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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Feeling a little better

Well i wound up not being able to make it thru the Boy Scout Meeting, but fortunately hubby got out of his meeting sooner than he expected and came down to sit in....very fortunate because I missed about 1/2 of it from being in the Ladies room.

The first time I didn't quite make it in there in time....but after hubby came I didn't feel the pressure to holdon as long as I could.

What those people must think of me!

Well, I am feeling a little better today. I've actually have been out of bed a couple of times to test my 'sea legs' and they seem to be working okay. No pain when I stand up today, although it still feels like I have a tummy full of rocks rolling around in there and down my back...uhhhggg....side effects of poop-stoppers (sorry I know that's gross, but then so is food poisoning)

I finally remembered what it was I had though.....cream cheese on a bagel bit....that's it. Nothing to drink....and all the other samples they offered that day were fish/seafood based so I couldn't have them.

Now to get going on this plant mat! I didn't get anything done yesterday--it seemed like all I did was sleep. Even after the kids got home....I slept. I'm hoping that my son isn't pulling any wool over my eyes about what homework is due, he says he's gotten all caught up except for one item.

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