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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Slap in veterans faces

Okay so Forest Lake High School was going to have a group of veterans speak to kids at their school --- not to recruit, not to praise the war, not to sway the kids one way or the other -- simply to speak about thier experiences.

So what happens? Parents call saying that it is too political .... why? Because people from OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT threatened to protest the gathering if it took place.

Excuse me?????

So you will deny these kids LEARNING from PRIMARY SOURCES about history because you let outside forces sway you??? How horrible is that??

They protest .... you simply call the cops to have them removed from the school property.

Yes it is too political .... but not from the veterans side --- from the outsider protestors side!!!

These are professional protestors. They have found that there are groups of people who truck in people from places such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Olympia, Salem, etc (yes mosty west coast cities are what I've heard) and just give them a sign.

It has become so wild that cities try to contain them into a certain area or 'parade route' so it doesn't snarl up everyday traffic for those who do NOT want to participate. But for some reason these people who are willing to hide behind the constitution for their rights don't see how their protests interfer with the rights of others.

now they are interrupting STUDENT RIGHTS. If kids in the school had said ... listen you have to allow us to opt out of this if we don't want to go, I could see it ... but there is no way they would have totally cancelled the event.

This is so so sad .... as much as we want our kids to grow up to make their own decisions in life--be independant thinkers, reasoned individuals, responsible adults --- we sure aren't letting them have all the information they need to make informed desicions.

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