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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Race still too close to call

Election Results -
Okay so Hillary had nearly a clear sweep last night....3 out of 4.....and as much as the Obama camp may not want you to realize it....she is now breathing down his neck.
The current delegate count is :
C=1423 it looks like Obama has this huge lead on her (how will she gain 100 delegates?) the truth is she doesn't have that far to go.

Only 89, and it could be even less than that if she successfully argues against the Obama delegates picked up in Texas (see previous post). Plus she has those disinfranchised delegates from Florida which weren't counted due to their early primary. And my understanding is that for some reason Obama was not on the ballot in Michigan--don't know the reason for it, but you would think if he was going to get that many votes then the write ins alone would have been enough to get him at least part of their delegates.

Then there is the super-delegates....who don't have to stick to their word until the convention.....but you can see a previous post on this subject as well and my feelings on them.

Right now they figure the super delegates go as follows:
C=232 O=198

Statistically there are not enough delegates left in the remaining states to take the whole thing===it could however sway the super delegates.

As it stands right now, without the super delegates (as estimated) their shortfalls for a clear tickets are as follows:
C=602 O=513
With the super delegates:
C=370 O=315

From a purely anarcist point of veiw....I would love to see everyone left to get pissed off enough at Clinton & Obama to cast their votes for Gravel.

He won't have enough win the nomination but it would be enough to make the party stand up and go "hey what's going on?" "why are our members not voting for one our hand-picked candidates?" "how dare people think for themselves!"

If you want a real giggle go to the DNC would think they were the home for John McCain--he is the BIGGEST article on the homepage!
And they still seem to be running against Bush! It is very comical.

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