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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you remember the Moonaticks?

Saturn moon shows potential for water and life: NASA:

"The spacecraft found a high density of water vapor and both simple and complex organic chemicals as it passed within 50 kilometers (30 miles) of Enceladus on March 12 to assess the geyser-like plumes shooting out from surface fractures, the space agency said.

Cassini's instruments detected temperatures on Enceladus's south pole hot-spot as high as minus 135 degrees F (minus 93 C), which suggested that sub-surface temperatures might be high enough for the existence of liquid water, one of the keys to possible life, John Spencer, one of the scientists on the Cassini team, told a news conference."

Jiminies!!! This is the best hope yet! Our own atmosphere gets to about -173*F at about this range. And not only finding water vapor but to find organic chemicals too! This is so exciting.
Of course it doesn't mean there are little green men or anything, but it means that they have the beginnings of primodial stew.

As a former pre-aerospace geek I am doing a happy dance like you wouldn't believe!!!!

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