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Saturday, March 08, 2008

CA attacks the military again!!

Anti-war judge rejects foster teen's bid to join military - LA Daily News:
"Transcripts of juvenile court hearings require a special release from a judge. Court officials said a transcript of the Sage hearing, if released, would not be available for a week or more."
and of course, the judge isn't going to release the transcripts because that would give grounds for overturning it on appeal.

What gets me is this boy is 17 .... he is old enough to have recreational sex but not join the Marines???? At 17 he is old enough to chose what college he wants to go to, but not join the military .... and he is old enough to buy a car, but not a tank? If he were a girl he would be old enough to obtain an abortion without parental notification - but not join the Marines.

Its totally ridiculous.

Every case that this woman precided over involving a youth joining the military should be re-examined by a new NEUTRAL judge. This woman did NOT enter the case with a clear mind .... she did not. Nor should the baliff be allowed to 'testify' during the proceedings, that was HIGHLY improper.

the court needs to be sanctioned in this matter.

But of course being California .... nothing will be done.

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