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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Missed Oppotunies - Ciresi drops out of Senate race:
"Democrat Mike Ciresi is dropping out of the race for U.S. Senate, saying he doesn't think he can win the party's endorsement.
The move now dwindles the candidate pile from three to two, leaving Al Franken and Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, vying for the DFL endorsement"
Mike, mike, mike .... why? You have Franken over the fire pit with his NY fine! One of Al Franken's biggest foot hold is on the unions --- and here he did a blatant violation of employee benefits and you have let it go without comment????

I almost get the feeling that the DFL leadership is telling the candidates NOT to talk about this because other than the original news story there has been NOTHING mentioned any where else.

I can't believe this. I thought politicians were supposed to be Pitbulls, but these guys are acting like shih-tzu's .... a bit of yapping but their hiding under their chairs.

COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Where are the Union's indignance over Franken not paying for basic WORKMANS COMP???? You think they would be so quiet if it were 3M or XCel or Ford or WalMart? HELL NO!!! They would have it plastered all over the media.

And I'm sure many of them would go "well, it is just a small company thing' ....
BUT I would say that it was the laise-faire attitude he put on it that is the dangerous part of it all.

And then to push it onto someone else .... oh he thought this other company took care of it .... well that's fine but then once he was told there was an issue he should have taken care of it RIGHT A WAY .....
No he left the state {the story made it sound like he knew before he moved that he had violated the law, but the actual court judgement didn't come down until after he left -- but still, he knew it was going to court...} without keeping a close eye on things.

So of course our politicians have to practice MN-nice and not bring it up.

So we will allow yet another carpet bagger to take our voice away from us.

I know Franken was born here in MN, but I question how minnesotan his views really are, actually I question a lot of the DFLers veiwpoints .... they just seem to be so 'other worldly' , not based in the agricultural background of MN. They have become Big City people and seem to feel less for the smaller voices up north, down south, or out to the west of the state.

They seem to listen most to the UofM, the MN teachers union, the labor unions, the MTC, etc. All issues that deal with the two largest cities, and in some effects the other 4 sub-major cities of St. Cloud, Rochester, Duluth, Shakopee ... but littler town such as Eveleth, Gheen, Alexandria, Mankato .... these are pretty much forgotten about until some tragedy strikes that they need aid.

It just makes me mad!

If this were Coleman that had not paid Workers Comp the Dems would be all over it ... but they are just rolling over.

I want a Dem with some teeth ... I want a real choice .... I want someone who follows the rules, not just expects everyone else to.

Franken feels very much like "Do what I say, Not as I do".

I don't like the choice.

If it looks smells like dog doo .....

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