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Friday, March 07, 2008

When I Win The Lottery List

Okay I'm hoping this will work...but if not I have a photo I can add (hopefully not getting into trouble for borrowing it)....but I want this color soooo badly.
But I'm not willing to pay the price for it.
STR--Lightweight....Colorsways:Multicolor Wave:Pirates man, it looks runs the gambit of colors from Golden Yellow to deep Purple & Pirate Black all in jewel tones (nothing dull about these colors) .... they look like a round of colors that even my "baby goth" teenager would wear ... and that says a LOT! Normally only boys can make her wear something other than black or red.

Each hank is 360 yds. of 100% Superwash Merino .... love superwash--it means that the socks will be able to go in the washer without fear of shrinking, puckering, pilling, etc.

All that for $19.00.

The Beehive Lorna Laces I used for my Hogwarts Sock swap was only 215 yds for $11. And I needed just over 2 hanks to make my socks .... there was still enough left over to send to my partner in case she needed to darn heels/toes later or wanted to add a bit of height.

So I would think just ONE hank of this yarn would make a nice pair of socks!

Yep this definitely goes on the Wish List

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