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Friday, March 07, 2008

Tragedy close to home

Ham Lake teen dies after driving into traffic in suspected suicide attempt -
"Sixteen-year old Gregory Scott Spieker II of Ham Lake was pronounced dead at the scene.
'The actual cause and manner of death is still under investigation,' Anoka County Sheriff's Sgt. Paul Lenzmeier said. 'However, the initial police reports indicate that there was a suicide note at the home of this young man.'
The other driver, Lisa Marie Linell, 38, of Lino Lakes, was extricated from her vehicle and taken to Hennepin County Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. She is expected to survive, Lenzmeier said.
The crash occurred about 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the 4800 block of Main Street in Blaine.
Investigators are still trying to piece together the details of how the accident unfolded. It is unclear if Gregory drove his vehicle into oncoming traffic on purpose."
This really sad, and a tad inaccurate.
My husband works with this lady and they got notice of the tragedy this morning from her family.
She is in ICU....her life will NEVER be the same again.
They had to cut her out of the car.
Both legs are pretty well shattered.
She will have to learn to walk again....but that is after TONS of physical therapy.

Witness reports say the boy DID intentionally cross the median.

People please --- if you want to climb into a car and kill yourself --- drive into a tree, off a bridge, over a ditch ..... don't ruin another person's life just because you don't like YOURS.

This poor gal. Her poor family. Her poor husband. and her poor kids who now have to try to understand why mommy looks like she's been thru a meat-grinder...why this had to happen to her.
This isn't something that will go away in a couple of days ... or weeks ... or months .... maybe not even years.

She also has a screwed up back, but word is her cervical spine is fine (no broken neck) .... this is good, although not as bad as it would have been when we were 16yrs old.

Thank goodness she was driving an SUV --- I would hate to think of what would have happened if she was in just a normal 'greener' car --- then her family would have to deal with trying to come to terms of why she had to die.

Reports say she is in 'satisfactory' condition ..... NO SHE"S NOT .... satisfactory would be sitting at her desk doing her work .... it would be home vacumning for the upcoming holiday ... it would be lifting laundry into the washing machine.

She is in 'stable' condition at the moment. HOPEFULLY she won't develop any blood clots in her legs that could give her a stroke.

This is so sad ...... made only sadder by the fact that I am wearing a peice of jewelry right now that my husband bought from her (a side-line).

SmileyCentral.comLight a candle for the family please.

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