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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now aren't you glad we bailed them out?

Southwest Grounds 41 Planes:
"DALLAS (AP) - Southwest Airlines says it grounded 41 planes last night in the wake of its recent admission that it had missed required inspections of some planes for structural cracks.
Spokeswoman Christi Day says the move resulted in some flights being canceled Wednesday, but she doesn't have a precise figure.
The move comes as Southwest faces a $10.2 million civil penalty for continuing to fly nearly 50 planes after the airline admitted that it had missed required inspections of the planes.
Southwest also put three employees on leave after being notified of the penalty by the Federal Aviation Administration."
Now when the airlines went to the Feds and asked for money because they needed it to operate and maintain the safety in the air? or something to that effect?

Now undiagnosed cracks is what caused several tragedies. Such as lost wings in flights, dropped engines, even a case in Hawaii where the entire top of the passenger compartment came off!

If there are any major defects they should have their liscense to operate taken away.

How many lives did they put at risk just because they didn't want to pull a few planes everyday off the line??

Of course, how many people complain everyday because there aren't enough flights to where they want to go. Also they put up a stink if the plane is running late. Imagine their reaction when they get told that their flight has been cancelled.
Especially if they are between destinations .... the airline isn't about to tell them that there was a major defect with the plane and grounding it. Could you imagine the uproar???
I swear people think that the airlines have an endless stock of planes at every airport.

We will have to keep an eye on this one.

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