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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time is not on my side

Okay I got a week's extension on my project from my partner. An entire week ... so wouldn't you know it, its been the week from HELL.

Saturday was 'sick kid day' and for that fact so was Sunday.

Sunday was also "Got To Get The Rest Of The GirlScout Cookies Delivered" day. it also turned into "Oh Geez we forgot to finish homework" day which included an essay my son was supposed to have done on Mahalia Jackson (you would not believe how much info you can soak up looking for info for your kid)....of course it wasn't until he was at the end of the report working on his bibliography that he announced he needed one non-on-line reference which he had but couldn't remember the name of it ---- arrrrghhhh. But he said he got it done okay. We will see.

I could double check for him but there is a time when I have got to let him do this on his own.

Anyhow back to my week. So that was Sunday. Sunday night hubby wanted attention so no time to work there either.

Monday, day ... I tried to work on the project and wound up not being able to do anything because I suddenly remembered it was SCOUT NIGHT. Aw man....had to find and make sure his uniform was clean....tried to find my Badge magic and gave up on it....It was also my daughters first Varsity Chior Concert. What to do -- both were at the same time but we didn't know how long hers would last so we could very well leave him at scouts alone, nor could we have me go to the concert just in case she got done early then we would have been stuck there until when hubby & son got done. So we worked it to scouts--dad to concert--mom with phone to call other son for ride.
So we got home late and hubby wanted to go straight to sleep. No crafting (even though I took my work with me to scouts, the other mom's kept me too busy to do anything --- ugggg)

Then there was today. i thought everything would be great. Sunny day, almost 50*F outside, it was wonderful. So I sat down to get ready. My problem was I dared to check email. My son is being kept at school for detension since he is missing homework.....uggggg.....thought we got all this straightened out! But no he had to put his head in the sand for the last couple of weeks and not write all the work he needed in his planner. So it was a morning of writing notes back to his teachers.
then hubby decided to skype me for a chat....well that took an hour...can't craft and chat at the same time. So when he finally got back to work (must have been his lunch break) I thought finally so I got out all my stuff I would need. Had everything laid out. Then the dog wanted to go out.
Okay seems easy, put the dog on her collar and throw her out the door -- except she was just as demanding as a kid ... "I want water"...."play with me"..."watch me romp thru these muddy puddles and then jump on you".
okay so I noticed I was late for lunch ... if I don't eat on time I get the shakes so there was another half hour wasted. Then it was kids home from school time.
"oh by the way mom I have to give a speech and we are having a dress rehearsal tomorrow so I need a costume for my character" .... geez thanks. Well that was going to have to wait. we had more important things -- like the work he forgot at school again. So big bro took him back to get it - again - and I dug out some gas money for him to defer the cost for all the runs he's done for us. And it was nose to the grind stone time.

But I think we did it, all late work done...but after dinner I had to go get the stuff for his costume -- at least its easy....suspenders and a good shirt (couldn't find hubby's suspenders nor could we find them in the store). Thank goodness we live so close to Hancock Fabrics.
So then we got back and kid hadn't even started his speech yet! Oh he needs to remake his research cards ... because he FORGOT where he put them. Oh man. good thing it was easier since he finished his report.
Even the speech went easy.
Now mom needs to de-stress. But man...I have to take off the entire last row I swear! ARGGHHHHH!!

I'm going to scream I swear.

So now I'm done to the wire....I've got one day -- that's it. I've got tomorrow to finish this.

I had this all worked out. Why me??? Why did I have to be sick for a week? Oh well time to stop whining about it, time to shut down the computer for the night, and time to start ripping I guess.


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