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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yes they HAD to say it

Okay so I'm doing some looking for camping gear & pet gear ... since son is in reg. Boy Scouts now he will be doing tons of camping trips ... but thought perhaps the whole family would enjoy camping incl. the dog, but some precautions needed to be taken -- such as what happens if Addy decides to go for a swim for longer than she can keep up the energy (Newfs are known for that, they love the water so much) So I went looking for Doggie Life Vests -- yes they actually make them.

Well I stopped over at the website (my FIL has been getting their catalog for years now, even though he doesn't camp) and found an ad for a fairly nice one. It has neo-prene so it will keep puppy nice and warm in the water -- next to getting tired the next enemy of your dog in the water is cold -- and it comes in XXL which hopefully will fit a Newfie.
It only costs $20 .... but imagine my disappointment when I looked at the photo:
Yeah, that's right .... they don't supply the dog.

Can you believe they had to actually put on the photo 'Dog Not Included'? That probably means that at some point some single-toothed, beer-swigging, stick-for-a-family-tree person actually thought that they would get the dog!

Either that or they know that somewhere out there is a person who would look at the ad and truly think "hell, I can get a doggie life-vest AND a dog for only $20"

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