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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FOLLOW UP: When Knitters Go Wild

JafaGirlArt - KnitKnot Tree: "
For those concerned about what we will do with the yarn after the tree sweater is removed.
More than likely we will do what we normally do with our art materials, recycle and re-use in another piece of art. However for those who would like to see some of the knitted peices[sic] donated please contact us so you can collect the pieces and donate to a charity of your choice."
I was so excited when JafaBrit wrote a comment to my blog (I was beginning to think I was the only one reading it), I need to thank her for sending me the link to the page which answered by concern about the material being used for art instead of charity (see previous post, "When Knitters Go Wild" ).

I of course jumped right over to her site .... WOW, impressive photos! Much better than the ones in the news article .... you can see the tree progression.

AND they recycle the yarn -- that is so cool. Now I'm not sure if that means they take apart the bits they won't use as is, to re-knit the yarn into something else .... or if it simply means that they hang onto it until its needed again. Either way it makes for great conservation of resources.

But that is one thing I've always loved about the 'needle arts' is that the materials seem to lend themselves to recycling.

Most charities want you to use new, clean, unused yarn so the recycled yarn from their projects wouldn't be able to be used in many charitable projects for the general user. Unless it is a project that lends itself to sterilizing. {she says as she looks at the three cones of cotton worsted waiting for their turn to be changed into bandages}

This makes it much less frivolous. I really like that.

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