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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is it or isn't it

Minn. lawmaker part of wave to ban hallucinogenic plant -
"The plant can be smoked, chewed, or made into a tea. Its effects last for a shorter time than other hallucinogens like LSD or PCP.
The drug sells for about $8 per pound, and can be purchased over the Internet or from local producers.
No deaths have been attributed to its use, but it was listed as a factor in a Delaware teen's suicide two years ago.
Eight states have already placed restrictions on the plant"
Interesting. Its interesting. It is already being deemed a 'drug' but technically its an 'herb'. Drugs are derived from plants/herbs...but can the plant itself be the drug? hmmm. interesting.

My herb wholesaler doesn't sell this particular herb so I know nothing about it.

And even though they say that 8 states have restricted it, they don't say how its restricted. It is noted that it is not regulated by the Controlled Substance Act ... so Federally its not illegal although the DEA is pushing to have it added to the same list that has LSD on it.

It does produce hallucinations in as little as 1 minute and last as much as 1/2 hour. It would very dangerous if someone used it before driving or operate machinery.

I did not see anything that says any studies were done on long term usage.

Normally I treat banning of naturally occurring substances with caution because it is what it is. Nutmeg can be a hallucinogen as well if taken in significant quantities...but they aren't regulating that.

Actually there are plenty of things out there .... daffodil bulbs, nutmeg, sage, etc. -- stuff you can get your hands on any day.

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