Airforce One" [that is any aircraft the President is on is Airforce One, even his heliocopter]...then he would be able to use whatever residence he is in as the 'Governor's Mansion'.

Swartzie isn't charging the state for the use of his plane (which he could do since it is being used for official state business) ... he isn't ever 'out of touch' from his duties ... I just don't see the point.

Let the man do his job and stop busting his chops.

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