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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ooooo, another finger in the pie

Mark Tomasik: Don’t discount Gore-led ticket : Columns : TCPalm

I bet they never thought of this. This is something you usually see in the Republican party but not since the beginning of the 20th century .... backroom deals to get a particular person into office. I was wrong, I did further research and found that this is usually a democratic thing and went on well into the 1980's and is how Mondale-Ferraro got their ticket.

This means that in actuality if the party feels that NEITHER Hillary or Barrack is the image they want to put out there -- even if the people aren't for it -- they can set up the superdelegates to vote so that a third person becomes this case perhaps Gore ... but I think they'd lean towards Edwards.

So then you would have Clinton & Obama with not enough popular-delegates against a third candidate with enough super-delegates no to allow either of them to win full nomination.

This would mean political tie ups like you wouldn't believe!!

And technically they may end up with a person who actually had never ran in the first place--someone they feel will tote the party line.


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