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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Take the Staff out of your ass and beat some sense into yourself

Bobblehead Pope Video Yanked, D.C. Subway Agency Drops Promotional Ad After Catholic Objection To "Misdressed" Pontiff - CBS News: "The transportation agency for the nation's capital has pulled a promotional video from YouTube after the Archdiocese of Washington complained about the star: a Pope Benedict XVI bobblehead doll." They kind of have a point there about inaccuracy ... bobble-head generally nod 'yes' and Benedict seems to always shake his head 'no'. {I was raised catholic, its okay}

Actually I don't know why they have to have such a big stick up their butt.

Its not like the commercial showed anything that would poke fun at the Church or the person himself. It had a bobble-doll riding a bus -- like the Traveling Gnome -- and going places, and buying a special one day pass.

What is so offensive about that???

Now the clip I saw didn't have sound so I'm not sure if they actually referred to him as Pope .... but the outfit is obviously Benedict while he was still Cardinal Rottweiler.
Any Catholic who survived catecism should be able to realize that ... I don't think the Archdiosese needs to get their panties in such a bunch about it.

have a bit of humor folks -- remember you are the same people who okay'ed "Pope on a Rope" when JP2 first came to the USA.

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