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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Presidental Campaigns: Interesting developments

So I heard an interesting theory on "The View' this morning, special guest was Newt Gingrich (which my dad thinks would be a great Pres, but that just sends shivers down my spine) ... the theory was that the reason that Rev Wright came out with the statements that he did was to bring Obama down so that he can't rise up. That the rev. is against african-americans moving into the middle or upper classes because they tend to 'forget their roots' (no they don't!), so by putting out these statements now he is trying to 'prove' that a black man can't make it because of the American culture when it would really be from his own actions.

Even Obama was so upset by the Rev. actions this time that he actually came out and spoke out AGAINST the rev.'s statements. It doesn't sound like he was ready to cut ties to the Rev. just put a lot of distance between them.

And yes, polls are showing that the Rev's statements are taking a big toll on the voters (it probably won't be over before the next round of primaries either).

To top that, Obama has spoken out against cutting the federal portion of the gas tax until things settle down. now my understanding is that he doesn't believe that it will amount to very much, that it won't help families with what they need (he doesn't seem to see how fuel prices are effecting the cost of every day products) .... that it will only save you 'a half a tank of gas' over the year ... well NO it will do more than that.

While yes it will save about $3.00 a fill up ... it will also help bring down some of the prices across the board. The truckers will save money .... the price of feed will be a little less ... which will bring food prices down a bit .... it WILL help the average American ACROSS THE BOARD!!! Especially those on a fixed or lower income.

I can not believe how out of touch Obama is with the everyday lives of people -- oh wait .... he's a politician .... I guess I can believe it. I have often wondered if politicians on the national level like this fill their own tanks, or write the checks for their own utilities, or even do their own grocery shopping = or do they have people do it for them? I mean you can't take an entire contingent of Secret Service guys to Cub foods or McDonald's, can you.

Now back to Newt ... he was saying that it was really unfair for Howard Dean (head of the Democratic party) to be making the statements that he is because he is coming acrossed as being really quite biased in the favor of Obama when Hillary is actually the favored vote of the people because while Obama has the most delegates - he got them from the lower populated states ... Hillary, though lower in delegates, won the bigger populated states (including Michigan which is the third or fourth most populated in the nation) and polls are showing she would have more chance of winning over McCain.

newt thought that it would be an awful thing for the DNC to have a convention without including Michigan, and that it might actually cause Michigan voters to be so disinfranchised with the democratic party that they might vote republican ... and lose the white house for the party. Actually not just the white house but the congress too if they are very careful.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the entire thing because hubby was home and he hates watching news shows or anything political before regular election time ... thus the reason I didn't get to catch as many of the debates as I would have loved to. Oh well. Got to love him anyways.
For those of the opinion that only the Dems are having drama in this race, guess again!

Ron Paul is like the house guest from hell and just won't go away ... yes he is still in the race against McCain - he just isn't getting any press ... at least not until now.

In Nevada Pro-Paul supporters got control of the convention there and pushed thru a rules change that kept the Convention going beyond what their scheduled time had been .... causing the convention into a 'to be continued' scenerio which they had not planned on. What was supposed to be a straight forward 'give it McCain' ballot (with the other offices being pretty straight foward too by the sounds of it) they figured they would only need the area for a certain block of time ... when the Paulies voted out the set program it thru everyting into a spiral.

By the sounds of it what the Paulies did was throw the entire thing into chaos by allowing people to nominate themselves for one of the 31 possible delegate positions to go to the national convention (at least that's what I'm gathering from it all). This is kind of like Congress voting themselves a raise ... or what kind of benefits they get ... you know that stuff that really burns-our-britches at the hypocracy of it all.

Well we will have to see what happens. If the people aren't careful they will basically be throwing away the 31 votes that nevada would have ... although, if you make an informed decision instead of just following the crowd, its not really 'throwing' it away. But then the paulies shouldn't silence the voices of so many people who had already voted just because it did go the way they wanted it to be either.

So drama, drama, drama, Enough for BOTH parties.

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