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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The View: John McCain

Another Presidential Candidate on 'The View' ... Elizabeth Hasselbeck should be shining bright since its McCain. I did notice that the new gal (Sherry) decided not to be there -- actually it was explained that she had some personal business to take care of .... and she doesn't strike me as being the confrontational type so I don't think she was asked to stay off (I'm having a Rosie flashback ... and a shudder)....she seems a lot more classy then that.
Joy did a great joke in the hot topic area : when men have a lot of women its called Polygamy, when women have a lot of guys, they call them clients.
Barbara had a senior moment on camera! She blanked out Senator McCain's last name!! It was so funny - especially after the incident she had with Obama (see previous post).
Loved the clip from Leno too that made fun of Barrack's visit with all his fidgeting (I had noticed it but figured it was just his way ... kind of like a hyperactive child trying his best to behave in church)
McCain Interview!!!!
Joy asked him for a hug and John gave an extra big one to Whoopi.
McCain says everyone gets nervous before an interigation.
McCain made fun of Whoopi for not dressing up ... Whoopi said she renamed him 'Jack Mack' for when he talks to the younger kid.

McCain talked about the compound in Texas.

Barbara: most american oppose this war. what do you se that others aren't what you idea of success
JM: nearly 4 yrs war was mishandled. not enough troops. he detests wars. but also convinced that if we set date to pull out we will pay heavy price and will end up back there. success is a reduction of us casualties, gov. that functions over there, rule of law is the hardest thing over there, a society that can move forward over there.
BW: Powell says 'armed forces are stressed, not enough troops, too stretched'
JM: mistake to reduce the over all size of the military, praised guard & reserved, but that a defeated military is worse then stretched. Wants more incentives to join military for the youth.
wants people to serve thru more than just military ... incl. peace corps.

EH: comment about staying in Iraq for a really long time
JM: key is american causualities. after this war is over, we will make an arrangement. no one minds bases/presence not occupation.

Joy: admits she hates george bush; his republican stance, hiring carl rove, how is he different from bush?
JM: has NOT hired Rove, has a friendly relationship with bush but he has disagreed on a lot of stuff, shares common philosphy but believes in global warming, would be part of kyoto agreement if China & india were part of it, but would have activily tried to get them in on it; immigration: wants to secure bourders but with compasion.
(this actually started off as sounding like a total attack by Joy...but McCain did a really good job at quelching her fire --- it was just too bad that the audience started clapping when Joy started cutting down the current President [some people just don't get what 'class' really is])
------------------commercial break------------------
Whooopi:would he go to opening ceremonies?
JM: if there was progress in Chinas behavior, if they don't clean up their act with the monks & the dali lama ... unless they change quickly, no he would not go if he were President. Message needs to be sent to the chinese and a pretty strong one. (one person clapped)

Whoopi:first 3 things he'd do once in office
JM: national security, its always first for him as well as for many americans; fix the economy including goverment intervention; motivate young americans to do something to help the nation including peace corp, americorp, not just military. Serve the nation no matter how small, just serve.

BW: opponents feelings on his needing to be educated on ecomony
JM: knows a lot more about ecomony than opponents, but meant he needs to get familiar with the plans to fix things because there are many options he's seen.

EH: Mc/Rice ticket?
JM: haven't talked to condy ... all admire her for her intellect etc. hasn't gotten into the process of picking a vp. Vp has only two duties, break tie in senate & check on health of pres. on daily basis.

BW: why haven't released health reports
JM: will next month or so because he needs to get doctors together at one time to answer questions.

Joy: asked aobut strip clubs
JM: put it already into his biographies. says he has lived a long time and there are just things that have happened in his life -- he felt what he has done is worse than what bush did in his life.
------------------commerical break--------------------
WG: McCain made statement that he had made mistake about not voting to make it a holiday (MLK)
JM: was looking at the cost of making another holiday; part of effort to recognize him in his home state .... everyone grows and mature, so it is hest to admit a mistake.
(JOY tryed to get him to say that Iraq was a mistake -- john didn't fall for it AND corrected her on the fact that based on the info at the time, going in wasn't the issue it was the handling of the war once the intial surge was finished that was the problem)
He beleives that the middle eastern area is a sacutary for bin laden and others like him. Gave a bunch of history on the area but I couldn't keep up (very knowledgable on this area!)
JM voewed to get laden. (very good showing on this particular issue, btw)

BW: invited him back
(I noticed that even Whoopi's body language changed during the interview ... she started turning more towards him and seemed to get a LOT more relaxed -- she's hard to figure out sometimes)
-------------------commercial break ---------------------
end clip, send out quick invite for hillary to go on the show since they haven't heard from her in quite a while (I think she really needs to get back on the show!!)

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